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Best Industrial Drill Press Reviews

Last Updated: 09.12.21


What are the best industrial drill presses in 2021?


If you are a contractor and just don’t have the time to research about the best industrial drill press on the market, this short paragraph should lay things out in a simple manner. We did the hard part of product research by looking at actual owner feedback and expert reviews in workshop gear sites everywhere. According to our research, the Klutch 2705S060 is the best because of its robust 1 ½-HP motor that drives the spindle to run at variable speeds of 600 to 2,400 RPM to enable you to handle a variety of light to heavy-duty hole drilling applications. The 6-inch vertical stroke ensures a measured lowering and raising of the spindle to the exact level for accurate hole cutting. The worktable bevels 45 degrees to each side to accommodate the need to drill at various angles and also to handle various shapes and sizes of workpieces. Should the Klutch 2705S060 be out of stock, we suggest going for the second best option, the WEN 4225.



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An industrial floor-mounted drill press provides the stability and power for any workshop warrior to handle a variety of heavy-duty projects without worrying about the stamina and capacity of their machine to match those needs. How can you tell if you have the best industrial drill press in your possession?


The best heavy-duty drill press comes with powerful drilling features to match the job

Heavy-duty projects require a powerful machine that has the energy to sustain the RPM needed to handle the applications. A large chuck capacity ensures that the machine can accept large drill bits for any demanding drilling application. A large vertical stroke also provides easy drilling at the right level at a rapid rate into thick material for time-efficient results.

A large swing enables you to work on large workpieces effortlessly. You want the machine to be outfitted with a robust induction motor, something in the range of ¾ to 1.5-HP to drive the spindle to run at a variety of speeds.

You want the spindle chuck to be able to accept a range of drill bit sizes so the machine can handle different types of stock quite easily. You can work on wood, plastic, metal, and even ceramic.



High ratings are given to products in the best industrial drill press reviews that offer versatility

Variable spindle speeds on a drill press enable the machine to handle different kinds of materials, as stated earlier. However, the best types of drill presses do not just stop there. They also come with a depth lock that enables you to make precise adjustments that stay true till you have completed the project.

If you have to drill at an angle or have to work on a project that requires the use of an unusually shaped or irregularly sized stock, you will surely appreciate a drill press with a beveling worktable. A swiveling head enables you to work on elaborate hole drilling projects using a large variety of materials.

A large chuck capacity lets you install a variety of drill bit sizes for drilling holes in different materials. A digital display enables you to check the current spindle speed at a glance. A large work table provides an ample work surface size to keep the stock stable while working. A generous swing enables you to work on larger sizes of stock.



The best floor drill press comes with a variety of convenient features that facilitate easy use

Some floor standing drill presses are equipped with a built-in work light that illuminates the work surface to ensure accurate drilling. To keep the chuck handy and avoid misplacing it, some models come with an onboard chuck key.

A precision laser allows you to view the exact drilling point to prevent mistakes on the point of entry. A belt adjustment enables you to change the spindle speed quickly while ensuring precision. A sturdy floor mount base provides ample support to the entire machine, which is critical for safe operations.



3 Best Industrial Drill Presses (Updated Reviews) in 2021



Because of the enormity of the decision-making task when buying a drill press, we designed the above buying guide to provide enough information to assist consumers. The best products are also featured below for even more buying assistance.



1. Klutch 2705S060


Equipped with a ⅝-inch chuck capacity, the Klutch 2705S060 provides the hole drilling capability you need for heavy-duty projects. The large chuck capacity enables the machine to accept a variety of drill bit sizes to suit every application.

This model comes with a 6-inch vertical stroke that enables you to lower the spindle at a measured pace into a 6-inch thick stock for easy control and management of the drilling job. The generous 17-inch swing enables you to cut holes in a variety of sizes of stock for greater productivity.

The work table tilts 45 degrees right and left so you can cut holes on large-sized or non-standard shapes of stock for added versatility. You won’t have to worry about getting the right hole measurement each time when doing elaborate projects with repetitive hole drilling as this model comes with a depth lock equipped with a ball knob handle that ensures precise adjustments.

Best for drilling into metal and wood, this model is outfitted with a 1.5-HP, 120-volt motor that generates from 600 to 2.400 RPM to handle a variety of demanding applications.

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2. WEN 4225


If you are looking for a power tool that is actually powerful, the WEN 4225 offers the best solution. This floor standing drill press comes with a full stroke capacity of four inches, which enables it to cut a hole into a 4-inch thick workpiece with ease.

The powerful motor drives the spindle to rotate between 1,000 to 3,300 RPM to match the kind of material being drilled. The quick belt adjustment enables easy speed changes in a precise, reliable manner. To give you a means of checking the current spindle speed at a glance, this model features a convenient digital readout.

The cast-iron table measures 12 by 12 inches, which provides a sturdy and solid surface on which the stock can be positioned for accurate and wobble-free hole drilling. The work table also tilts 45 degrees in both directions, which allows you to cut a hole at an angle or to work on oddly-shaped and irregularly sized objects.

The work lamp provides illumination on the work surface to help prevent mistakes and wastage of materials.

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3. Klutch 2705S058


The Klutch 2705S058 is all you need when you have to drill into wood or metal work pieces. This industrial-grade drill press offers a perfect balance of power, versatility, and accuracy to ensure the timely completion of woodworking and metalworking projects.

The ¾-HP, 120-volt motor drives the spindle to deliver up to 16 speeds according to the type of material being drilled. You can select from 260 to 3.410 RPM to suit project and stock specifications.

This CE-certified machine comes with a vertical stroke of 3 ¼ inches for hassle-free drilling control. The round 11 ⅜ inch work table provides ample support and space to hold the stock in place for precise drilling.

The included gooseneck LED work light makes the work surface brighter for easy sighting of the exact drill point, which also reduces the guesswork. The 13-inch swing allows you to work on a broad stock and drill a hole in its center accurately.

To keep the chuck from getting misplaced, this model ships with a chuck key storage that also keeps the component within easy reach at all times.

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