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Best Radial Drill Press Reviews

Last Updated: 12.08.22


What are the best radial drill presses in 2022?


If you don’t have time to browse through all the reviews and excellent buying advice prepared by our researchers, then this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know about the best radial drill presses. By reading through the user feedback, expert reviews and reliability tests available, we discovered that the SHOP FOX W1670 is the absolute best you can find at the moment. If you are looking for a machine capable of angled drilling, you will find that this one does everything you have ever wanted and even goes beyond the call of duty. Its tilting table and headstock allows you to use the machine for a large variety of projects. With 5 different speeds that vary between 550 to 3,470 RPM, the machine is highly versatile, and the presence of the speed chart right under the belt guard will surely come in handy once you start working on a more complex project. The diameter range for this model is 34 inches, a feature that again, grants you plenty of leeway when working. If the SHOP FOX W1670 is temporarily unavailable, you should go for the RIKON 30-140 as it is almost just as good.



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For the self-respecting do-it-yourselfer, drilling holes in wood, metal and a range of other materials becomes a more convenient and precise task with the best drill press that can be found on the market. A drill press provides more reliability for high-precision tasks compared to a typical handheld drill. It can also offer more power to cut through tough materials. With a stationary bit that gives accuracy and control, the operator can drill at perfect angles every time and also achieve uniformity in boring multiple identical holes. Versatility is assured with optional accessories, so you can confidently do shaping, grinding, buffing, mortising or sanding.


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Machine Type Capacity

When you check out radial drill press reviews, you will notice that the throat depth corresponds to half of the machine’s size. The throat depth is a quantification of the distance between the column and the chuck. Twice of the throat depth is also the measurement designated as the swing. The swing determines the width of the material that the drill press can tackle. The quill stroke also determines the drilling depth you can achieve.

Floor-standing models usually measure 64.5 inches, providing a cutting depth of up to 34 inches maximum. A bench-top model typically comes with a swing of 31.5 to 34 inches, with a throat depth of up to 17 inches maximum.



Power and Speed


Investing in the best radial arm drill press enables you to optimize a machine that comes with a larger capacity, and this is where floor-standing models really stand out. Typically, a floor standing machine comes with a 1/2 horsepower motor, which is stronger and can offer a greater number of spindle speeds. This endows the machine with greater versatility, coming as it does with a maximum of five speeds varying from 550 to 3470 RPM.

A benchtop model is typically outfitted with either a 1/3 HP or ½ HP motor. Some models offer five speeds ranging between 620 to 3,100 RPM, while others offer variable speeds from 550 to 3,470 RPM.





A radial drill press has a head that extends, giving you more than twice the swing of any standard drill press. This makes the radial drill press especially suited for unique applications despite it requiring a larger acquisition cost.

The table of this type of machine is generally made of durable precision ground cast iron, which is a characteristic of any Shop Fox radial drill press, as well as other brands. The work table can tilt anywhere from 45 to 90 degrees in either directions, with some models offering 45 degrees right and 90 degrees left, and others built to offer 90 degrees in both directions. A wide base keeps everything steady, and the head can move back and forth to accommodate wider stock sizes. Machine control and bit changes can be carried out easily, and cushioned grip quill handles allow comfortable operation.


4 Best Radial Drill Presses (Updated Reviews) in 2022



1. SHOP FOX W1670


1.SHOP FOX W1670 1-2-Horsepower Floor Radial Drill PressVersatile enough to be used as a horizontal boring machine, the SHOP FOX W1670 is equipped with a tilting table and headstock that allow surfaces to be drilled and sanded at a variety of angles.

Capable of drilling right in the middle of a stock up to 34 inches in diameter, this radial drill press lets you extend the head in and out so you can lengthen the distance between the column and the drill chuck up to 17 inches.

The head can also be tilted 45 degrees clockwise and up to 90 degrees counterclockwise, enabling you to drill angled holes.

The slide and tilt feature lets you cut a line of straight or angled holes while eliminating the need to re-position the stock after each hole is completed, saving precious time.

With 5 speeds ranging from 550 to 3,470 RPM, the SHOP FOX W1670 is quite easy to set and adjust, with a speed chart conveniently mounted under the belt guard. (We have more models from this brand -> Shop Fox W1667)



This floor radial drill press is powered by a robust ½-HP, 110-volt, single-phase motor that drives the machine to deliver five variable speeds for versatility.

This model provides a variable swing up to 34 inches to handle large materials efficiently while the pivoting head allows drilling at nearly any angle for complicated projects.

The drill chuck takes in drill bits varying from 1/16 inch to ⅝ inch to enable you to use a variety of materials and perform different drilling applications for exceptional versatility.

The work table comes with four adjustments to handle just about any drilling angle called for by the project itself, enabling you to change the rotation, height, angle, and distance from the column.

This model comes with five variable speeds from 550 to 3,470 RPM to handle a variety of materials and drilling applications.



The extended platform exhibits a bit of play when drilling metal, which is likely a means to compensate for the slow torque during such operations.

