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10 Best Staple Guns For Upholstery – Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 12.08.22


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Staple Gun For Upholstery + Reviews


Are you searching for the best staple gun for upholstery? Look no further, as we have here all the answers, and you will end up making an excellent decision after reading this short paragraph. Our team focused on customer satisfaction, ratings, and sales numbers, and concluded that the WETOLS Staple Gun DY808 should be the number one choice. With its heavy-duty construction, this model is guaranteed to help you work with upholstery for a long time without a glitch and take on challenging projects. Another thing worth mentioning is the 3-in-1 configuration that allows you to work with various staples, D, U, and T-shaped. You will receive a complete kit, with 2,400 (D-type, U-type, and T-type) staples, which lets you start using the gun right away. In case you cannot find this model anymore, the next recommendation we have for you is the YEAHOME Store Upholstery Staple Gun.


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10 Best Staple Guns For Upholstery (Updated Reviews) in 2022



When searching for a staple gun, the variety of products offered by the manufacturers can be overwhelming. We come to your aid with a list of critically-acclaimed models that buyers have already tested for durability and usability. One of those listed below is undoubtedly an excellent option for you.



1. WETOLS Staple Gun DY808 


When dealing with projects that require more than just a bit of strength, a heavy-duty staple gun for upholstery is the wisest idea to opt for. That is why the WETOLS Staple Gun DY808 is precisely what you need for this type of work. Everything about this gun spells high-quality craftsmanship, and you will like how it feels in your hand.

Unlike other models on the market that might make it difficult for you to load and use a staple gun, this one is convenient and easy to figure out. The process of loading the gun with staples and starting to use it is a breeze, and non-technically inclined people can handle it with confidence.

You will surely like that it can work with D-type, U-type, and T-type staples, and the greatest news is that the model comes with 2,400 staples, 800 for each type. That means that nothing will stand between you and your work.



It is a 3-in-1 model, with the capability to shoot and fasten D-staples, U-staples, and T-staples, something that makes it versatile and convenient for subcontractors, and not only DIY-ers.

You can use it for many things, not just upholstery, as it is just as useful for carpentry-related jobs, decorations, and material repairs.

The metal drive channel is there to help you unjam your staple gun when some nails remain stuck; easy maintenance also counts as an advantage.

Buyers will find included 800 U-staples, 800 D-staples, and 800 T-staples, so you won’t have to purchase them separately for your projects in the beginning.



One thing you won’t find that attractive about this model is the price tag, which is considerably more than what you can see attached to other models.

It might feel a bit heavier than other models, but that comes with the territory since this model is a heavy-duty staple gun.

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2. YEAHOME Store Upholstery Staple Gun 


If you only need to repair a few things around the house, investing a lot of money into a tool that only does one thing may seem like a waste. The correct alternative is to opt for a cheap staple gun for upholstery like this model from YEAHOME. Although its price tag is considerably lower compared to other products, its features highly recommend it.

First of all, it works with various types of staples, D-shaped, U-shaped, and Y-shaped, and also with pin staples. This aspect offers you a lot of versatility in the kind of projects you can undertake. You will appreciate the fact that it comes with 1,000 pieces from each type of staple it can handle.

The moment you grab the handle, you will notice that you’re dealing with a good quality item. The steel handle is covered by a mold that allows you to hold the gun properly and apply the needed force.



The magazine is made from chrome steel and, besides durability, offers quick unjamming as you will deal with bent nails without a problem.

You will notice a small view window on the side, which comes in handy when you need to check what type of staples you’re using.

It comes with a handle lock that allows you to store the gun away safely without exposing it to the risk of accidental firing.

Whether you have to tackle upholstery projects, wiring jobs, or tasks that involve fastening materials together, you will find this staple gun just what you need.



Using the remover that comes with it will prove a disappointment as it’s not as durable and reliable as the main unit.

