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DeWalt DCK240C2 Review

Last Updated: 07.07.20


Notable features


Both impact driver and drill/driver are light and easy to handle

The whole package makes for remarkably good value

Versatile, this kit will allow you to approach a wide variety of home improvement projects

Some special features on the impact driver can make your work a whole lot easier

Buy from for ($148.99)


Known issues


The battery life on the 20 V Li-ion used isn’t remarkable, but this is somewhat made up for by the fact you’ll get two of them, together with a charger.




Main features explained


There are mainly two things people found impressive about this kit from DeWalt, one is the remarkable ease of use of both tools it contains, the other is the great value they got for the money.

For a price that lands itself in the affordable category, you’ll get a bundle comprising of a DCF885 impact driver and a DCD771C2 drill/driver, together with two Li-Ion batteries, a battery charger, and a soft bag to hold them.

Both drills are remarkably light and compact, with the impact driver measuring in at just 5.5” front to back and 2.8 lbs in weight. This will make it very easy to fit in tight areas, and since these spaces tend to be dark, special attention had been given to the lighting feature on the 885.

This consists of 3 LEDs placed in a ring to minimize shadows, and operated by a 20-second delay switch so that the light doesn’t just get cut while the machine is working if this gets triggered.

The ¼ inch hex chuck on the 885 allows for bits to be replaced using just one hand, so the operator won’t have to leave his position and inconveniently place the tool on a stand every time the bits need to be replaced.

The ½ inch drill driver offers all the versatility you would expect from such a device, with a 2-speed transmission and 15 adjustable speed settings. In the lowest gear, this will deliver 450 RPM for plenty of torque, while the second stage will allow the chuck to rotate at a maximum of 1,500 RPM.

DeWalt is notoriously shy with data regarding torque, but they do provide a general value for power in unit watts out (UWO), which should tell you how well the unit will handle regardless of speed. In this case, the 300 UWO available from the brushed motor should be enough for most home improvement applications.

The most notable critique we encountered surrounding this product has to do with the 20 V Li-Ion battery, which at only 1.3 Ah doesn’t provide the longest working time available. This is however circumvented by the fact that you’ll get two of them in the pack, together with a charger.


Buy from for ($148.99)