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Bosch RH328VC Review

Last Updated: 22.01.22


Notable features


This tool is compact, but delivers superior performance, mainly due to its powerful motor that offers excellent power to weight ratio.

The Active Vibration Control feature will reduce the usual discomfort caused by the tool vibrations, and will provide you with the ultimate comfort.

You will get more than just a rotary hammer if you pick this one, as it comes with three different modes of operation and 12 positions.

The tool comes equipped with an integral clutch which will reduce torque reaction, thus offering you extra flexibility for all the DIY tasks you want to perform.

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Known issues


Some buyers claim that they experienced a bit of a nuisance with slips of the depth guide that caused them to make deeper holes than intended.

Others also say that, for heavy-duty tasks, this one is not powerful enough, but seeing how compact the tool is, that is the kind of compromise most DIY-ers can live with.



Main features explained


Superior power to weight ratio

The 8-amp motor is powerful enough to help you perform DIY tasks with great ease. While compact, the tool can deliver 2.6 ft-lbs of impact energy. This superior power to weight ratio recommends this particular model for people who want a tool for everyday tasks.

Active Vibration Control

One of the most important features you can find in a rotary hammer is vibration control. Nothing can become more annoying and uncomfortable than the constant vibration produced by the tool you are using. When you work with the Bosch RH328VC, you will have nothing to worry about in this respect.


Extreme versatility

A rotary hammer can be useful, but what if your tool came with extra functionalities? This model from Bosch can be used in three different modes: as a hammer, as a rotary hammer, or you can use it in rotation only model. The Vario-Lock feature puts the rotary hammer in a neutral position, and, from there, you can pick from 12 positions, depending on the kind of work you intend to use the tool for.


Torque reaction is reduced by the integral clutch

You surely do not want your tool to jerk in your hand when you least expect it. Given the powerful motor, such jerky movements may even cause accidents, which is why you need to purchase a tool equipped with safety features. In this case, the integral clutch will take over the impact and reduce the torque reaction.


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