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Best Small Drill Press Reviews

Last Updated: 09.12.21


What are the best mini drill presses in 2021?


If you don’t have time to browse through all the reviews and excellent buying advice prepared by our researchers, then this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know about the best small drill presses. We read through numerous consumer reviews, advice from experts, sales figures and comparison tables and we found that the WEN 4208 is the absolute best you can find right now. Do not let yourself fooled by the small 8 inch diameter of the drill press; it is perfectly capable of drilling holes through any kind of material, from wood and plastic to metal, all with the same effortless results. Because it comes equipped with variable speeds that range from 620 to 3,100 RPM, you will be able to drill holes not only through various materials, but also through various thicknesses for more versatility in your projects. The depth stop is another great feature of this well rounded unit, because it allows you to achieve consistent results with repetitive drilling for a job well done. If the WEN 4208 is temporarily unavailable, you should go for the SE 97511MDP as it is almost just as good.



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People who check out the small drill press reviews want to have a piece of equipment that can do what a full sized drill press can minus the bulk and heft. Being one of the most versatile tools in the workshop, the drill press allows the operator to utilize a range of attachments, jigs and cutting tools that can turn the device into a powerhouse. A high quality drill press can bore into wood or metal, and is also capable of mortising and sanding when needed. Owning even a small drill press requires that you do some reading and research in order to determine which machine best fits your needs.



Drill Press Size


The drilling capacity or size of a small precision drill press corresponds to the distance between the center of the chuck and the front of the machine’s column. Usually expressed in terms of diameter, the distance denotes how big a round work piece has to be in order for the machine to drill a hole through it. This means an 8-inch machine is capable of cutting a hole through the center of a round stock that also has the same diameter of 8 inches. The distance from the center of the chuck to the very front of the column will be exactly one-half of that measurement, in this case, 4 inches.



Construction and Ribbing


The best drill press, no matter what size, should boast a solid construction. this ensures that your small machine still offers long-lasting usability for years of use for small projects. with a solidly-built machine, you can indulge in your weekend hobby without worrying about having to do replacement of the entire machine itself. All you would probably need to replace occasionally are worn-out drill bits.

The base and the table of your drill press should preferably be ribbed to ensure reliable strength, rigidity and support. You won’t be able to do much if the small machine can’t even support its diminutive size. Look for small machines with a slotted base, as well. If the sides have ledges or slots, it can be easy to clamp your work on to the drill press. This also provides convenience and safety.



Other Essential Features


You will want your small drill press to have a cast iron head that can support and protect its most essential parts, including the pinion shaft, quill and motor. The table should have a ground flat surface to accommodate larger work pieces, or to easily be integrated with a small drill press vise. A lockable depth adjustment allows repetitive hole drilling to a uniform depth, thus eliminating the guesswork. You also need variable speed in your drill press.

Some manufacturers equip their machines with the capacity to accept a diverse range of accessories, to make them as versatile as possible.


10 Best Small Drill Presses (Reviews) in 2021



1. WEN 4208 Drill Press


1.WEN 4208 8-Inch 5 Speed Drill PressThis 8-inch drill press from WEN is built with an 8-inch swing that, despite its small parameter, can deliver enough power to drill through plastics, wood, metal and other materials. With a maximum drilling capacity of 1/2 inch in 1-inch thick cast iron, the WEN 4208 offers more reliable precision drilling compared to a handheld drill.

The WEN 4208 is the perfect size for a home workshop. It is portable enough for transportation from shop to the jobsite and back again. The WEN 4208 is engineered with five variable speeds, ranging from 620 to 3,100 RPM, which enables it to handle various materials and thicknesses.

The two-inch spindle travel is easy to read and is complemented by a locking linear depth stop that enables repeatable and accurate drilling operations. Delivering adequate power and torque is the tough 1/3-HP induction motor.

The WEN 4208 features a 6.5-inch by 6.5-inch cast iron worktable that bevels up to 45 degrees in both directions, perfect when you need to do some angled drilling.



Serving as an effective testament to why power tools are actually called such, this exceptional 8-inch drill press is compact enough not to eat up a lot of space on your workbench.

Thanks to its five variable speeds, this machine is engineered to be adequately powerful to drill through metal, plastics, wood, and other types of materials.

The machine is outfitted with a powerful induction motor that comes with a ball bearing construction to provide durability for an extended tool life.

