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Black Bull DP16UL Review

Last Updated: 02.12.20


1.1 Black Bull DP16UL

Notable features


The Black Bull DP16UL is one of the most efficient and precise drill presses we’ve found during our research, given that it’s a self-standing option that makes drilling holes through workpieces as stable as possible.

The model offers a plethora of adjustable features to users, what with its 16 belt speed settings and rotating worktable.

Accuracy is one of the innate details about the Black Bull DP16UL given that it comes with a laser guiding system that lets even beginners operate it as they should.

Since it has a 4.8-amp motor, it goes without saying that this model comes with all the performance you might require, whether you plan to drill through metal or wood.

In spite of the fact that it’s a bit less affordable than other models we’ve seen to be available these days, the product is well worth every penny as it offers all the safety benefits of a well-developed machine.

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Known issues


Some of the owners have complained about the instructions as it seems that the manual provided by the manufacturing brand isn’t particularly straightforward regarding the assembly process.




Main features explained


  • If you’re looking for a powerful unit, look no further. The Black Bull DP16UL comes with all the performance you might require, regardless of the material you will be using. The ½ HP, 4.8-amp motor makes all your tasks as easy as pie. It might be worth noting that, in order for this machine to offer these benefits, the manufacturer had to make it a bit bulkier compared to some of its competitors. As such, the model measures 22 inches by 12 inches by 64 inches. Be sure to keep in mind these dimensions so that it fits in your workshop.

1.3 Black Bull DP16UL

  • Overheating is not an issue for the Black Bull DP16UL considering that the motor is fan-cooled. As such, operation is a pure pleasure, also due to the fact that the unit can be bolted to the floor. Every piece in the drill press lives and breathes for durability and sturdiness, what with the table, base, and body having been constructed out of cast iron.


  • Every drill press user knows that a certain amount of customization is necessary in order for the machine to perform just as well for wood and metal. That’s why the manufacturing brand has made it possible for owners to select between sixteen belt speed settings ranging from 260 to 4,220 rotations per minute. It goes without saying that the work light and the built-in laser guiding system take safety of use to a whole new level, as you’ll be able to perform precise drills even when you have poorer visibility due to lack of light. What’s more, the worktable can be tilted in accordance with the momentary needs of the buyer so much so that it can be rotated up to 90 degrees left or right. Raising and lowering the drill table is also possible so that the unit can be utilized with pieces of which the dimensions are up to 26 inches.


Buy from for ($381.79)