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Best Drill Impact Driver Combo Reviews

Last Updated: 25.05.20


What are the best drill and impact driver combos in 2020?


If you’re not particularly interested in going through scores of drill impact driver combo reviews and just want to get a quick suggestion for a product to consider, we would recommend you look for the Bosch CLPK232-181 Combo. This set features the high-quality DDS181-02 drill with a compact frame and a highly versatile two-settings electric motor that allows both high torque screwdriving and high RPM drilling. The impact driver works at even higher cycles and can deliver up to 1,500 in.-lbs of torque. Both their motors are cell protected, which makes for great reliability since this aspect prevents overheating and smoking. If the Bosch Combo is outside the price range you set for yourself, then we believe the Black & Decker BD2KITCDDI will make a viable alternative.



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Cordless drills have been a part of the DIY-ers toolkit for quite some time, and are extremely popular due to their flexibility. But recently, a complementary tool can be purchased along with it, the impact driver. Good drill impact driver combos can be acquired today from almost any power tool manufacturer, but there are some things to consider in order to assure for the best purchase.



What does each do?

A cordless drill/driver has a great range of uses. Its keyless chuck can range from ⅜ of an inch to ½ inches in diameter and accepts a wide variety of bits, both for drilling holes and driving screws. However, if you want to drive a screw through a hardwood surface, you’re going to have to put some muscle into it.

By contrast, the impact driver only does one thing: drives screws and fasteners by using both the rotation of the bit and sheer concussive force. It does this particularly well, however, and can easily handle jobs that would leave a cordless drill overheated and fuming.




The best drill impact driver combo should feature a drill that’s highly adaptable, with high speed and torque ranges under multiple clutch settings, together with an impact driver that delivers a high amount of torque (turning power).

For impact drivers, torque is measured in inches per pound of weight, while the turning speed of the head is measured in RPM for both tools. Higher RPMs are useful when drilling through soft or grainy surfaces but generally limit torque when the surface you are trying to drive a screw through puts out any significant amount of resistance.

The overall power output of the tool is measured in Volts, but this can often be misleading, and it’s mostly useful to get an idea of the overall range of function for a particular unit.



Convenience and ease of use

Consider that the drill shouldn’t be so heavy as to tire your hand with extended use, or that you might have to employ it one-handed when working in tight spots. The size of the grip is surprisingly important, with most manufacturers opting for intermediate sizes to adequately suite both men and women.

Otherwise, look that the product has such nifty features as a battery gage or its own LED light. Also consider battery life, protection against overheating and if the product comes with its own charger.



3 Best Drill Impact Driver Combos (Updated Reviews) in 2020


After checking out a high number of drill impact drivers reviews, we’ve found the following products to have received the most praise, both for high quality and good value.



1. Bosch CLPK232-181


This Bosch combo packs a surprising amount of punch in a compact and easy to use package. Both the drill and impact driver are limited in size and are advertised as the shortest nosed tools of this type in their class.

This will allow them to fit in otherwise hard to reach spaces for construction and home improvement work.

The clutch on the drill works under two main regimes, one for high torque from 0-500 RPM, and one that goes to 1,700 RPM for fast drilling. There are 18+1 adjustable settings for both, which will ensure great adaptability and versatility.

The driver delivers up to 1,500 in.-lbs in torque at 2,800 maximum RPM and 3,200 BPM, which makes it suitable for professional contracting work, as well as driving screws through pressure treated planks of wood around the house.

To prevent overloading and overheating during heavy-duty work, the motors on both tools are cell protected and open-frame.

Buy from for ($189.5)




2. Black & Decker BD2KITCDDI


This Black & Decker combo is more than adequate for DIY jobs around the house and doesn’t come at a cost that will make you consider starting a contracting business to make it worthwhile.  

At 20 V it should deliver plenty of power for its drill to get through masonry or hard wood material.

As for specifications, the impact driver is rated at 1375 in-lbs of maximum torque and works in ranges between 0-3000 RPM and 0-3900 BPM, while the drill achieves a maximum of 650 RPM in its highest clutch setting (out of 11).

Customers find that its weight and ergonomy makes it easy to use by smaller people, who would otherwise experience problems in getting a good hold on a wider grip. The product also features an LED working light, for extra functionality when employing it in poorly lit places.  

The battery life is reported to be good, long enough to handle multiple jobs with one charge, and it can hold its charge for at least five months when not in use. However, there is only one battery provided for both tools in the initial pack.

Buy from for ($81.8)




3. Porter-Cable PCCK604L2


Another 20V combo drill and driver, this Porter-Cable package delivers both great adaptability for heavy-duty domestic jobs and the ability to handle any type of woodwork without professional help.

With its 1,450 in-lbs of maximum torque, the PCC641 will drive screws into the highest essence wood with little effort.

It works up to a maximum range of 2,800 RPM and 3,100 BPM which makes it fast enough to finish difficult jobs in a couple of minutes.

Both the driver and drill come with their own LED lights for dark work surfaces and are compact enough to be used in tight areas. The customers who wrote extensive reviews of this combo found them easy to wield and well balanced.  

Battery life while in use is specified by the manufacturer as anywhere between 65 and 200 minutes, but the battery can be left in the charger even while in use, so this should give a significant boost to those figures.

Buy from for ($117.99)