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Best Hole Saw Kit Reviews

Last Updated: 22.01.22


What are the best hole saw kits in 2022?


If you are interested in getting the best hole saw kit and nothing else, we are here to offer you the right information. According to our research, the model that you should pick from the many available is the DEWALT D180005. You can use this kit for a wide variety of applications, such as plumbing, electrical tasks, and others. Users appreciate the deep cuts they can perform with the help of this tool, as it adds efficiency to their projects. Since this is a kit, it comes along with many extras, such as 11 hole saws, two mandrels of different sizes, and some replacement parts. Should you discover that this model is no longer available, the  DEWALT D180002 is the next logical choice, as it is almost just as good.



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There are projects and applications where the need for perfect round holes appears, and no other tool save for a hole saw can perform such holes. Any passionate DIY-er can tell you that such a tool is indispensable for many different tasks, so, if you are serious about your hobby, you should learn what exactly makes a great hole saw kit.


Purpose and versatility

One of the first things to bear in mind, regardless of whether you want to purchase a cheap hole saw kit or you don’t mind going after a more expensive product, is what you are going to use the hole saw and its accessories for. In many plumbing and electrical tasks, the need for a hole saw appears, but they aren’t the only ones.

Some serve well for door lock installation tasks. That means that a kit can cover well a broad category of DIY projects. If you are unsure what exactly you are going to use the kit for, it is ideal to pick one that offers tremendous versatility. This way, you will know that you are making a sound investment.




If you’re only a weekend warrior and use your tools every once in a while, you might not feel tempted to choose an expensive product. Nonetheless, what we recommend, as well as all the hole saw kit reviews written by consumers and experts alike, is that you get a durable model.

Take a look at the housing. If it is made with durable materials, that is a clear sign that the respective model is built to last. Check the design for backing plates, as these ensure that your power tool will remain in good working order.



What size do you need?

Should you be just a hobbyist in search of a hole saw for projects of small dimensions, you would do well with a small hole saw kit. However, it is crucial to choose a kit over a single hole saw so that you can pick your fights better. Sometimes, you might need to make small circular holes, while other times you would have to work with something bigger. Based on your needs, see what kits offer the degree of versatility needed concerning hole size.


3 Best Hole Saw Kits (Updated Reviews) in 2022



Getting a good hole saw kit is not complicated, but it is not easy, either, since there are plenty of models available. We went through the most popular products and chose the ones that have, so far, managed to convince everyone that they are the real deal.



1. DEWALT D180005


Being a craftsman demands certain sacrifices, such as investing in good quality tools. The DEWALT D180005 is the most indicated choice, due to the extreme versatility it offers.

This 14-piece hole saw kit is ideal for anyone willing to take on projects of different types. If you intend to use your hole saw for plumbing projects, or for electrical tasks, this one is the right choice.

Also, for door-lock installation, this model proves to be reliable. Made by a company with a long-standing tradition in creating power tools, this model is reliable and offers the possibility to work on different projects without a problem.

In the nice case provided with your purchase, you will find 11 hole saws, a small mandrel, a large mandrel, and some replacement parts.

You will feel that no project is too daunting when you have this kit by your side. Built with durability in mind, the model comes with hardened backing plates that prevent damage to the unit.

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2. DEWALT D180002


If you’re looking for an electrician hole saw kit, look no further than this model. Designed with durability in mind, its housing is toughened by backing plates. You will notice many features of this model that you will love.

The tooth and set guide will lend any project you undertake the precision that you want. Furthermore, the M3 steel construction allows you to put pressure on the unit.

The kit contains nine pieces, and it provides you with all the basics for a good performance, regardless of the type of project you intend to undertake.

The replacement parts are a great thing to have, as you will be able to prolong the lifespan of your hole saw kit. The pilot point bits add value to the kit and help you with accuracy.

You will get a door lock kit in the same case; it uses an alignment window, to ensure that you are always precise when you need to drill holes. Ideal for a variety of projects and tasks, the DEWALT D180005 is one of the most popular choices at the moment.

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3. Bosch HB19EL


With so many hole saw kits for sale, you might not find it easy to pick one and be satisfied with your purchase. But, if you select the Bosch HB19EL, you won’t have to worry about having second thoughts. The superior versatility and accuracy of this tool can convince anyone that he or she made the right choice.

You can use this model for any wood and metal tasks, and you will appreciate how quickly the pilot bit snaps into the mandrel, for secure operation. Another thing that must be mentioned that the threaded design avoids the bits getting caught into the mandrel, while the lock design ensures that you will not experience any wobble.

You will get two pilot bits, and a variety of hole saw sizes, chosen based on what the most popular choices are right now. For electrical tasks, this one is exactly what you need. A mandrel and a plastic case also come with your purchase.

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