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Grizzly G7945 Review

Last Updated: 09.12.21

1.Grizzly G7945 Bench-Top Radial Drill Press

Notable features


Easily the best drill press from Grizzly, this model offers radial action.

Thanks to its radial configuration, the drill press is outfitted with a shaft that serves as the drilling assembly axis.

The radial drill press is equipped with variable drilling speeds for even more versatility.

This drill press offers safety and security when working with your stock.

The ½ horsepower 110-volt motor enables you to use less effort when drilling holes compared to using a handheld drill.

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Known issues


Since the Grizzly G7945 is a radial model, it will require more room than a regular benchtop model to accommodate the long axis shaft, according to one of the Grizzly G7945 Bench-Top Radial Drill Press reviews.



Main features explained


  • The Grizzly G7945 is easily the best drill press thanks to its radial configuration. It offers radial action that eliminates the need to tilt the drill press table when making angled holes. The drill bit enters the stock at an angle as the workpiece remains in a horizontal orientation. This is especially helpful when your project entails hole cutting in a long board that doesn’t allow you to tilt the workpiece far enough to achieve the angle you want because the bench top is just in the way. The radial action also helps you easily carry out jobs that require drilling plenty of angled holes, such as chair making.


  • Since it is a radial drill press, the Grizzly G7945 is outfitted with a shaft that serves as the principal drilling assembly axis. This shaft can be pulled forward up to a maximum of 17 inches so you can drill a hole up to 34 inches deep in the center of the stock. That capacity is at least twice what you can get from a standard drill press. The shaft also enables you to drill into the end of a long stock, such as a table leg or even a bed post.

2.Grizzly G7945 Bench-Top Radial Drill Press

  • The single phase motor drives the drill press to provide variable spin speeds that not only help you work quickly but also enable you to set angles and depths automatically so you won’t be wasting materials in the workshop. The variable spin speeds enable the drill bit to spin at various speeds namely, 550, 880, 1520, 2490 and 3470 RPM so you can tackle a variety of drilling applications.


  • This drill press offers safety and security that comes from being able to have control over the drill bit, helping ensure that the component won’t break during use. You can utilize a clamp or vise to keep the workpiece in place to the drill press table, securing the stock from falling out or slipping as the drill press runs, which protects the user against injury.


  • The radial drill press is outfitted with a motor powerful enough to run the tool without using too much effort, unlike a standard handheld drill. Drilling holes into a workpiece is laborious indeed, but the drill press is able to provide power through leverage. The rack-and-pinion lever is used to lower the chuck and spindle of the drill press towards the workpiece, helping you cut holes effortlessly.




Helping you work more efficiently and with less effort, the Grizzly G7945 Benchtop Radial Drill Press is a truly versatile power tool. It has a variable swing of up to 34 inches so you can drill a hole exactly in the middle of a 34-inch workpiece. The tilting headstock enables you to carry out angled hole cutting and also enables the tool to do horizontal drilling at any angle. Taking in chucks of various sizes from 1/64 to 5/8 inch, the drill press also has a table that tilts 90 degrees both left and right for a variety of angled drilling applications.


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