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Best Drill Kit Combo Reviews

Last Updated: 26.10.21


What are the best drill kit combos in 2021?


If you’re interested in finding the best drill kit combo but don’t have the time to check out all the online reviews, then you came to the right place. We’ve taken a look at what the market has to offer and came to the conclusion that the DeWalt DCK281D2 is the drill and driver combo to choose. Both expert reviewers and customers alike appreciated the long running time and resilience offered by its brushless motor coupled with a highly efficient Li-ion battery. The two items also offer good performance for their respective purposes while still light and compact enough to be comfortable to wield for hours on end. If the DeWalt combo is unavailable, a good second option would be the Bosch CLPK22.



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The best drill combo sets should handle all the home improvement tasks your average contractor or DIYer is expected to face. The drill is a highly versatile piece of machinery, used for everything from locking screws into Ikea furniture to drilling holes into masonry, while the impact driver excels at what its “pair” lacks — getting long screws through hard surfaces at high speeds. What are the things to look for in order to ensure that they’ll do a good job?


Battery life and power

Redecorating a home can be very stressful and the last thing you’d want is for the tools prolonging the task by forcing you to wait around until their batteries are fully charged. Manufacturers came to solve this impediment by offering more efficient batteries, with a higher lifespan.

The latest and greatest is the Lithium Ion type, used with the best cordless drill combo kits to offer as much as 40% more battery life compared to older systems. Needless to say, this is what you should look for.

Within certain margins, the battery charge also predicates total power output. Most drills intended for household construction function within the ranges of 12 to 20 V for optimum performance. However, the 20 V models don’t necessarily offer higher specs, since there are a lot of other factors, such as the motor, clutch, and transmission to consider.



Functionality and performance

This is where the drill and driver diverge, as it were. For the drill, both the maximum RPM, which allows it to work fast under low-stress conditions and a high number of clutch settings, which adapts it to jobs that require more torque, are important.  

The maximum torque is the definite spec for an impact driver and it’s expressed in pounds per feet. The higher the value, the harder the task it will be able to perform without its motor failing.

Durability, or how long they will be able to handle high-stress tasks without failure is also an important factor to consider for both tools. Most premium manufacturers take great care to include some fail-safes with their products but don’t expect to get the same from more affordable models.



Ease of use

For home improvement applications, power tools should be light and compact, since you’ll often need to reach tight spaces from uncomfortable angles. One handed use should be a given, as well as features like an integrated LED light, that would cancel the need for an additional tool to be used.



3 Best Drill Kit Combos (Updated Reviews) in 2021


After consulting a high number of drill kit combo reviews from what’s currently available for sale, we found a couple of models to be especially worthy of attention. These are showcased below.



1. DeWalt DCK281D2


DeWalt combines heavy-duty function with great battery life and ease of use in this top rated model.

It features one of the innovations this premium manufacturer is known for, namely the brushless motor for power tools, which is claimed to give it a runtime that’s over half as long as that of a brushed model.  

While this hasn’t been confirmed by independent testers, most customers do find the 2Ah battery to last for a surprisingly long time. Expectedly for the price range, the two units run on a Li-ion battery each, which provides for a slower draining time, both in use and while idling.

Another remarkable feature is the drill’s compact design. This gives it good balance in the hand, especially for a powerful 20 V model and makes it easy to fit in hard to reach, tight places.

This characteristic is further enhanced by the three integrated LEDs, which provide significantly more lighting than most other models available at the moment.  

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2. Bosch CLPK22-120


At only around two pounds in weight for each piece and a remarkably compact design, this Bosch combo shines when it comes to handling. You won’t have any problem moving the 4.2 inches “snub-nosed” drill through tight spaces or maintaining leverage while holding it over your head.

With two distinct speeds for its clutch and no less than 20 settings, it should adapt well to any job you have in mind, from driving screws through light plate metal to swiftly drilling holes into porous masonry.

At 12 V for both pieces, this combo can be said to be mid-ranged in regards to power, but the chuck on the drill can rotate up to 1,300 times per minute in the highest setting and put out a respectable 265 In-lbs of torque at lower RPMs.

The impact driver delivers as much as 930 In-lbs under high load and a maximum of 3,100 RPM in low-stress conditions.

Battery life is specified at around six hours and a charger for both 12 and 20 V is included in the package.

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3. Black & Decker BD2KITCDDI


The name Black & Decker might not be as hard hitting as DeWalt or Bosch but one thing they are known for is offering great value for a reasonable price. This 20V drill and impact driver combo makes no exception.

It offers some of the features you’ll find on a pricier model, like a long-lasting Li-Ion battery under high (20 V) voltage for good overall specifications. The drill has 11 clutch settings so it can drive a wide variety of screws into various materials at a maximum speed of 650 RPM.

The impact driver offers as much as 1375 in-lbs of torque, which will let you drive ½” Inch holes through a ¾” stock of pinewood without even tiring the motor (customer tested)

However, being an affordable product, this Black & Decker probably won’t stand to the constant punishment imposed by a professional contractor’s working schedule, but the comfortable grip and relatively low weight make it ideal for casual use around the house.  

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