Get smooth and balanced performance from this machine that delivers consistent results even at high speeds.

Enjoy versatility in this tool that accommodates a variety of drill bit sizes because of the ½-inch JT33 chuck, and the beveling work table that enables you to work on different shapes and sizes of stock.



Some customers don’t think the drill press is powerful enough to handle certain types of heavy-duty material because of a noticeable wobble.

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2. SE 97511MDP Drill Press


Standing only 7.5 inches in height, the SE 97511MDP is a handy, compact drill press suitable for the novice workshop owner who wants to explore their creativity and expand the productivity of their workshop. It offers a maximum drill capacity of 6mm so it can handle a variety of materials for jewelry making, woodworking, mechanical work, hobby projects, arts and crafts, home improvement projects, and many other workshop jobs.

This machine is engineered to provide three variable speeds namely, 5,000, 6,500, and 8,000 RPM to drill through a variety of materials quickly and effortlessly for less time spent on doing projects. This machine is manufactured by a company committed to providing the best source of value on the market to consumers. Enjoy functionality, quality, and a broad usefulness from this device.

It has a worktable large enough to handle light-project materials while standing stable on its 6-⅝ x 6-⅝-inch base. The one-inch spindle travel provides an effortless control and manageability. Considering that it runs on 100 watts of power, this machine is quite energy-efficient.

The machine ships with three wrenches that enable the user to make adjustments to secure the drill bit to the 6-mm chuck key and to guarantee safety during operations. The spindle control lever provides easy lowering and raising of the drill bit.



With a work area measuring 6-9/16 x 6-9/16 inches plus a base of 6-⅝ x 6-⅝ inches, this drill press provides stability and enough work space to handle light hole cutting needs for the novice wood and metal worker.

This model offers versatility in its drilling functionality thanks to the three variable speeds of 5,000, 6,500, and 8,000 RPM so you can work on various types of materials and projects to increase your productivity and explore your creativity.

This machine ships with three wrenches for an easy setup and the effortless fixing of the appropriate drill bit to the chuck so you can secure it in place for safety in drilling.

This is a versatile machine suitable for use by jewelers, woodworkers, hobbyists, mechanics, and for doing arts and crafts, home improvement projects, and workshop tasks.

With its maximum drilling capacity of 6mm, this machine provides cost-efficient operations considering its wattage rating of just 100 watts.



One customer has noted that the quill feed tends to exhibit some jerkiness as the quill spring hangs up to prevent a sensitive feed when casting corners.

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3. EURO TOOL DRL-300.00 Drill Press


3.EURO TOOL DRL-300.00 Bench-Top Drill PressThis superior quality drill press from EURO TOOL showcases the ultimate in performance in a small machine. The EURO TOOL DRL-300.00 Bench-Top Drill Press is a stand-alone device that measures 15 inches in total height. Weighing just 13 pounds, the machine is lightweight and requires less effort to use than an ordinary handheld drill.

The EURO TOOL DRL-300.00 Bench-Top Drill Press has a drill clearance of five inches and a base measuring 6.75 inches by 6.75 inches, ensuring stability despite the small size. The machine has a 5.5 power cord that ensures sustained power every time. The drill press offers from 0 to 8,500 RPM, which enables it to handle a variety of drilling applications with ease.

The drill press comes with an operator’s manual that provides detailed safety warnings and assembly instructions, along with RPM adjustment and specifications.

It also ships with one replacement belt. The rack-and-pinion mechanism controlling the movement of the spindle and chuck provides mechanical advantage to the operator.



This diminutive benchtop drill press may be small, but it can handle a variety of projects, not just modest ones, which assures you of versatility.

It offers variable speeds up to 8,500 RPM, enabling you to use a variety of types of materials in your projects without worrying if the drill press has enough power to complete the task.

Lightweight at just 13 pounds, this compact drill press has a small platform of 6.75 by 6.75 inches, so it won’t take up plenty of space on your workbench while providing ample drilling capability.

This space-saving benchtop drill press is considerably easy to use thanks to its basic, straightforward design and the way the components provide intuitive functionality.

You will surely love how this power tool is available at a pocket-friendly price so you can explore your creativity in the workshop without investing a lot of cash in your primary power tool.



The machine is shipped with the table covered with oil, which is part of the manufacturing process to ensure protection from corrosion.

