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Fiskars Manual Rotary Craft Drill Review

Last Updated: 06.07.20

Notable features


This is a very adaptable model that also comes with four different drill bits in ⅛, 3/16, 5/32 and 3/32 inches.

It has an especially smooth mechanism, which ensures an overall smoother, quieter operation with a less strenuous manual effort involved.

Its gear ratio has been found to be suitable for most purposes.

Very comfortable and easy to use, the ergonomic handle fits the user’s hand snuggly, and it can also be held by the nose at awkward angles.

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Known issues


Judging by the customer comments, it seems that this might be awkward to use by people with small hands. However, all the individuals complaining about this have reported that they did find a style of changing bits that fit their circumstances.



Main features explained


This model from Fiskars’ School, Office, and Craft division is definitely one of the most popular hand crank operated drills out there, with satisfied users appreciating its simplicity, versatility and ease of operation.

Just like any other electric model, its keyless chuck can adapt to a number of bit sizes, making it suitable for a wide range of operations, in either wood, plastic, paper, sheet metal, mixed media, and acrylic, basically, every material used by today’s arts and crafts enthusiast.

It also comes with 4 standard drill bits that range in size between ⅛ to 3/32 inches so you can get to work right away! Judging by the consumer reports this unit has received, you won’t have to put much effort into working it since its mechanism operates in a relatively high gear, which means that you won’t have to move your hand a lot for the bit to turn at a relatively high speed.

This does come with the downside that it will require a bit more strength to operate, but it is somewhat circumvented by the use of a rather long handle that will provide better leverage. The crank gears are also reported to operate smoothly, so less of the energy is wasted by the transmission.

This also makes it surprisingly silent, which means you won’t have a problem using it in the middle of the night when otherwise the sleep of other occupants of the house might be affected. Particularly ergonomic, the pistol grip is said to fit comfortably in the hand, and the narrow body also allows for it to be held horizontally, by the nose.

The Fiskar also received good reviews for its durability, with a hard plastic body that is both sturdy and lightweight and a totally enclosed gear mechanism.


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