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Grizzly G7946 Review

Last Updated: 09.12.21


1.1 Grizzly G7946


Notable features


Outfitted with a single-phase 110 volt ½ horsepower motor, the Grizzly G7946 handles any application with ease, making it one of the best floor drill press models on the market.

This unit is equipped with five variable speeds for exceptional versatility.

The machine ships with the necessary drill press accessories so you can immediately start with your project once the unit reaches your doorstep.

It is easy to setup and operate thanks to the simplicity of its construction as well as the supplied user’s manual.

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Known issues


One of the drill press reviews for this unit notes that the amount of flex you can get from the main column as well as the shaft for the radial head tends to result in a greater degree of deflection than necessary when you have to do precision work, but the radial head can still be very useful for most drilling applications.

The table does not seem to be square to the bit, but this can easily be fixed by creating a larger table.




Main features explained


  • Undoubtedly the best drill press from Grizzly, this model is powered by a highly capable motor that offers the perfect complement to its precision-ground cast iron construction to ensure durability. The 5 amp motor uses V-belt drive to transfer power to the spindle in a smooth manner The bearings are all shielded and permanently lubricated to reduce maintenance efforts. The Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) capacitor-start induction motor cools down via an external fan located on the shaft’s opposite end, effectively carrying heat away as the ambient air gets blown across the motor’s outside surface. Suitable for the generally dusty applications the unit will be used for, the TEFC motor ensures that air will not move through the inside so it can handle difficult work environments.

1.2 Grizzly G7946

  • Featuring a variable swing up to 34 inches, this model can handle a variety of applications in the workshop. The pivoting head can drill at just about any angle, supplementing the work table that tilts 90 degrees left and right while swinging a full 360 degrees for angled drilling. Choose from 550, 880, 1520, 2490 and 3470 RPM to match the workpiece as well as the drilling application. This machine is built strong with a steel column, cast iron base, head and spindle housing, and an enamel finish for a smooth appearance.


  • The quill travel is easy to set to a specific drilling depth thanks to the onboard threaded depth stop. The unit ships with a chuck key that accommodates 1/64 inch to ⅝ inch drill bits for different applications and workpieces. The table has lock levers to ensure that the workpiece is securely held in place. The radial design enables angled drilling.


  • The belt tension lock knobs ensure that the motor is held in place for maintenance of the belt tension. The power switch enables easy access for convenient on and off. Table rotation locks via the clamp bolts, which also control the horizontal movement of the unit and lock rotation on the column. The headstock moves smoothly along the horizontal rack thanks to the horizontal adjustment lever. You can easily lower and raise the table using the rank-and-pinion crank handle. The cushioned quill handle facilitates simple movement of the chuck on a vertical axis.


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