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4. Black Bull DP5UL Drill Press


The Black Bull DP5UL is a light-duty machine that offers good functionality through a consistent drilling performance. It boasts quality features that the avid hobbyist will truly appreciate because of how those elements make the machine quite versatile and delightful to use. It is perfect for the beginner craftsman just learning to explore their creativity in the workshop.

The machine features a laser centering device that enables you to start drilling at the exact center of the stock, which prevents costly mistakes that lead to the wastage of materials. You won’t have to guess where to commence drilling because the laser centering device points to the right spot for the drill bit to enter the stock.

This is a compact, benchtop model that does not eat up a lot of space on your work table so you can just bolt it to the benchtop to ensure stability during drilling operations. The machine provides five belt speed adjustment settings from a minimum of 620 RPM to a maximum of 3,150 RPM, to suit the demands of the task or the material to be drilled.

The machine has a cast iron table, base, and drill body, which all ensure durability for many years of functionality. The 8-inch swing enables the machine to cut a hole in the center of an 8-inch diameter stock. The two-inch stroke provides the easy manageability and control of the ½-inch chuck.



This corded electric machine offers a consistent performance as it efficiently uses electric power to operate with sustainable speeds and hole-cutting capability.

The laser centering device enables you to drill at the exact center of the stock to prevent costly mistakes and waste of materials in the workshop.

This compact, benchtop model can be affixed to your worktable to ensure a stable functionality without eating up a lot of space.

This model features five belt speed adjustment settings so you can select from a low of 620 RPM to a maximum of 3,100 RPM to suit the project as well as the material to be drilled.

This model boasts a high-quality construction with its cast iron table, base, and drill body while the enclosed fan-cooled motor drives the spindle to run at the exact drilling speed for consistent results.



Because of the compact size of the drill, it is more suited for light-duty tasks and not for rugged construction purposes.

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5. General International DP2001 


This 8-inch drill press is an excellent pick if you are interested in a versatile tool with enough power to go through any material with great ease. There are five speeds available that go from 620rppm to 3,100rpm, so you can expect a wide variety of applications to become easy to handle, once you start using this unit.

It is essential to know that the table that comes with this unit can tilt to angles between zero and 45, allowing you to perform angled drilling without a problem. The safety switch is easy to use, and there is a security key, too.

You will like the fact that this model comes with a laser guide that will eliminate all the guessing work when you need to drill holes in a line. Also, you will find that performing repeatable holes is easy when you have this tool at your disposal.

You can also appreciate its durable construction, made from cast iron. Because of its stability, this tool is ideal for light to medium tasks without a problem and fares much better than a handheld drill. There is also a slotted table that allows you the addition of clamps or vises for different tasks.



Perfect angled drilling is no issue with this model, as the worktable is capable of tilting at angles at maximum 45 degrees without a glitch.

If you need variable speed settings, you will be pleased to find out that this unit is capable of working with five different speeds.

A laser light is designed to make your job more comfortable and will help you repeat the same size holes for projects that look as professional as possible.

You will also like the fact that this unit, while powerful, it won’t take up a lot of space in your workshop since it is compact.

Users can mount this model on a bench or a stand, and there are also mounting possibilities for clamps and vises, which adds versatility.



The depth control appears to leave something to be desired, and overall, this machine doesn’t seem built for heavy-duty, according to one reviewer.

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6. BUCKTOOL 10 inch 


The first thing that must be said about this model is that the accessories included are more than welcome, and make the tool an even better deal for the price than what you might have thought at first glance. There is a laser guide that will contribute to the accuracy and professionalism of your work.

Also, you will get a work LED light that will let you see clearly what you are working on. There are a chuck and its key included for maximum convenience, and it is a good thing that the manufacturer thought of including all the necessary tools for assembling the unit.

Many other things will make you like this unit a lot. For instance, you will be able to adjust the speed, as there are five different settings available, between 610rpm and 2,800rpm. Variable speed is an excellent way to adjust your tool to the demands of your project.

Another thing you need to know about this model is that its beveling worktable can tilt up to 45 degrees, letting you handle more demanding tasks without a problem. As far as power is concerned, there’s nothing to worry about since the 2/3HP induction motor is built with durability in mind.



You will find this drill press ideal for a wide range of applications, as the powerful motor will help it drill through wood, plastic, or metal.

Make use of the laser system for extra precision and making your projects look as good as they were made by professionals.

