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Bosch SDS-Max 11321EVS Review

Last Updated: 07.07.20


Notable features


Weighing a bit under 14 pounds, this demolition hammer is a great option for people who need a reliable and easy-to-manipulate tool.

Comfort is paramount for customers, and that is why Bosch thought about installing a feature such as Active Vibration Control on this model, to ensure that you can use it for hours.

A plethora of features are employed on this tool, to make sure that its lifespan is increased; such features include the Constant Response and the startup control.

A speed dial will help you adjust the right value for your tool, depending on the type of project you want to undertake. Use the Vario-Lock feature to ensure that your tool is positioned correctly for angle chiseling.

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Known issues


The switch seems to be placed in an inconvenient spot, and some users say that it is possible to turn the hammer off by accident.

Other buyers comment on the fact that they wished the tool was more powerful.



Main features explained


A demolition hammer is supposed to be somewhat comfortable to use, or otherwise, you will not be able to use it for prolonged periods of time. The fact that this model from Bosch weighs only 13.7 pounds is a plus, as powerful demolition hammers are usually more massive. That means that you will be able to use it without a glitch. Developing 6.1 feet-pounds of impact energy, it is quite a powerful tool for its size.

One of the main challenges of using a demolition hammer for extended durations is the vibration that can affect your overall comfort. Again, Bosch thought about this and installed the Active Vibration Control technology on this model. Even when used extensively, this model will not cause as much vibration as others, which means that you will be able to use it without a glitch for any project you want.



You surely need your tool to serve you for a long time once you make such an investment. The Bosch SDS-Max 11321EVS has a Constant Response circuitry that allows the machine to maintain the same speed even with more challenging tasks. The overload protection and the startup control increase the lifespan of this model.

Chiseling work often requires working at an angle, and the bit of your demolition hammer should follow that direction, instead of just having you sit in uncomfortable and awkward positions to get it right. That is why the Vario-Lock feature comes in handy; chiseling at an angle has never been this easy.



Buy from for ($501.09)