You will notice that a bit of pressure is required to make sure that the staples go through; make sure to use it for small projects.

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3. AECCN Staple Gun with Remover


One of the affordable staple guns for upholstery, this model comes complete with a remover, a feature that many people might find handy because of the small accidents that can happen and require the quick removal of bent staples. You will notice that the unique binding groove lets you load the gun with different types of staples.

Made from high-quality chrome steel, it is a tool that will last for a long time. It does a great job not only for upholstery but also for making small furniture repairs, table decoration tasks, or fasten materials.

The non-slip grip is an excellent convenience that adds value to this model. You will not feel that you have to apply extra strength just to make the staples go through. One thing that highly recommends this model is the 100% lifetime guarantee that accompanies every unit purchased.



You will like the fact that it is a multi-purpose staple gun that can easily handle D-type, U-type, and T-type staples, which may be required by various projects.

The high-strength body made from chrome steel, along with its surface plating surface, guarantees that you will not have to worry about rust or high maintenance costs.

With the help of the depth adjustment knob, you will be able to handle a broad range of projects, as you will be able to adjust your tool to fit the type of material you are working with.

The ergonomic handle feels good in your hand and lets you work for a long time without feeling tired.



The lack of instructions is bothersome, but luckily, the staple gun is easy to use, and you will figure out fast how to load the staples.

Although it’s great to have extra staples, the ones provided with this model are not particularly heavy-duty, so you may want to replace them.

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4. VARSK Staple Gun VAR-810 


The first thing you will notice about this model is its sturdy appearance. Made from heavy-duty materials, it won’t give you the impression that you have to put a lot of pressure to make the staples go through the material you’re working with. You will find it particularly handy for a wide variety of projects, not only for upholstery work.

Because it comes with a depth adjustment knob, it is comfortable to find the right configuration so that the staple gun is capable of going through the material, no matter how thick. Any staple gun for upholstery review you may read about this model will tell you the same thing while praising its versatility and convenience.

The carbon steel body doesn’t catch rust and is easy to maintain. The 4,000 staples included with your purchase make sure you won’t want anything else to start working. You will get 1,000 pieces of each type it can handle: flat crown, round crown, T-nails, and 12-14mm nails.



For carpentry, upholstery, decoration, and DIY projects, this fastening tool can prove indispensable due to its heavy-duty construction and ease of use.

You can easily customize the level of pressure used by adjusting the top knob that ensures you will get the right tool for the job every time.

A small view window is present and allows you to notice, at a glance, what type of staples are loaded in the gun so that you always work on your projects flawlessly.

This staple gun can handle four different types of nails, so its versatility is superior.



You may feel that this staple gun is bulkier compared to others, so it might not be the most comfortable to use, but it gets the job done.

There is no information included about the brand making the staples that come with it, so resupplying with the same exact staples is difficult.

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5. 3PLUS H7116SP Pneumatic Upholstery Stapler 


This model is different from the models reviewed so far since it’s a pneumatic staple gun for upholstery, a tool that brings more power to the game and easier to achieve results. If you don’t mind the fact that you will need an air compressor for it, you will find it extremely easy to use and a reliable tool for various projects.

First of all, it is compact and lightweight. Using standard 3/8-inch crown staples between ¼-inches and 5/8-inches in length, it is easy to load, and you will find it particularly useful for projects that require some extra power that cannot easily be provided by any other model.

The magazine capacity is 180 staples, so you will have plenty of nails to shoot. It appears that the manufacturer thought of the user’s comfort when designing this model and equipped it with a 360-degree air exhaust that will push the hot air away from you.



It is a pneumatic model, which means that you will get to use a light, compact unit that has the advantage of extra power from an air compressor.

The comfortable grip is one of the aspects that make it stand out from the crowd in terms of ergonomics and overall ease of use.

You will find a quick-clear release that serves when the unit gets jammed, and you need to extract the bent nails from the magazine.

