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Best Power Magnetic Drill Press Reviews

Last Updated: 05.06.20


What are the best power magnetic drill presses in 2020?


If you desperately need to find the best magnetic drill press but can’t spare precious time to read our meticulously prepared buying guide and product reviews below, this short paragraph should simplify your search. We refined our own search for this kind of product by evaluating ratings in numerous power tool review sites with value and quality in mind. This brought us to what is clearly a consumer choice, the G&J Hall Tools REVO Low Profile 35. This magnetic drill press is engineered with the same 1 ⅜ cutting capacity as the R322 model while being able to fit easily into tight spaces for expanded functionality. The 1100-watt motor delivers dependable running power for a range of applications. To maintain a consistently secure hold, the machine delivers a magnetic adhesion of 3,365 pounds for dependable task completion. Due to the easy depletion of supplies of the G&J Hall Tools REVO Low Profile 35, you might need to go for the second best option, the DEWALT DWE1622K.



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The best power magnetic drill press offers a reliable tool to make drilling of structural steel along with other applications efficient, easy and convenient. This tool features the adaptability of a regular drill press and the ability to adhere to carbon steel surfaces. To optimize this type of gear, it is best to know what aspects to check out.




Appropriate Size


The best power magnetic drill press is not necessarily the largest machine on the market. To determine which size magnetic drill press will work for you, determine what you will be using it for along with the overall weight of the machine. It’s not worth going big if you will not be able to fit the machine into your work space. If you plan to use the machine many times a day, it’s also worth it to find a machine with light weight to ensure you can work easily with it.




The best drill press offers variable speed options that make it quite useful to have when handling challenging deep-hole or tricky large cutter applications, whether for metal fabrication tasks, general engineering applications or particularly tough tasks including highway and bridge maintenance, offshore rigs, refineries, pipelines and more.




A fantastic magnetic drill press is equipped with dual carrying handles that enable you to enjoy smooth operation. With reversible handles, you also enjoy greater levels of stability and control even in demanding situations. For maximum adhesion capability during the drilling process, the machine has to be equipped with a strong magnet. The control panel should be conveniently situated for efficient control of the process.

You want corrosion-resistant, tangle free cables as well.


3 Best Power Magnetic Drill Presses (Updated Reviews) in 2020



You need a magnetic drill press with all the best features to ensure consistent productivity and successful drilling results. However, it is not always easy to find a top quality product especially when you don’t really what brands and models are on the market. We recommend three top-quality products that should be terrific investments.



1. G&J Hall Tools REVO


2The REVO Low profile 35 drill press offers a huge 1 3/8-inch cutting capacity while being able to fit into tight spaces easily. It is outfitted with a robust 1100-watt motor that delivers reliable power for usability in a wide variety of applications.

To ensure a secure hold, the REVO Low Profile 35 magnetic drill press is equipped with a dependable magnetic adhesion of 3365 pounds. This is any fabricator’s dream machine especially when the work space is particularly challenging to work along. You can make effortless changes of the cutter thanks to the quick-release arbor.

The REVO Low Profile 35 magnetic drill press is designed for use in truck chassis work where using a regular magnetic drill can present issues on being too tall. Thanks to the REVO 35’s low profile, the machine can easily fit and still deliver full power capacity with the most powerful motor and magnet configurations in this specific category. The magnetic drill press is outfitted with a reversible stroke handle plus an easy-access control panel, ensuring convenience and ease of use.

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3Equipped with overload protection, the DEWALT DWE1622K Magnetic Drill Press can handle the most demanding drilling tasks without presenting any issues. The overload protection on the electronics system of the machine prevents excessive wear of the essential components while also keeping the motor from damage.

The robust 10.0-amp motor delivers optimal performance in a wide range of applications thanks to the two-speed settings. The chuck system comes with a quick-release system to enable tool-less changes from a ¾-inch Weldon shank to a ½-inch keyed chuck.

You can change the handles to either side of the machine thanks to the Quick Release feed handles. You can also position the magnetic coolant bottle on either side of the DEWALT DWE1622K so you can enjoy a variety of tool configurations. For a greater range of use with more accessories, the motor height can be adjusted accordingly, giving you more versatility and flexibility. You can enjoy maximum capacity for the most demanding applications thanks to the 4 3/8-inch drill travel. The unit ships with a kit box for problem-free storage.

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3. Milwaukee 4270-20


1The Milwaukee 4270-20 Compact Electromagnetic Drill Press offers precision and power in a portable and lightweight machine. This drill press weighs only 26.5 pounds, making it perfect for remote metal drilling.

The comfortable carrying handle is positioned well to provide balance. The drill press is geared to handle tough drilling applications thanks to its powerful 1.1- horsepower, 9.0-amp motor. It can cut up to 1.5-inch diameter holes through thick, 2-inch steel using annular cutters. It can also handle ½-inch holes that are 4.25 inches deep with a twist drill bit.

The Milwaukee 4270-20 electromagnetic drill press is geared with a strong two-coil magnet that delivers 2300 pounds of dead-lift force on one-inch thick steel. You can store the two hex cutter wrenches easily into the onboard slots to facilitate portability.

The drill press takes standard ¾-inch Weldon shank cutters or a three-jaw optional chuck that you can use with twist drill bits. Located on the back is the simple two-button control panel, keeping it out of the way of the feed handle.

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