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Best Drill Press for Knife Making Reviews

Last Updated: 07.07.20


What are the best drill presses for knife making in 2020?


We can certainly understand if you don’t have the time to read our guide and product descriptions below, but let this short paragraph give you the necessary information for a wise shopping decision. After having studied the merits of some of the popular products on the market, we have found what many consider to be a great choice as the best drill press for knife making, the Klutch 2705S060. With its ⅝-inch chuck capacity and 1-inch maximum drilling capacity, this model will definitely be able to handle the complex task of making knives. It can bore through tough metal while still being easily controllable via its 6-inch vertical stroke. You can work on the intricate curves of the knife you are creating thanks to the 45-degree table tilt of the power tool that provides a variety of drilling angles. Not being able to find the Klutch 2705S060 because it is out of stock should not cause you to worry since you can still get the second best option, the WEN 4214.



Buying guide


One of the most difficult challenges that a knifemaker might face is finding a quality knife making drill press. The huge range of products on the market can create a lot of confusion in the first-time buyer. Through this buyer’s guide, we hope the process becomes a little less complicated.



Knife making is a task that requires precision. It involves sanding, hole drilling, and polishing. If the drill press is to handle that range of jobs, it has to be equipped with a robust motor. While some people do not really care if they get a floor standing or a benchtop model, their most important consideration is the motor power.

The heavy-duty ones for sale feature a 1.5 HP motor, but you can also get models with a ⅔-HP, ¾-HP or a 1-HP motor. The size of the machine is not really as critical as the size of its motor. That said, look for quality in the motor.



Dependable performance

When comparing all the different models in the best drill press for knife making reviews, pick one that is able to bore a hole into thick steel, so a large maximum drilling capacity is ideal. The best ones offer a ½-inch to 1-inch maximum drilling capacity.

A large swing also enables the machine to handle large pieces of steel from which to cut your knife out or make a large and long one. A larger swing also makes the machine more versatile since you can fashion different knife designs.

The vertical stroke should enable the easy control of the speed travel, which also supports safety.



Versatility and ease of use

A large chuck capacity enables you to use a variety of drill bits so you can find a suitable one for the knifemaking task. This will be difficult if the chuck capacity is too small to allow you to use bigger bits or specialty ones just for the job.

A tilting worktable allows you to work on the various nuances of a well-made knife, such as its curves and edges. The variety of angles the beveling worktable provides is convenient for shaping the knife.

A depth lock allows you to drill to the exact depth every time, which is very important because of the precision work involved in knife making.

The most critical element in a knifemaking drill press in terms of versatility is a variable spin speed. Being stuck with a single spindle speed won’t enable you to use the proper RPM for the various tasks or procedures in knife creation.

Other secondary elements that make the machine easy to use include an integrated chuck key storage that keeps the chuck within easy reach and prevents loss or misplacement.



3 Best Drill Presses for Knife Making (Updated Reviews) in 2020



Some of the consumer favorites in this product category are showcased below. They have the features that customers look for in the best knife making drill press.



1. Klutch 2705S060


This 17-inch floor mount drill press is suitable for drilling metal or wood. It provides the versatility, accuracy, and power needed to handle the intricate task of knife making. The sturdy floor mount base provides ample support to keep the machine steady during the creative process.

The powerful 1.5HP, 120-volt motor drives the drill press to deliver variable speeds that generate 600 to 2,400 RPM. This enables you to choose the exact rotating speed for the drill bit to perform the cutting task. This element also allows you to do the other tasks involved in the knife creation process including sanding and polishing so you can make a product you can be truly proud of.

The head swivels 360 degrees to accommodate a variety of applications.

This is a CE certified drill press with a generous 14×14 work table that handles a large stock. The ⅝-inch chuck size and 1-inch drilling capacity enable the power tool to utilize a variety of bit types and sizes for the task. The gooseneck LED light enables you to work in a variety of lighting conditions.

Buy from for ($649.99)




2. WEN 4214


The WEN 4214 is another top-of-the-line machine from the brand known for producing genuinely powerful tools. Engineered with mechanical variable speeds, this drill press delivers a consistent torque throughout the range so you get clean and smooth functionality as well as the expected results.

To facilitate the operations, the LED readout displays the current running speed. This eliminates the guesswork and enables you to see the critical information at a glance, helping you focus on the delicate task. The 3 1/8 -inch spindle travel provides easy control of the chuck to prevent damaging the surface of the stock.

For accurate and consistent results even during repetitive hole drilling, the drill press features a locking linear depth stop that is also easy to read. Powered by a durable ⅔-HP induction motor, this model also features a 9.5 by 9.5-inch cast iron worktable with a rack-and-pinion height adjustment to accommodate a variety of shapes and sizes of workpieces.

You can perform angled drilling as well thanks to the beveling capability of the worktable. Get up to 17 inches of support for large stock via the table roller extension.

Buy from for ($267.48)




3. Powermatic PM2800B 1792800B


Get a full range of speeds from the Powermatic PM2800B 1792800B, which is engineered with mechanical variable speed to enable you to find the proper one for the application. This power tool simplifies speed changes using no belts. The 6-inch quill travel enables problem-free control with one revolution of the handle to move the stock closer to the chuck with ease.

Thanks to the adjustable fence system, you obtain a precise 90-degree orientation with the worktable while ensuring the speedy alignment of the stock. Repetitive drilling actions are done accurately and quickly because of the adjustable material depth stop.

This model provides ease of use with its digital RPM readout that enables you to simply glance at the speed display to check the rotational velocity without taking your focus away from the operations. To indicate the tool entry point, laser guides are projected onto the surface of the workpiece.

This model features a keyless chuck that facilitates any drill bit changes so you wouldn’t need any additional tools that can easily get misplaced.

The reversible handles mount on either side of the drill press to ensure comfortable task completion based on your needs.

Buy from for ($1599.99)



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