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DeWalt DWE1622K Review

Last Updated: 09.12.21




Notable features


With its powerful motor and two adjustable speeds you can easily use this drill press for a variety of applications.

You will appreciate how easy and convenient this drill press is to use, especially when you are trying to accurately finish a project.

DEWALT has designed this drill press with your safety in mind so you can concentrate on cutting accurate holes.

This drill press comes with a limited warranty for additional peace of mind about your purchase.

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Known issues


Some consumers have mentioned that the chuck system has a loose fit, and while this does not affect the performance of the machine it might not be comfortable for some users.




Main features explained


  • This drill press gives you the power and versatility that you need to use it in a variety of applications. The 4 inch drill can easily bore through metal, wood and other materials, and the 10 amp motor ensures that you have plenty of power. You also have the advantage of being able to choose from two speeds so you have complete control over your cuts. Use the slower setting for precise and delicate work, and the faster speed for when you need to quickly finish the project.


  • When you are concentrating on making accurate cuts that last thing you want to worry about are the tools you are using, and this drill press is designed to be easy and convenient to operate. The motor height can be adjusted for comfort, and to make it easier to fit the drill press in tight spaces. You don’t need to worry about finding tools when it is time to change drill bits, and you will also appreciate the convenient “quick release” handle. This lets you choose which side of the drill press you hold so you can easily use it in a variety of applications.



  • Whenever you are working around or with machines you want to be conscious of safety. This magnetic drill press is designed to mount securely to the material in a vertical or horizontal position. This allows you to work safely without worrying about the tool shifting or moving. The controls are also placed for easy access so you can quickly and easily shut the tool off if a problem occurs.


  • This drill press comes with a limited warranty so you can have additional peace of mind knowing you made a smart purchasing decision. You also have the advantage of a free service contract that protects you if anything goes wrong during the first year. The motor is also protected against overloads, which can help extend the life of the machine.




DEWALT is well known for manufacturing high quality tools, and this drill press is no exceptions. It is backed by the company’s limited warranty, and also comes with overload protection that can extend the life of the powerful 10 amp motor. Capable of cutting through a variety of materials and also designed to be easy to use, this drill press might be exactly what you need to finish all of your projects quickly and accurately.


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