The 360-degree adjustable air exhaust is a useful feature that will allow you to use the stapler without the hot air blowing in your face.



The instructions offered are pretty basic, which means that you may take a while to understand how to load it and use it properly.

You won’t find a safety mechanism, so if you’re not careful when loading the magazine, it will shoot off unexpectedly.

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6. KeLDE Electric Staple Gun Kit 


If you need an electric model, this unit from KeLDE is just what you need. If you’re not interested in making any sort of effort, and you are looking for a comfortable stapler, you will find it perfect for your needs. All the staple gun for upholstery reviews recommend electric models for people with little strength in their arms, so it is recommended for the elderly and not only.

As expected, the model is lightweight, so DIY-ers of all ages will find it convenient for daily use. If you’re into DIY crafts of any kind, you will find many benefits this electric unit offers. The overall design appears to cater to your comfort, as it comes with a comfortable grip.

You will find several boxes of staples included with your purchase, such as 900 T50 staples and 300 brad nails. One thing you will also like about it is the superior firing speed of 30 staples per minute.



The triple lock safety mechanism ensures that you won’t misfire your stapler, making the manufacturer’s effort laudable.

No matter what type of material you need to handle, such as insulation, foil, leather, cardboard, and so on, you will achieve fast results with this unit.

Since it’s lightweight, there is no problem for people of all ages to try it out, and even older users will encounter no issues when handling it.

With a speed rate of 30 staples per minute, it is not easy to rival, and because it’s electric, it’s an excellent choice for anyone who values comfort and convenience above else.



The staples delivered with your purchase have flat ends, not pointy, which means that they won’t enter wood quickly; you can always replace them with others.

Another aspect that might not be to your liking is the small size of the magazine that will require recharging with new staples quite often.

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7. NEU MASTER Staple Gun Cordless NTC0070 


Who doesn’t appreciate the convenience of a portable design? This model is lightweight and can be handled with ease by anyone, which is a plus since other staple guns require a bit of strength to drive the pins through effectively. You won’t need any wires, air compressors, or other equipment to make it work.

This model works with standard T50 staples (1/4-inches to 1/2-inches), so there won’t be many projects that you cannot handle. It is a great thing that the manufacturer delivers it along with a charger and the necessary micro USB cable. You can take it everywhere with you, without any problems.

One thing you will notice about it is that the unit comes with three safety settings. There is an on/off switch that lets you know when the unit is powered off, a contact safety pole, as well as a trigger so that you don’t misfire your stapler.



An advanced impact drive motor ensures that this model delivers more power than others on the market.

The internal 3.6V Li-ion battery guarantees a lengthy lifespan for your unit, as it charges completely every time.

A LED indicator will let you know if you’re running out of pins so that you can refill it.

Equipped with a quick-release feature, it allows you to remove the bent nails from the magazine when the unit jams.

Due to its compact shape and lightweight design, you can take it anywhere you want.



While the unit does a great job, one battery charge doesn’t last very long, and there are no extra batteries included so that you can keep on going.

If you want the stapler to fire pins into redwood or pine, you may discover that it’s not as powerful as you want it to be.

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8. YEAHOME Store Upholstery Staple Gun Heavy Duty 


This 4-in-1 stapler is an excellent choice if what you are looking for is superior versatility. It works with D, U, and T-shaped staples, as well as pin staples. You will receive a full kit with a remover, a pair of gloves, and plenty of staples to get you started. For being one of the cheap staple guns for upholstery you can find, the advantages offered are a lot.

It is interesting that you can adjust the amount of pressure you need when having to go through various material thicknesses with your staples. That guarantees that you will be able to work on many different projects.

It is a heavy-duty model; its chrome steel body and the high-quality finish recommend it for anyone who doesn’t want to worry about tools getting rusty when not in use. The overmolded grip is another plus and caters to the user’s comfort.



A quick-release anti-jamming mechanism makes it ideal for those who wish to eliminate any frustration from their work.

