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Delta 18-900L Review

Last Updated: 12.08.22


Notable features


The Delta 18-900L offers excellent versatility as it allows you to select from as many as 16 speeds.

This model comes with a strong and reliable motor that should be more than capable of handling all your drilling tasks without any hiccups.

All the controls are intuitive and user friendly, making operation smooth for any level of working experience.

The Delta 18-900L comes with its own table which is great for all matter of drilling projects.

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Known issues


If you would like to receive the manufacturer’s warranty, you should request it from customer service when ordering this machine.




Main features explained


  • Here’s the thing: there are many laser drills available on the market, some of which would be quite wonderful, except for one thing: most of them can only work on a very limited range of types of wood. This is a problem even if at first it might not seem like it. Think about it: what if you get a model that can only drill, say…one type of wood. Maybe at first it will be fine, because that’s all you need. However, if down the road, you realize that you have to tackle other materials, you’ll simply have to purchase another drill. This would be a waste of money and time. This model, however, being the best drill press from Delta, has 16 different speeds, which allow you to work with lots of materials.

3.1 Delta 18-900L


  • The last thing you want when it comes to drills is to have it stop working because the motor is too weak, and you’ve used it for too long. Indeed, when it comes to working, many people prefer to have the control over when they have to take breaks, as opposed to have their machines dictate that for them. With a drill that has a weak motor, however, you’ll have to take lots of breaks, which means that you’ll finish the job much later. The great news is that this one has a 3/4 horsepower induction motor, which will work perfectly well. This is just another reason why this model is the best laser drill press.


  • We’re willing to bet that you wouldn’t like having to work with a machine that’s extremely complicated. Indeed, in such cases, figuring out what to do it, and which buttons to press in order to make it work would take a really long time. Not only this, but it would also lead to a tremendous amount of frustration on your part, which is never a good thing, because it takes the focus away from the job you’re supposed to do. Also, a great model shouldn’t require you to get more drill press accessories  to make  using it easier. Luckily, this particular model is very user friendly, which means that you shouldn’t have any problems using it. In fact, many Delta 18-900L drill press reviews mentioned that they were very happy with how easy it was for them to use it.


  • The last thing that’s quite important is that the drill comes with a large enough table that gives you enough room to work, without you having to do it in awkward and uncomfortable positions. This model has just that. In fact, the table can also be tilted forward, among other things.




If you need a great laser drill that allows you to work on a large range of types of woods, and which will make the entire process a breeze for you, this is certainly the model you should get.


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