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Euro Tool DRL-300.00 Review

Last Updated: 05.06.20


Notable features


This is the best drill press from Euro Tool thanks to it being powerful enough to use for a variety of projects despite its small size.

The drill press comes with three settings you can choose from, and is designed to be a versatile workshop tool.

The unit is easy to use.

The tool carries an assurance of superior Euro Tool quality.

The motor it is outfitted with makes the Euro Tool DRL-300.00 drill press more powerful than a handheld drill.

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Known issues


According to one of the Euro Tool DRL-300.00 drill press reviews, the unit’s plunge lever appears to be geared rather coarsely, so when the said component is pulled down, it doesn’t feel naturally smooth. However, according to the same user, the actual drill head doesn’t move jumpily.

The manual is very brief and doesn’t say much.

Another buyer says the unit takes extra time to switch off, as you have to reach around the side and spin the dial to turn the machine off.



Main features explained


  • The Euro Tool DRL-300.00 drill press may be small, but it offers ample power you can optimize for a variety of drilling projects. The platform measures only 6 ¾” x 6 ¾”, giving the tool a space-saving design and making it economical to acquire and use. This best bench top drill press has a total height of 15 inches when assembled, and a drill clearance of 5 inches. It weighs in at only 13 pounds. Those characteristics make the unit easy to position on your workshop countertop, and to transport from one location to another.


  • The Euro Tool DRL-300.00 drill press is powered via 100 watts or 110 volts AC rating. It offers three settings that enable you to select from a range of 0 to 8500 rpm, which allows you to work on your drilling projects using customized levels that you want or need. The machine has a Jacobs chuck onboard that accepts bits up to 6.5 mm.


  • The machine needs less effort to use than a regular hand held drill. The operator gets considerable mechanical advantage thanks to the movement of the spindle and chuck by a lever working on a rack and pinion. The machine also provides repeatable precision bore creation. This pedestal or pillar drill can be mounted on a bench, table or stand, or bolted to the floor. The angle of the spindle is fixed, so holes can be drilled consistently and accurately from project to project.


  • Like any Euro Tool product, this drill press carries an assurance of premium quality. It comes with a reliable one-year warranty. The drill press may be compact and small, but is made durable enough to serve your drilling needs. It has gotten Canada safety approval. More importantly, the Euro Tool DRL-300.00 drill press gives you confidence in its quality and usefulness.


  • The Euro Tool DRL-300.00 drill press requires less effort to use compared to a typical hand drill, thanks to its more powerful motor. This allows the operator to use larger drill bits, along with greater speeds when used with smaller bits.





Once you’ve experienced using the Euro Tool DRL-300.00 drill press, you may never look back. It comes with the essential drill press accessories, including a Jacobs chuck and a 5 ½ inch cord. The tool lets you do more drilling projects in less time and using less effort.


Buy from for ($107.65)