Notice the quick view window that allows you to gauge what kind of staples are already in the gun.

The handle lock is a nice touch and ensures that you will get to store the staple gun safely without worries about it misfiring.

The magazine is made from steel and as durable as the rest of the unit; you will surely love that it’s easy to load.

With the help of the pressure power adjustment, you can customize your staple gun for various types of work that require different conditions.



Without a doubt, this model is not a good fit for someone who doesn’t have a lot of strength or has arthritis.

The instructions offered by the manufacturer are basic and not very helpful when you search for in-depth information.

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9. 3PLUS H7116LSP-KT Pneumatic Upholstery Stapler 


What makes this model stand out from the first look you throw its way is the long nose that allows you to reach deep recesses and difficult areas. The company takes pride in making products that cater to professional contractors and DIY-ers alike, and this unit is an excellent example of what it does so well.

It is a pneumatic model, so you will need an air compressor for it to work, but otherwise, the unit is lightweight and easy to use. One thing that must be mentioned is that the unit works with crown staples between ¼-inches to 5/8-inches. The manufacturer included 2,000 pieces, each of ¼-inch, 3/8-inch, and 5/8-inch staples.

Besides the long nose that helps it reach anywhere, the unit comes with other handy features. For instance, the comfortable grip is convenient, while the 360-degree adjustable air exhaust makes sure you won’t experience any discomfort during your work.



Loading the staple gun is a breeze, and you only have to drop the staples facing up into the slate that serves as the magazine.

A die-cast aluminum housing ensures that this unit remains lightweight and easy to manipulate, without sacrificing durability.

An elongated nose makes this design stand out from all the others, and its role is to reach deep recesses and tight spaces without any problems.

Its split-nose design comes in handy when you need to release jammed pins and adds to the overall degree of satisfaction offered by this model.



The safety mechanism tends to slip under the trigger once in a while, so you may not be too happy with its getting in the way.

You will be a bit surprised by how quickly the staple gun fires, and that’s something that will take some time to get used to.

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10. THINKWORK Heavy Duty Staple Gun 


When looking around for an affordable staple gun for upholstery, stop by this model and give it a closer inspection. You will discover that it’s great at supplying you with extra advantages that others don’t offer. First of all, you will be glad that it’s a 4-in-1 stapler that works with D-type, U-type, T-type, and pin staples.

To make things easy for you from the start, the unit comes with 1,000 pieces of each category, so if you have any work waiting, you will be able to begin right away. Any repairs you need to perform outdoor or indoor, crafting, upholstery tasks, and decoration projects are a breeze when equipped with this gun.

Since you can adjust the level of pressure with the help of a lever, you will discover that this model works like a charm for hard and soft surfaces. A chrome steel construction guarantees that this unit will have a long service life.



You will notice the beautiful chrome finish from the beginning, one of the signs that this heavy-duty model offers excellent reliability over the years.

With precision and excellent steadiness, the unit will help you work on a wide variety of projects.

It comes with a quick-release mechanism that allows you to deal with bent staples jamming the unit fast and easy.

For both light and heavy-duty work, this model is the right option for DIY-ers and not only.

Among the features that make this unit so convenient, there is a loading window where you can inspect the magazine for how many nails are still there.



The lack of a manual with instructions is a downside, but figuring out how it works is not particularly difficult, so you may overlook it.

You may want to replace the staples it comes with since they’re not particularly heavy duty.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


If you are interested in getting the best staple guns for upholstery, you will need to watch for specific features that will tell you what you need. You don’t have to perform any research for this, as we already have you covered. Check the criteria below that will give you a clear idea of what features to look for and how to opt for a model that is truly the best option for you.

Types of staplers

One of the most crucial aspects you need to bear in mind is that there are a few types of staple guns out there. For instance, the best electric staple guns for upholstery are highly recommended to those who don’t have a lot of strength in their arms and don’t want to exert themselves while working. While such a design is clearly an advantage, the rapid firing of an electric staple gun can cause the staples to bury deep into the wood.

