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Black+Decker LDX120C Review

Last Updated: 22.01.22

Notable features


Its main advantage resides in ease of use since it has a narrow, well-placed handle and at 3.4 lb with the battery, it is light enough not to tire the operator.

It fits well in narrow spaces thanks to its short nose, and an LED light will help you manage dark areas.

Although the manufacturer’s specifications would give you a different idea, the battery on this product has been reported to hold sufficient charge for multiple applications.

With a fair level of performance and 11 clutch positions + reverse, this drill driver is versatile enough to handle most applications around the house.

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Known issues


Despite the 20 V of its battery, this is far from a heavy-duty machine, and multiple users report it heating up or the bit falling if subjected to heavy loads. Bare in mind that this is not what this affordable model is intended for.



Main features explained


Lightweight, very easy to use and budget-friendly, the Black+Decker LDX120C is one of the most popular cordless drill drivers out there for use around the house. Although it doesn’t offer the best performance for a 20 V model working with a ⅜ chuck, this is offset by the formerly mentioned ease of use, as well as convenience.

Since it only works at 1500 W out of a Li-Ion 20 V battery, a charge should last you for multiple applications, so you won’t suffer the inconvenience of having to stop midway because of a drained battery. As a note, the kit also includes a charger.

You’ll still get 115 in-lb of torque and a maximum spinning speed of 650 RPM in the highest torque setting, which will make this unit suitable for most light-to-medium drilling and driving applications on soft construction material and light masonry.

Where this item shines, however, is portability and comfort during use. Many of its buyers have noted that it has a shorter nose compared to other drill drivers out there, which combined with a centrally positioned handle makes this item balance well in the user’s hand, as well as compact enough for tight spaces, where the LED light it comes with should provide further aid.

The handle is also a bit narrower than what you’ll find on similar items, meaning it’s well suited for use by people with small hands, and at only 3.4 lb, it won’t tire any individuals that are less fit. For better controllability, 11+1 clutch positions are available, to allow you to regulate speed depending on the task, either slow and steady to prevent slipping on screws, or fast for drilling through soft material like construction plastic.


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