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Hiltex 10504 Review

Last Updated: 01.03.21


Notable features


You will appreciate the fact that you’re getting three tools in one; this tool can act as a hammer drill, it can chisel, and it can penetrate masonry and concrete.

Don’t be surprised to see this drill going through one inch of concrete as through butter; you can even use it to drill through steel.

A feature many users like is the depth stop feature that doesn’t allow the hammer to suffer damage during use.

The quick swap chuck is spring-loaded and uses SDS Plus shanks, which adds to the overall safety factor of this tool.

Because it is a corded model, it is worth mentioning that the cord has six feet, allowing you to move around, and without having to depend on battery life.

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Known issues


One reviewer comments on the fact that this tool is suitable only for small DIY projects, and it does not have enough power to take on more challenging tasks.

Another thing that you must bear in mind is that the machine requires special bits, and it won’t work well with others.



Main features explained


One thing many DIY-ers want is to purchase tools that are capable of doing more than just one type of operation. This saves up space in the tool shed, and versatility also helps when dealing with projects that include multiple stages.

The Hiltex 10504 is a wonderful choice, if that is what you want, for the simple reason that it is three tools in one. It can break through concrete and masonry, it can chisel, and it can penetrate, which means that you are getting an excellent price for taking advantage of such versatility.



Performance is no issue for this tool, although you should bear in mind to use it only for small projects around the house, and not for demolition tasks that usually involve the use of large power tools. That being said, it will have no trouble going through one inch of concrete. It develops enough energy to deal with this type of endeavor.

You will like the fact that this model comes with a depth stop feature. That will prevent the drill from going too deep into the masonry so that it doesn’t get damaged. This simple feature prolongs the lifespan of this tool.

The tool comes equipped with a 6-foot cord that provides you with plenty of freedom to move around. The great news is that you won’t have to depend on batteries to use this rotary hammer drill.



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