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2. RIKON 30-140


2.RIKON 30-140 Bench Top Radial Drill PressBacked by a reliable two-year warranty, the RIKON 30-140 Bench Top Radial Drill Press also offers versatility with its five spindle speeds.

Choose between 620 to 3,100 RPM for a variety of applications, ranging from do-it-yourself tasks to professional ones.

The unique telescopic design offers the operator a greater number of options, whether you’re working in a home woodworking shop or a small commercial shop. Equipped with a 1/3-HP motor, the RIKON 30-140 Bench Top Radial Drill Press offers power and efficiency that no hand drill can match.

The head swivels to the right at 45 degrees and to the left at 90 degrees, a terrific feature when you have to perform angled drilling on balustrades for stair railings. The rotating table accommodates different-sized materials with ease.

Stability is ensured thanks to the 13-5/8-inch by 8-5/16-inch base. Changes from chuck arbors to end mill bits are always quick and effortless thanks to the M-T2 spindle taper.



Equipped with the versatility of five spindle speeds, this model handles a variety of professional and do-it-yourself workshop applications so you can perform different projects from the basic to the more elaborate.

The ⅓-HP motor powers the spindle to drill at speeds from 620 to 3,100 RPM so you can bore into different materials using the proper speed to make a clean hole.

The 34-inch swing allows you to drill a hole in the middle of a 34-inch stock diameter, for a choice of stock sizes from small to large.

To accommodate wider board widths, the machine’s drilling head moves back and forth as needed to drill at the exact spot.

The head bevels 90 degrees to the right and 45 degrees to the left, enabling you to drill into a variety of sizes, shapes, and types of stock at an angle to prevent wrong entry points that result in the wastage of materials.



The radial head does not come with bearings to make the adjustment smoother, according to one customer.

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3. SHOP FOX W1669


3.SHOP FOX W1669 1-2-Horsepower Benchtop Radial Drill PressBuilt to last, the Shop Fox W1669 1/2 HP 34-inch Bench-Top Radial Drill Press has the ability to drill wide stocks up to 34 inches in diameter.

This machine comes with a head that slides in and out to facilitate the increase of the distance between the drill chuck and the column to a maximum of 17 inches. Drilling angled holes or using the machine for horizontal boring is effortless due to the ability of the headstock to tilt from 45 degrees clockwise to 90 degrees counterclockwise.

The huge swing lets you bore to the center of your stock. The precision ground cast iron table is built to tilt to 90 degrees in both directions.

This radial drill press features a slide and tilt functionality, which lets you drill a line of straight or angled holes without having to re-align your stock after each hole is cut. The table is height adjustable as well, making the radial drill press a highly versatile machine that handles a lot of applications.



This 34-inch Bench-Top Radial Drill Press is able to cut a hole into the center of a stock having a diameter as big as 34 inches, which is suitable for furniture-making and other elaborate projects.

The tilting head and the beveling table allow you to drill at any angle entailed by the project so you are not limited to just straight hole cutting.

This model can also be used as a horizontal boring machine so as not to disturb the surface of the workpiece to prevent damaging it on the exterior aspect.

This power tool provides variable speeds of 550, 880, 1,520, 2,490, and 3,470 RPM so you can bore holes into different kinds of materials and not be confined to a specific type of stock.

The table bevels 90 degrees left and right so you can work on intricate projects that require drilling at an angle, or on irregularly shaped or different sizes of stock.



The radial movement is quite choppy, so there is a need to make adjustments very carefully to ensure consistency in them.

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4. Grizzly G7945


4.Grizzly G7945 5 Speed Bench-Top Radial Drill PressThe Grizzly G7945 is a five-speed benchtop drill press that offers a large variable swing of up to 34 inches. It features a pivoting head that allows you to drill holes at just about any angle.

Genuinely versatile, the radial drill press is outfitted with a ½-horsepower single-phase, 110-volt motor, giving you the drilling power you need for any tough application that no hand drill can ever hope to match.

It features a JT-33 spindle taper, ensuring it will fit all drill chucks, making the machine highly versatile and dependable. Built with a precision-ground cast iron table, the Grizzly G7945 radial drill press comes with 5 speeds, allowing you to select the precise pace at which to perform any drilling application.

The table tilts 90 degrees both left and right, for precise angled drilling. The 8 5/8-inch by 9-inch table offers a reliable surface across which to position your work piece.



The precision-ground cast iron table provides a secure platform on which to position the workpiece for drilling, delivering the needed support to hold the stock in place.

The 3 ¼-inch spindle travel provides an easily managed and controlled lowering of the drill bit to the stock to prevent the bit from ‘walking’ away from the target.

The variable swing of 34 inches allows the use of this machine for drilling a hole in the center of large workpieces, so you need not worry that the drill bit will enter the stock at the wrong spot.

The pivoting head allows you to drill at nearly any angle, so you can perform elaborate projects using various sizes and shapes of workpieces.

The ½-HP, single-phase, 110-volt motor drives the JT-33 spindle to bore into a variety of materials for limitless project possibilities.



Owing to the minimum spindle speed on this model, it might not be suitable for handling metalwork.

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