Another extra that you can appreciate to the maximum is the tilting worktable that provides you with the means for angled drilling.

Users love the work light that illuminates the exact part of your work where the drill is on, for maximum control.

Don’t forget about the variable speed; there are five settings available, and you can easily pick the one that is most suitable for the type of materials you’re working on.



The depth is limited to about 4.5 inches, and that may be seen as a significant drawback for those who are looking to make the best out of this tool.

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7. WEN 4210T 


What are the features you need most and foremost in a drill press? To start with the beginning, the possibility to adjust its speed should sit on top of the list. The WEN 4210T readily provides the user with the ability to choose from five different speeds. The range goes from 600rpm to 3,100rpm.

What does this mean? First of all, it proves that this is a versatile machine that will help you tackle many different projects. But that is not all. The fact that there are low speeds and high-velocity speeds included means that you can work successfully with different materials, as some require more force, while others demand a more delicate approach.

You will find the included laser to be an excellent addition, although there might be some work to adjust it properly for what you have in mind. However, once you get it to work, it helps you with hole alignment in a way that models without such a feature cannot. Imagine how much time and effort you will save just by using this feature.

Another thing that will make this product the right choice if you pick it from the many available is the linear depth stop that helps you drill repeatable holes without a problem.



If torque and power are two things you’re concerned about, the 3.2-amp motor available on this drill press is enough to convince you that you will get them both.

There are five different speeds available – 600rpm, 1,100rpm, 1,700rpm, 2,400rpm, and 3,100rpm – so you will be able to work with various materials.

Many users appreciate the ability to adjust the worktable to fit their needs, and, here, the height and angle adjustments are both handy.

Durability is something you must be worried about, and the WEN 4210T sends your worries running, due to the ball bearing construction of the motor.

High precision completes the many distinctive traits of this model that comes with a linear depth stop that provides quality control to your work.



There seem to be some minor inconveniences, such as the challenging task of adjusting the laser or the clunky operation of the rack and pinion system.

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8. General International 75-010 M1


The durability of a power tool depends on a few aspects. In this case, the General International 75-010 M1 is a testimony that a sturdy drill press can exist. The main components that include the head, base, and table, are made from iron, and they are designed to withstand prolonged use.

It is essential to notice that the manufacturer thought about designing the motor with ball bearings, something that helps with smooth operation, but also with durability. The second in line after durability comes versatility. It is good to know that this model comes with variable speeds for maximum comfort of the user.

These speeds vary from 500rpm to 3,000rpm and allow you to work with different materials. While you may be a woodworker with a passion for this type of DIY projects, most people prefer a tool that can drill holes through plastic and metal, too. Such traits make the tool you pick more useful, and you will love to use it in different ways.

The dual depth stop is considered by many buyers a great addition, as it will give your work the consistency that qualifies it as performed by a pro. There is no better way to learn how to improve than by using the right tool.



The laser pointer this model comes along with is a great plus, as it provides you with reliable hole alignment, regardless of the project you’re working on.

An induction motor helps with developing enough torque and power to deal with more demanding projects, and also helps with smooth and quiet operation.

You won’t have to worry about the durability of this model, as its motor is designed with ball bearings, and the body is made from iron.

Users appreciate the electronic speed control that brings comfort and convenience to a tool that is already easy to use.

Woodworkers and metalworkers alike will find this model a powerful and adequate tool for different projects, regardless of their difficulty.



Be aware of the fact that this machine can be quite noisy and that you might find the operation of this machine to be a little stiff.

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9. WEN 4214 


The WEN 4214 enjoys an excellent reputation, and for all the right reasons. For starters, its variable speed goes from 580rpm to 3,200rpm, so it is a useful tool for anyone who likes to adjust the speed of such a power tool in the minutest fashion. That means that you will be able to operate more delicately, something that applies to some projects.

Lock in the depth stop of your choice with the help of another excellent feature available on this unit. Making the same size holes over and over again can be tricky without such help, so it is worth mentioning on the list of things that make this drill press from WEN a must-have.

The drill press comes outfitted with a 2/3HP motor and has plenty of torque and power for projects and tasks that can be considered heavy duty. A cast iron worktable completes the array of excellent features, and it is good to know that you can tilt it left and right, up to 45 degrees.

Also, the table can be lowered with the help of the rack and pinion system available. A laser guide helps you with adequate hole alignment, something most DIY-ers love to have at their fingertips.



