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Best DeWalt Hammer Drill Reviews

Last Updated: 26.10.21


What are the best DeWalt hammer drills in 2021?


If you’ve already decided upon a DeWalt hammer drill for your purchase but don’t have the time of inclination to browse through their vast product list, then the following short paragraph will provide you with the quick suggestion you might be after. After going through scores of DeWalt hammer drill reviews, we found the DeWalt DW511 to be the most popular product from their current line-up. It’s a corded hammer drill, so it will provide you with a lot of power without adding the weight and price of a battery to the deal. Extremely versatile, it will go through light concrete walls with ease while still comfortable enough to use for common drilling applications on wood and steel. If the portability provided by a cordless model is something you can’t do without, then the DeWalt DCD985B will make a good pick.



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The best DeWalt drill for your needs is not necessarily the one with the best specifications since, like any other item out there, these should be adapted to the task. A piston-powered hammer drill, for example, will often prove too cumbersome to use for minor applications around the house, requiring a more generalist power tool be bought and more money spent. With this in mind, what are some of the things to look for when buying a good Dewalt hammer drill?


Specifications and the “unit watts out” measurement

The rotation speed of the chuck is important for all sorts of applications, but higher values in this regard are considered primarily important when boring holes through softer or more porous material, that doesn’t offer much resistance to the bit. This is measured in RPM, or revolutions per minute and a value of about 3000 should prove plenty nearly all tasks you’ll encounter when working on a house.

Torque, usually measured in in/lbs will be useful when drilling or driving screws through harder surfaces since it refers to how effective the drill bit will be at pushing material out of the way. Torque is usually inversely correlated with speed, so it’s not always easy to specify in the case of drills with multiple speed settings.

That’s why DeWalt and a few other manufacturers use a general metric called Unit Watts Out (UWO) to let you know how much power will be delivered to the bit regardless of the speed settings. The UWO value can be used for an estimation of the two discussed above.




A hammer drill already offers an additional function over a regular model, by adding in concussive force through its spinning disks, which makes it easier to use on masonry. But there are a couple of other features which greatly increase its range of potential uses.

More generalist models can have a 2 or 3-speed gearbox to adapt it more effectively to any given task. Hammer drills can also offer a number of modes of operation, depending on whether or not the percussive mechanism is activated.




A lot of home users prefer battery powered models for their great portability and their independence of an outside power source. This should definitely be considered since it will increase your range of operation outside the limits of an extension cord and will also allow for the drill to be used with the power off.

Otherwise, special LED lights, a compact frame, multiple speed settings, and an adjustable grip for easy handling are all things to look at for potentially making the job easier.


3 Best DeWalt Hammer Drills (Updated Reviews) in 2021



Choosing the best hammer drill by DeWalt might not be the easiest job in their wide range of products. That’s why we’ve taken a look through some reviews of hammer drills from what DeWalt has for sale and highlighted some of the better ones for your consideration.



1. DeWalt DW511


Although battery technology has advanced in strides, you still can beat a corded hammer drill when it comes to power.

The 7.8 Amp motor of the DW511 can generate as much as 650 Watts power out while still small enough to keep the unit at under 4.5 lbs so that you’ll be able to use that power for extended periods of time without tiring.

With the hammer function on, the DW511 can bore 3/8-inch holes through concrete at up to 46,000 blows per minute, but there’s also the possibility of using it as a regular drill, in which case the chuck might reach speeds as high as 2,700 RPM.

This is more than enough for the vast majority of domestic applications, for which you can adjust the speed by the trigger (not the same thing as a 3-speed transmission) while the 360 degrees rotating handle will offer ample grip.


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2. DeWalt DCD985B


This is a highly versatile battery-operated model that can be operated from anywhere without the hassle of setting up a power cable.

Despite the fact that it uses a Li-Ion battery, the DCD985B weighs effectively the same as its corded cousin, but the body is significantly more compact, to better fit in tight spaces.

This ability is further facilitated by the presence of an LED light, which isn’t so remarkable into itself, but this one has a 20-second delay, so the lights won’t just go out when the machine is in use if you accidentally switch it off.

It won’t really compete with the DW511 in terms of power since its 20 V fed motor only generates 450 UWO, but it can be effectively adapted for a variety of tasks, as it has a 3-speed transmission and 21 different speed settings.


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3. DeWalt DCD996B


The most expensive of the drills covered, the DCD996B can be seen as a premium version of the 985, and it has a couple of extra features to justify the price.

First, it uses a 5.0 Ah Li-Ion battery, which gives it significantly better charge retention, both when idle and in use.

This is further supplemented by the presence of two such batteries in the pack, which gives you the possibility of continuously keeping one of them in the charger, so the work won’t need to stop as the battery begins to dry out.

Another thing it’s got over the 985 is a brushless motor, which is significantly more energy efficient than a traditional layout and also more resilient since it will take longer to wear out due to less internal friction.

The LED light is further improved with the addition of 3 distinct working modes, including spotlight.


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