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DEWALT DCD780C2 Review

Last Updated: 22.01.22


Notable features


This model is equipped with a 20V battery that has been tested for performance and comes up as providing 35% more runtime than 18V batteries.

Dealing with high-torque applications should not be too much of a bother, as the drill machine has a chuck with carbide inserts that will hold the bit firmly without biting into it.

The drill comes with two speed settings so that you can use it in drill or driver mode, depending on what kind of project you must work on.

Many buyers like the overall design of this tool that makes it comfortable to use; its small footprint is a plus in anyone’s book, as well.

You will get a drill machine with a 15-position clutch for more headache-free work.

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Known issues


If there is one thing that buyers don’t seem exactly thrilled with, that would be the chuck; compared to the rest of the design, it feels like it has inferior quality.



Main features explained


Anyone can appreciate a tool that has a long lifespan and also offers the convenience of a cordless design. DEWALT manages to put everything together nicely in this tool that comes equipped with high-quality electronics that ensure extra durability for the drill machine and its battery. The 20V Li-ion battery offers not only the opportunity to take the tool anywhere with you, without depending on the presence of electrical outlets, but also offers more runtime than standard 18V batteries. You will also receive a charger with your purchase.

The ½-inch clutch has carbide inserts so that it can provide the strength needed for holding the bit without the need to apply extra torque. There are two main benefits to this type of design. First, you will not have to deal with slipping accidents, and second, your tool will have a longer life since you don’t have to overwork at every little obstacle happening in its way.

However, what may convince you more than anything that this is an excellent tool for you is its remarkable versatility. You’re practically getting two tools in one – a drill and a driver – and you can use the two speed variations available so that your tool serves you as intended. The drill speed varies between 0 and 600 rpm, while the driver speed goes from 0 to 2,000 rpm. Not many tools on the market can brag about the same versatility and performance like this one.


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