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DeWalt DCD996B 20V Review

Last Updated: 25.01.21

Notable features


A very reliable product, well appreciated by professional builders and home users alike.

Powered by a brushless motor that runs 57% more efficiently than a regular one and significantly extends the item’s life.

The high-performance 3-speed transmission offers plenty of speed and torque for a wide variety of tasks.

Some nice convenience features, like a multi-mode LED light and a bit holder.  

Buy from for ($278)


Known issues


Very little to find wrong with this item, maybe just that the price is a little prohibitive for a home user, who might do as well with a cheaper unit.



Main features to consider


One of the top models in the cordless MAX XR series running on 20 V, the DCD996B can offer reliable service to both professional contractors and home users, although the latter might be a little put off by the premium price.

But they’ll get quite a deal of value for it, even from the DeWalt DCD996B bare tool package, as this model features some very good components, including a brushless motor and a 3-speed gearbox.

The brushless system has 3 main advantages over the regular one. First, it is a lot more energy efficient, somewhere between 30 and 60% (57% specified for this one) which means you’ll get a lot more running time out of the battery and an overall lower working temperature.

The lack of friction which would have been given out by the brushes allows it to run even cooler, which will further extend the motor’s working life. Lastly, there won’t be as much maintenance required, with no brushes to change.

The high-performance 3-speed transmission makes it better adapted to a whole range of tasks that you won’t be able to tackle in high gear but aren’t demanding enough for the high torque slow mode. In mid gear, this offers still a fair bit of torque, at twice the speed of the slowest one.

In its fastest setting, the two hammer disks will give out up to 38,250 BPM, and so the overall level of performance of this product made a fine impression on nearly all the people who’ve tried it out, either for drilling ¼-inches holes through hard concrete or fastening screws in light wood.   

Relatively light and easy to handle, it comes with detachable 360 degrees mobile side handle for high torque operations and an LED light that can be adapted to the task at hand with three modes of operation.  


Buy from for ($278)