Working with different materials, such as wood, metal, and plastic, is possible, due to the high power and torque developed by the motor of this drill press.

You will get truly variable speed control on this unit that doesn’t have just a bunch of settings, and lets you fine-tune your tool to serve your needs.

If you need to adjust the height of the worktable, that is easy, since there is a rack and pinion system in place that lets you do exactly that.

Adjustability is one of the great things about this model, as the worktable can also be beveled for angled drilling without a glitch.

Extended durability and usage are guaranteed, as the induction motor comes with ball bearings that help it operate smoothly for a long time.



Tilting the table comes with a bit of a hassle as it requires loosening a screw, but overall, most customers are pleased with this model from WEN.

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10. Estink Mini 5 Speed 


If you want to be more flexible in your work, this tool will help you achieve precisely that since it comes with five speeds. Just pick the setting that is the most suitable for the type of material and project you’re working on, and you will find that the smooth operation of this drill press will help you achieve the desired results in no time.

While variable speed is critical, so is the possibility to adjust your machine for angled drilling. The rig can be tilting up to 45 degrees on either left or right, helping you perform the type of work you have in mind without a glitch.

It is well known that DIY-ers don’t have a lot of time at their disposal for their hobbies, so it’s a great thing that this tool can make you more efficient, saving you both effort and time. You will be happy to learn that this machine is built with durability in mind and that no toxic paint or other compounds were used for it.

Compared to other models, it looks like a mini drill press, and maybe that’s truly a proper name for it. Since not many people have a lot of space at their disposal to accommodate their tools, it is a good thing that this one takes up very little space.



You can choose from five different speeds – 580rpm, 850rpm, 1,220rpm, 1,650rpm, and 2650rpm – to adjust your tool for working with different materials.

Because it is a mini drill press, it can be used for small and medium-scale projects without a glitch, and that without crowding your workspace.

The worktable can tilt on both left and right, and the maximum angle of 45 degrees is enough to help you perform tasks that require angled drilling.

Due to the sturdy materials used for its body, the drill press is stable, and it will also last for a long time, something that makes it an excellent investment.

With your purchase, you will receive all the necessary accessories for installing the unit, which adds to the overall convenience.



You can only choose from the five speeds available, without actually being able to adjust them to the point of fine-tuning.

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Unavailable products:



Grizzly G7942


2.Grizzly G7942 Five Speed Baby Drill PressSmall but tough, the Grizzly G7942 Five Speed Baby Drill Press is made for the small workshop. This diminutive machine offers a space-saving design that makes it easy to position in your little hobby space in the garage.

The Grizzly G7942 Five Speed Baby Drill Press can also be easily put away on a spare shelf when not in use. The drill press is perfect for small drilling tasks and offers a terrific compact solution when a full-size machine is simply too big for your needs.

With a drilling capacity of ½ inch in steel, the Grizzly G7942 is outfitted with a strong 1/3-horsepower single-phase, open drip-proof (ODP) TEFC motor. It delivers five variable speeds: 620, 1,100, 1,720, 2,340 and 3,100 RPM, for a variety of drilling applications.

The Grizzly G7942 Five Speed Baby Drill Press accommodates drill chucks such as 1/64-inch and ½-inch ones. The two-inch spindle travel offers precise drilling every time. The precision-ground cast iron table offers long-lasting use.




Northern Industrial Tools Benchtop Mini


4.Northern Industrial Tools Benchtop Mini Drill PressDrill with accuracy plus confidence with this mini drill press from Northern Industrial Tools. Engineered with five variable speeds, the drill press has a threaded depth lock that enables easy adjustment and setting of the cutting depth, allowing the operator to make mechanical adjustments on the fly. The screwdriver handle enables problem-free turning and control during operations.

This drill press may be small, but is outfitted with a robust 1/3 horsepower motor that enables it to deliver variable speeds from 620 to 3,100 RPM. With a drilling capacity of ½ inch, the machine ensures precise hole cutting while effectively preventing waste of materials in your home workshop.

The 11 5/8-inch by 7 1/3-inch base provides stability to the entire unit. The drill press comes with a ½-inch chuck size that can also accommodate smaller chuck sizes.

Measuring just 7 inches long, 16 15/16 inches wide and 22 ½ inches high, this unit takes up little space in the workshop, and is also easy to put away.




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