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Best Hammer Drill for Concrete Reviews

Last Updated: 02.12.20


What are the best hammer drills for concrete in 2020?


Are you in a hurry, but want to learn which is the best hammer drill for concrete? We offer you here, in this short paragraph, the information you need. The model you should pick from the many provided right now is the Ryobi P251, due to its superior performance. We must say first that this model can quickly switch from hammer mode to drilling mode, to driving mode. The 24-position clutch allows you to apply some torque, needed for some small projects. You will love the magnetic bit holder that lets you keep replaceable parts close at hand. Is this model no longer in stock? The next recommendation in line we have for you is the BLACK+DECKER DR670.



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Hammer drills are often preferred to rotary options because they can apply more concentrated power. If, for instance, you need to drill holes through concrete, there are some excellent options on the market to consider. We want to help you get a cheap hammer drill for concrete that also comes with some nice extras and perks to make it worth the investment.



Corded or cordless?

Many people prefer cordless models due to their convenience, but there are many drawbacks to consider, too. For instance, they cannot have the same power as a corded model, which means that larger scale projects cannot be undertaken with ease.

However, we cannot overlook the fact that a cordless model has its advantages. If you need a tool that can serve you on the go, you cannot beat the convenience of a model that doesn’t require a plug nearby.

In the end, if you are interested in getting the tool you need, for the type of projects you plan to undertake, always bear in mind that your preferences matter most.




One thing that you will like to see in a hammer drill for concrete is versatility. There are models on the market that can operate in different modes, be it that they can be used for hammering, drilling, or in driving mode.

We can safely say, and all the reviews of hammer drills for concrete approve, that you will get a better deal for the money if you get such a versatile tool than if you get one that specializes in just one thing.



Other things to bear in mind

It never hurts to have some extras to enjoy when you’re buying a tool that you plan on using for your DIY projects. For instance, a magnetic bit holder comes in handy, because you will not have to stop all the time and search for the right bit to work with.

A good grip is never optional. Since you will be working with a heavy-duty tool, you cannot overlook the importance of being able to hold your machine with a steady hand. It is a matter of safety, and you should always check what other people have to say about the models they picked, to get a feel for how they work and how safe they are.


3 Best Hammer Drills for Concrete (Updated Reviews) in 2020



You will find plenty of models available for sale, so your choice may not be the easiest. We offer here a list of products that are currently very popular among DIY enthusiasts. Their superior performance and decent price are two significant reasons why you should consider them, as well.



1. Ryobi P251 


While looking for a good hammer drill for concrete, you will notice that many people talk about the Ryobi P251. There are plenty of great things to say about this model, but let’s start with the beginning. This machine offers three drilling modes that you can switch to and from, as you see fit.

You can use your tool like a hammer drill, which will help you drill holes through concrete and other types of masonry, without a glitch. If you want to use it only in drilling mode, that is also possible, and you will appreciate how easy it is to make holes in wood or plastic. The last available mode is driving mode, which is useful when you want to drive screws through holes.

Other extras make this tool so popular with DIY-ers. For instance, its 24-position clutch lets you torque your tool so that you can apply more pressure for extra power.

Bear in mind that such a thing is possible only for small delicate tasks. The magnetic bit holder it comes along with is an extra plus.

Buy from






If you need a reliable machine that will help you drill holes through concrete and brick walls, the BLACK+DECKER DR670 is just the right tool for you. You will appreciate the excellent grip the device provides that will let you take advantage of the extra control offered. DIY-ers always like to have a good balance in their tools so that they can use them without too much hassle.

While the machine is powerful, it comes in a compact size, which means that you will be able to use it in cramped places where other tools cannot gain access.

It must also be said that the variable speed trigger will let you decide how to use your machine for various applications.

The keyless chuck allows you to change bits with ease.

Together with the excellent grip it provides, this feature makes this hammer drill a good option for anyone who is looking for a tool that can be used even by a novice.

Buy from for ($74.27)






Powered by a 7-amp motor, this machine offers you the means to complete any drilling application, no matter how tough. You will appreciate its extreme versatility, as this tool will let you drill holes through all kinds of materials, such as metal, concrete, wood, or brick walls. Many buyers like the fact that they can use the dual speed transmission to get the most torque they can for more complex tasks.

You can switch from hammer drill to drill mode, for extra convenience. The components are kept in a cast metal housing that will allow it to dissipate the excess heat produced during use. The manufacturer also built this model with the user’s comfort in mind.

The handle is ergonomic, and using it for extended periods of time will not strain your hands.

Another feature users like about this product is the locking trigger that requires just two fingers to operate. When you need more control, you can use the side handle as extra leverage.

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