Another option you have at your disposal is a pneumatic model. The best pneumatic staple gun for upholstery offers the most versatility since it depends on a source of power that helps it eliminate any frustration from the process of driving staples into upholstery, but not only.

By far the most versatile of all such tools, it has a significant downside. You will need to purchase an air compressor for it, and not even the best air staple gun for upholstery can be that useful to justify this type of expense unless you are going to use it frequently.

Last but not least, manual models are quite popular. They work by using mechanical parts that help you press the staples into the type of material you’re working with. You need to employ more force, but you’re not dependent on hoses, cables, and so on. Taking such a tool with you anywhere you go is a breeze, so its portability highly recommends it. However, it’s not for everyone, and older or very young people won’t handle one with ease.


What staples are accommodated?

This is an important question because it gives you a good idea of what kind of work you will be able to do with your tool. A good idea would be to opt for a versatile model that can handle D-shaped, U-shaped, and T-shaped staples. Some models even work with pin staples, so the more functionality you get from your tool, the better.

The best staple gun for furniture upholstery is one that can drive the staples through with ease. Make sure to check out what types are accepted, what sizes, what lengths, and so on. By knowing more about these aspects, you’ll get as close as you can to purchase a model that’s ideal for your needs.

Durability and comfort

Get the best heavy-duty staple gun for upholstery if you intend to use it often. However, don’t forget about the overall durability and comfort offered by the unit you wish to purchase. See what type of materials the unit is made of; heavy-duty metals like chrome steel, and aluminum are the most recommended.

Comfort can mean many things, from a comfortable grip to a quick-release mechanism that allows you to deal with jams efficiently. If there are staples included, that’s great, too.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can you use a regular staple gun for upholstery?

If you intend to repair the upholstery on a piece of furniture, your best bet would be a staple gun for furniture upholstery. The reason why you should pick a specialized tool is simple. A regular staple gun is made to work only with wood.

But you need your tool to be able to work well with fabrics such as canvas and leather. The manufacturers selling staple guns for upholstery even include staples mainly made for this purpose. No one says that you cannot try working with a regular staple gun for repairing your upholstery, but you may get frustrated quickly by the ruined results you will obtain.

A versatile tool is an excellent option to consider. Some models work with different types of staples and can handle various materials, which is why they are coveted by DIY-ers and contractors. One thing to bear in mind is that they are not necessarily expensive.

Q: Can you reupholster a chair/couch without removing the old fabric?

It is not impossible to repair the upholstery on a chair or a couch without going through the process of removing the old fabric, but there are a few issues you should be aware of before getting to work. One of them is the type of material you’re going to use. Ideally, it should be closer in design and colors with the old one.

However, if you reupholster the entire piece of furniture, this aspect is not as important. You can simply place the new fabric over the old one and staple it down. Other pressing matters might appear, though. For instance, you surely don’t want hidden problems, such as mold hiding under the old fabric.

So, if you got your chair or couch from the flea market, you should consider replacing the fabric thoroughly, even if it takes a while to take all the old fabric down before reupholstering.


Q: Based on what criteria should I choose a staple gun for upholstery?

Some aspects are crucial when choosing a staple gun for upholstery. For instance, you should get one that comes with a pressure power adjustment for the simple reason that the fabrics used for upholstery can be of different thicknesses, and using the same configuration might not work that well.

Hand held staple guns for upholstery can have this feature, so you are not limited to only specific models. Another thing you will need from your staple gun is to provide you with a comfortable grip since you will have to use it for a while and handling a tool that tires your hands is not a good idea.

It is not unusual for staplers to get jammed, which why another aspect to bear in mind is some kind of quick-release mechanism that will help you get rid of the bent nails. The more types of staples your tool can handle, the better.