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Best Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill Reviews

Last Updated: 05.06.20


What are the best cordless rotary hammers in 2020?


Are you here for the best cordless rotary hammer, but you’re too much in a hurry to read the entire research offered below? We have here everything you need so that you can make an informed decision. Our study points out that the Makita XRH01Z is the product that you should consider first. Its brushless motor offers maximum efficiency, so you can expect a single charge of battery to last longer than what you are used to when using cordless tools. This aspect is crucial because it also prolongs the lifespan of the motor, and provides the device with extra durability. Users love its compact design that allows them to reach cramped places and operate different tasks with ease. If this model is no longer in stock, feel free to consider the Makita XRH06ZB as your second best alternative.



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Buying guide


While shopping for a good cordless rotary hammer, there are a few important aspects to bear in mind. We put them together to make your job easier when you need to compare different models, and you cannot tell which one is better. Using the following advice will help you get a more than decent tool for your DIY projects.


A few things you should know about batteries

Since we’re focused on providing you with information about cordless models, in particular, let’s take a look first at what kind of batteries power these tools. Lithium-Ion batteries are pretty standard right now because they can withstand recharging after recharging without breaking down.

However, even if it looks like this is not an aspect to pay much attention to since most cordless tools today use Li-Ion, there are some differences to consider. For instance, you will have to choose between 18V models and 36V models. The latter may seem like the logical choice, as it packs more power than the first, but if you don’t plan any heavy-duty operations, you should be fine with an 18V model just as well.

Amperage hours are crucial, too. A 4Ah model will last longer, as expected, but it will take a longer time to charge when compared to a 3Ah model. You should decide which of the two should be considered more important. Also, if you plan to buy a cheap cordless rotary hammer, you should not expect superior amperage hour value in its battery.



How many operation modes are available?

It may not sound like such an important aspect if you only plan to so the same kind of work over and over again, but having multiple operation modes on your device will allow you to expand your horizons as a DIY-er and get involved in different types of projects.

Some models can offer up to three operation modes. These can be used as a drill only, a hammer only, or as a hammer drill. Depending on what you plan to do with it, you can choose any configuration.



Comfortable use

Don’t forget that you may end up using your cordless rotary hammer for extended periods of time. That means that you should get a model that does not strain your hands, by being too heavy. At the same time, don’t compromise performance by getting a model that is too lightweight.


3 Best Cordless Rotary Hammer Drills (Updated Reviews) in 2020



The products listed below are the most popular at the moment, and for all the right reasons. Offering outstanding performance and excellent value for the price, they are your best bet if you want to get a superior product.



1. Makita XRH01Z 


Among the many models available for sale, the Makita XRH01Z stands out by offering excellent features and performance. Its brushless motor makes energy consumption very efficient, and you will know you are getting a good deal for your money, as the tool is durable and can serve you for many years to come.

The brushless motor is so efficient that each recharge of the battery will offer 50% more run time than what other models can provide. Another thing that users highly appreciate about this model is that it is compact and can be used for working in cramped areas. It weighs 7.2 pounds, so it is not difficult to manipulate at all.

The 18V model offers enough power for most tasks, so you don’t have to spend more money on one that comes with a higher voltage unless you get involved in some heavy-duty tasks that require the use of proper tools.

The 2 joules of impact energy are enough for most operations and applications, and you will be more than pleased with what this tool can do.



The efficient brushless motor of this tool is electronically controlled to optimize battery use and run for up to 50% longer with a single charge.

Also, the powerful motor eliminates carbon brushes, which means it will run cooler and more efficiently to prolong lifespan. 

Unlike other similar products in the field, this rotary hammer boasts a compact and ergonomic design, weighing just 7.2 pounds with the battery. As a result, it is easy-to-use, convenient, and comfortable to handle, and will reduce hand fatigue when used for longer hours. 

The large rubberized handle ensures comfortable maneuvers, reduces fatigue, and absorbs extra moisture, delivering an excellent grip to prevent slipping and accidents. 



Although it is delivered with a case to protect the hammer from wear and shocks, the HEPA filter doesn’t fit in it, so we suggest looking for an additional, sturdier case to store the product and all its accessories.  

Buy from for ($264.95)




2. Makita XRH06ZB 


You will appreciate having this rotary hammer as your companion when you need to work in cramped places. Due to its small size, and overall ergonomic design, this tool should be your choice when the areas where you’re supposed to carry your drilling tasks are not ideal for using bigger tools. The weight of the model, without the battery, is 4.6 pounds, but users report that even with the battery, the rotary hammer remains lightweight, compared to other models available.

It always matters what a tool can do. This one comes equipped with a brushless motor that prolongs battery life, and also ensures that the overall unit is durable and can withstand some wear and tear. The maximum speed it can reach is 680 rpm, while its hammering capabilities go as high as 800 bpm. It is capable of developing 1.2 joules of impact energy. That will help you drill at a fast pace, without fail.

Comfort is paramount when using power tools, and it is a great thing that this model offers some extras. For instance, the handle is designed to absorb vibrations when working. Because it moves independently from the rest of the unit, it supplies excellent comfort, and that is not something easy to overlook. Lightweight and cordless, it is a unit that you will use with ease.



The brushless motor is capable of developing speeds up to 680 rpm, and its capacity as a hammer is also excellent, along with the impact energy delivered to help you drill fast.

Many DIY-ers appreciate the ergonomic design that makes it easy to carry around and use for various projects without any problems.

You will be impressed with how little this model weighs; at only 4.6 pounds, it is among the lightest available, and it’s a feature that contributes to your comfort during drilling operations.

One thing you may like to know is that the handle provides some vibration absorption capabilities, to ensure that you can use your tool without experiencing discomfort.

Your tool will adjust to the demands of your project so that you don’t have to use more energy than usual.



There is something that buyers should bear in mind: this tool is designed to be lightweight and compact, so it cannot develop enough power for heavy-duty applications.

It comes without a battery or charger, so these items must be purchased separately.

Buy from for ($205.85)




3. Ryobi P222 


The central aspect that makes this model stand out from the crowd is its 3-mode selector. If you are looking for a versatile tool that can handle a wide range of applications without a glitch, you will be more than pleased with this one. It can be used as a rotary hammer, as a rotary drill, or just for chiseling.

You might not be used to a power tool like this one to come equipped with many extras, so it is a pleasant surprise to see what features are offered. For instance, the model has a LED light that serves for improving visibility in the area you are working on. Especially when you need to deal with cramped places, this feature can be handy.

The tool can drill holes through the most robust materials available, so you will not be restrained in the range of applications you want to use it for.

This compact rotary hammer works with a rechargeable battery, but bear in mind that this is not included with your purchase. You will also have to buy the charger separately.



Versatile and easy to handle, this tool represents an excellent choice for DIY-ers who want a powerful product suitable to handle most of their drilling tasks around the house. 

Unlike other models, the Ryobi P222 features a LED light that makes it more useful so that you can perfectly light the area where you work. The light comes in handy especially when you’re working in cramped spaces, in garages or basements. 

For more power and efficient battery use, we recommend the 4AH batteries, especially if you plan on drilling holes into concrete walls or brick. 

The rubberized ergonomic handle provides excellent grip and reduces hand fatigue when operating the tool for a longer time. Moreover, it will absorb extra moisture, and keep your hands cool and dry, no matter the temperatures outside or in the place you’re working. 



As we previously mentioned, this tool can handle most household drilling tasks but you shouldn’t expect industrial-use power or durability. 

Buy from for ($93.77)