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G&J Hall Tools REVO Low Profile 35 Review

Last Updated: 09.12.21


1.G&J Hall Tools REVO


Notable features


This compact drill press is designed to be easy and comfortable to use.

It’s compact size is perfect for working in confined spaces, and it is still capable of providing you with plenty of power so you can work with a variety of materials.

Designed for safety, you will also appreciate its reliable performance.

Its lightweight construction makes it easy to take the drill press with you to the job site.

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Known issues


It should be noted that this drill press only has one speed, and while this does not affect its overall performance it does limit you on how fast you can finish a project.




Main features explained


  • When you are boring holes in metal, wood or other materials you need to be able to concentrate on the job and not on operating the machine, and this drill press is designed to be easy and comfortable to use. The reversible handle ensures maximum comfort, and the controls are conveniently placed for easy access. You will also appreciate how simple it is to release the arbor when you need to change the cutter. Since you don’t have to worry about the machine performance you can concentrate on drilling precise and accurate holes.


  • If you frequently find yourself working in confined spaces, this compact drill press might be just what you need. It is capable of drilling 1-3/8 inch holes through a variety of materials, but only measures 8″ x 4″ x 11-1/4″ so you can easily work in small areas. Perfect for crowded work areas and cramped corners, this compact drill press will make it easy to make accurate cuts when other machines simply won’t fit.

3.G&J Hall Tools REVO

  • Safety is an important concern around any machine, and this drill press is designed with that in mind. The magnetic unit has a lift force of 3,365 lbs and ensures that it can be securely mounted to the piece of material. The easy access controls also ensure that the machine can be quickly shut off if a problem occurs. To prevent accidents cuts and to make it easier to drill accurate holes, there is a convenient LED light included with this tool.


  • Sometimes you need to take your tools to the job site, and this drill press makes it easy with its lightweight construction. While it is designed to be sturdy and long lasting, it also only weighs 22 pounds. It comes with a handle that folds flat for convenient storage when traveling, and it also makes it easy to carry to the job site.




With 1,100 watts of power you can easily cut through a variety of materials, and its lightweight construction is perfect for traveling. It is designed to be easy and convenient to use, and features a compact design that is perfect for working in tight spaces. While it does only have one speed it is still capable of drilling holes 1-3/8″, which allows you to work with a variety of materials.


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