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Best Drill under $50 Reviews

Last Updated: 26.05.20


What are the best drills under $50 in 2020?


If you’re short on time and can’t go through many of the budget drill reviews but still want a suggestion for a competent and affordable product, then the following paragraph should fill you in. After looking through what’s available for sale in the under 50 price range, we have concluded that the Porter-Cable PC600D might be your best pick, mainly because of its good specifications, relevant for both drilling and driving applications. The high 2500 RPM speed will prove useful when drilling holes through soft material such as wood or PVC , and the relatively powerful 6.5 Amp motor will provide plenty of torque for fastening screws. Besides this, the PC600D comes with a couple of extra features to make it easier to use. If this is unavailable, we think that the Black+Decker Matrix BDEDMT will provide an interesting alternative.



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There aren’t that many reviews of drills under 50 that stress the product’s resilience and ability to hold under the stress imposed by professional construction work, and that is because they aren’t expected to meet much more than the requirements of an enthusiastic home improver, who might use it for a couple of days a month. You wouldn’t really need anything more expensive for this, and there are some additional things to consider if you want the best bang for your buck.


Cordless vs. corded

We’ll tell you straight out that unless portability is a vital factor, the best budget drill will always be a corded one, although there is no shortage of affordable battery drills out there.

Besides adding a significant amount of weight to the machine, NiCad batteries that generally power cheaper models tend to have a relatively short life and might need a recharge after just 1 or 2 hours of use, while a pluggable model only requires an extension cord to be carried around.

A slightly more important distinction is that corded drills are better performing, since they aren’t limited by the Voltage and Wattage that is put out by the battery, so you will almost always get significantly better specifications out of them when compared to similar cordless models.

This makes them capable of handling heavier tasks, giving you better versatility, which is obviously an important factor if you don’t wish to invest in more than one variety of drill.




As mentioned above, the drill should offer as wide a range of function as possible, so you might want to orient towards middling, ⅜ inch chuck models that are sufficiently adjustable to perform tasks which require high torque as well as those that require high speed.

Since the two are often mutually exclusive, the best drill under 50 should have more than a one-speed setting. Drill driver combos are very popular right now, and they offer precisely this sort of functionality, with multiple clutch positions that can be set for either high torque/low RPM regimes when driving screws, and high RPM for drilling holes.   



Other considerations

Convenience and ease of use should also feature on the list of things to look for. Ergonomics are deceptively vital since you will need good control of the machine to get the job done properly. The handle should fit your hand comfortably (wider ones tend to be bothersome for small-handed people) and be placed close to the drill’s center of gravity for better balance.

Some manufacturers offer additional features, like a lock-on function to keep the chuck speed steady or onboard bit storage so you can change them on the fly.  


3 Best Drills under $50 (Updated Reviews) in 2020



To help you out in making a choice, we’ve showcased some of the best rated affordable drills below. Their good function and high performance made them popular with both casual DIYers and contractors on a budget.   



1. Porter-Cable PC600D


At 2,500 RPM, the PC600D’s 6.5 Amp motor offers plenty of speed for relatively demanding applications like drilling through hardwood or steel.

This shouldn’t make it less suitable as a driver, however, as the speed adjustment setting will slow the ⅜ inch chuck down to offer enough push for fastening long screws.

The speed can be adjusted on the fly by applying different pressure on the trigger, so you’ll be able to better respond to the different demands imposed by uneven material, such as wood.

When the speed needs to be kept constant for a considerable amount of time, a special button will block the clutch, so the user doesn’t accidentally trigger it.

At just 4.3 lbs, the PC600D is relatively light for all the power it provides, and shouldn’t put much strain on your hands through extended use. This, combined with the mid-sized keyless clutch which should accept a wide variety of bits, opens it up to a lot of possible applications.

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2. Black+Decker BDEDMT Matrix


The most remarkable feature of this product, at least as budgetary matters are concerned, is the fact that it’s modular.

You can attach multiple heads to its motor and pistol grip assembly, each one for a particular task. You won’t have to buy a whole other tool when you need an impact driver, for example, but just acquire the appropriate attachment from the manufacturer.

The item we’ve looked at only comes with a versatile drill and driver, with 11 clutch positions, so it’s easy to adapt for optimum control when fastening screws and drilling through various types of material.  

This is connected to a 4.0 Amp motor, which might not seem like much, but it will definitely outperform a 20 V battery powered model, while never running out of juice.

Black+Deckers are often praised for the good degree of comfort their handles provide, even for people with small hands. Coupled with its central positioning and the remarkably low weight for the entire item — just 3.4 pounds — this will make for a drill that’s very easy to operate.

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3. Black+Decker DR260C 


Black+Decker is a name that shouldn’t be absent from any list of affordable power tools since they’ve made themselves famous for offering good value products for use around the house.

From mounting picture frames to building decks, the DR260C should cover all your home improvement needs quite nicely.

While granted, the extension cord might get in your way when assembling furniture, the low weight of just 3.2 lb will make it comfortable to use even for tasks that require a lot of hand movements with no base for support.

Furthermore, the switch that controls the reverse function and the clutch lock setting can be easily reached in single-handed use.

The 5.2 Amp motor will add a lot to its functionality since it gives enough speed and torque to drill holes through metal or fasten screws in hard essence wood. It will also be easy to adapt to the task at hand since the variable speed switch allows for fluid control of the clutch settings.

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