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Bosch JS470E Review

Last Updated: 02.12.20


Notable features


You won’t have to worry about touching a hot blade, due to the special blade changing system that this model comes equipped with.

The orbital speed settings available on this model will provide you with excellent versatility for varying between smooth and fast cuts without a glitch.

You will get both variable speed options, and an accelerator trigger, that will both put you in control of your projects.

The diecast foot secures the tool in place to avoid mishaps and accidents, while the blade clamp will keep T-shank blades in place.

Buy from for ($185)


Known issues


Some buyers comment on the fact that there is no track light, so your precision when cutting in a straight line might suffer.

Although there are features meant to reduce vibrations, you will find users that will tell you that there is a bit too much vibration when using this tool.



Main features explained


You cannot get better control than what this tool offers. It comes equipped with a variable speed dial that lets you pick the speed you need for the project or material you are working on. At the same time, it has an accelerator trigger so that you can pump up your machine to work faster for short periods of time. The lock-on button will give you extra comfort.

Let’s not forget how important it is to have a tool that provides extra versatility. With the 4-position orbital feature at hand, you will be able to make aggressive cuts, as well as smooth cuts, without the fear that your tool will ever come short. Many experts insist on having such a feature on your jigsaw power tool, so it is an excellent thing that this model comes with it.

You will be able to secure this tool, as it comes with a large die-cast foot. Inside it, there is a steel insert that provides the counterbalance needed for avoiding any mishaps during operation. The multi-directional blade clamp offers excellent grip, as well, so you don’t have to worry about the blade becoming loose at any time.

The convenience of this tool is what further makes it stand out. You won’t need an extra to change the blade, and, what’s equally important, the blade ejection lever available on this model will help you remove the blade that was in use without the need to touch hot metal.


Buy from for ($185)