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Best Drill for the Money Reviews

Last Updated: 26.10.21


What are the best drills for the money in 2021?


If you’re looking for the best drill for the money and don’t want to waste too much of your time in selecting one, then you came to the right place. After going through the best drill reviews, we could find we came to the conclusion that the Black & Decker GCO18SFB is the product you might want to give the greatest consideration. As a battery operated, mid power range, cordless model it is very convenient and fit for use by casual DYIers. It also features an integrated stud finder to avoid potential accidents with inexperienced users. If you’re interested in something more powerful, then the SKIL 6335-02 would be our first suggestion.



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You might not be looking for the best drill on the market, but there’s enough variety when it comes to affordable products for sale to give you a bit of a headache in choosing the right one. Goes without saying, but besides going easy on your wallet the machine must also fit the task you have in mind, or be as versatile as possible to ensure that the money spent will also be put to a lot of good use. If you’re a neophyte when it comes to power tools, then the first thing you should know is what item does what.

The cordless drill…

Since we’ve mentioned versatility the type of item that most readily fits the term is the cordless drill and screwdriver combo. Ranging in power from around 5 to 20 V — yes, you measure power by the maximum charge when a battery is present — they are good at drilling holes through most soft building material commonly employed in building a house and driving short screws through the same.

Weight and ease of use are big factors when choosing one since it can be made pretty light and comfortable due to relatively low-performance demands. Also having a lot of speed would be nice, if you expect to be using it for lots of low-intensity jobs on soft masonry. This is measured in RPM, or revolutions per minute, which is pretty self-explanatory.



…and its battery

For long duration jobs, battery life will be something to consider, with the Li-Ion offering the best specs but the NiCAD coming out on top in regards to affordability, especially if there is a charger included in the pack since some models can operate while being charged.  

Honestly, a workhorse no household should go without, this will most likely offer a lot of value through use.



The corded drill

This is generally heavier and more powerful than the battery-powered variety but not necessarily so. The absence of a battery will cut down on the buying and operating cost (you won’t have to purchase additional batteries) but it won’t really be practical without an extension cord that you can trip on.

Motor power is indicated by amps, and upper-end models are good enough to drill through dense masonry and even concrete walls. Otherwise, it offers similar versatility to its more portable cousin, with a clutch to adapt its speed and torque to anything from driving a screw through soft plastic to putting a hole through hard essence wood.



3 Best Drills for the Money (Updated Reviews) in 2021


If you still have trouble deciding on a good drill for the money then allow us to make a few suggestions for some products we found to fill the “best buy” column of online reviews.



1. Black & Decker GCO18SFB


Black & Decker made itself synonymous with “good value for the money” throughout the power tooling world and that particular phrase gets repeated by satisfied customers more than one could readily count.

The GCO18SFB won’t entice you to write home praising its performance, but it will offer all the functionality a casual handyman requires from such a machine. It has a good enough NiCAD 18V battery with a charger included in the package, together with a stud finder and a carry bag.

The finder will prove invaluable to inexperienced users, which coupled with it being fairly easy to handle by a comfortable grip suited to hands of all sizes, would make it a great first electric drill for anybody.

It’s versatile enough with a 24-position clutch to give good control at speeds of up to 750RPM, but you won’t find it that easy to hold it with one hand for long since at 5.4 lb, this item isn’t particularly light for its class.

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2. SKIL 6335-02


For medium to heavy-duty jobs, you can’t do much better than the SKIL 6335-02 on a tight budget. It’s reported to be powerful enough to drill through hard Florida concrete, which is what you should expect from a corded model with a 7 amp electrical motor.

Since you won’t have to carry a heavy battery around, the bare machine weighs in at just 5.6 pounds, which gives it a pretty good power to weight ratio. Due to its length, however, it’s not really suitable for one-handed use, but it features an adjustable side handle that can be placed at any angle.

It also features a variable speed trigger to give you the best control for a wide variety of tasks and a leveler at the top of its hard plastic casing to make it easier to drill straight holes.

Most customers positively remarked on its handling characteristics so it should be fairly comfortable to use, even for those unfamiliar with this type of tool.

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3. Black & Decker BDEDMT Matrix AC


Modularity is the name of the game for this Black & Decker model, with it being able to adapt to a number of different drilling heads to its pistol grip and motor assembly. You’ll get two attachments included in the package, namely a traditional drill and an impact driver to complement it, but there are a lot more of them available from the manufacturer.

This feature has the potential to be a great money saver since you won’t have to buy a whole different tool to handle a particular job, but just mount the appropriate attachment to the motor you already own.

As we haven’t covered the impact driver above, we should mention that this tool uses both rotation and kinetic impulse to drive long screws at high speed through a high-density material, such as thick, strong wood. They are most often used for outdoor construction projects, like decks or sheds.

The item is corded, which makes it light and inexpensive, but it’s in a whole different power class than the SKIL we featured, at only four amps of power for the engine.

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