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DEWALT DW331K Review

Last Updated: 22.01.22


Notable features


No matter what cutting operations you need to perform, this tool will provide you with the needed power, as its 6.5-Amp motor outperforms many other models on the market.

You will not have to worry about risking to hurt yourself, as changing the blades happens fast and easily, due to the keyless clamp available.

Variable speed settings make this tool extremely versatile; you can adjust the speed between 500 and 3,100 SPM, for maximum efficiency, depending on your projects and its demands.

Four orbital speed settings contribute to the superior versatility of this model, and you will be able to alternate between fast and smooth cuts as you see fit.

The metal housing ensures that you will be able to use this tool for a long time.

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Known issues


You will see comments from users who say that the unit cannot be used with shorter blades because of the massive construction.

Also, others mention that the speed control placement is uncomfortable, so not that easy to operate.



Main features explained


Your projects may vary in scope and materials used, and, when that is the case, you need a tool that can help you reach the end without too many interruptions. If you decide in favor of the DEWALT DW331K, you will notice right away that the powerful motor can help you cut through almost any type of material. And this is not all, as the power and efficiency of this model help you to achieve clean results, too.

Another aspect that must be mentioned is the variable speed control. Many DIY-ers, as well as professionals, cannot live without a jigsaw that comes equipped with this feature, for obvious reasons. Even as you work on the same project, with the same type of materials, you still need to adjust the speed to make sure that your cuts are even and clean, and this is precisely what this model offers.

When you need to change the blade, you will find the keyless clamp that the tool comes equipped with to be quite handy. Changing the blade can be a bit of a dangerous operation, and you can end up cutting yourself, but the system provided by this company for this model will eliminate such mishaps.

Vibrations can be a nasty thing when you are using a power tool like this one. But the rubber grip and the counterbalance configuration of this model ensure that the level of vibrations you will experience will be minimal.


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