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Best Corded Rotary Hammer Drill Reviews

Last Updated: 22.01.22


What are the best corded rotary hammer drills in 2022?


If you are interested in getting the best corded rotary hammer drill, but your schedule is packed enough as it is to allow you to spare a few minutes to read our complete buying guide, here is what you need to know. According to our study, the Makita HR2641 should be on top of your list. Its 8-amp motor provides the power you need for medium to heavy-duty applications without a problem, so you will love how readily it is up to any challenge. Your comfort is important, and this manufacturer knows it, as it employs the Anti-Vibration technology on this model. The tool hook is a nice touch and allows you to store the tool safely when not in use. Should this model be out of stock, we suggest getting the Hilti 228061, instead.



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Your rotary hammer drill must offer you the means to tackle various tasks without a problem, and, if it is a corded model, like the kind we are talking about here, it must offer sufficient power to deal with the most challenging applications. Here are the most important aspects to bear in mind.



Amps and joules

When you read the specs on any rotary hammer drill, you will notice that the manufacturer talks about the power developed by the motor, expressed in amps, as well as about impact energy, which is shown in joules. The two are correlated, as you might already suspect, and if you can get a device that is not too heavy, while still equipped with a reliable motor, then you are set.

A good corded rotary hammer drill must have a powerful motor, and there is no way around this aspect. However, this doesn’t mean that you should go and purchase the most expensive model there is, just because it has the most powerful motor you can find.

The type of applications you need your tool for has a lot to say in this respect. You need to find your sweet spot and strike a balance between pricing and power. The impact energy tells you what kind of tool you will get to drill holes through walls, and it is what makes such a device a rotary hammer, and not just a regular drill.



Never settle for a difficult to use design

Ergonomics are essential, as many reviews of corded rotary hammer drills can tell you. If the machine you get does not offer a comfortable grip, you will feel fatigue after a few hours spent using it. To avoid experiencing strain, you need a rotary hammer drill with an ergonomic handle.

Also, if vibration-reducing technologies are used, you will enjoy an even better experience. The model should be lightweight enough to manipulate with ease, and overall, provide you with the means to see about your tasks without too much hassle.



Is there a mode switch?

While such a tool can be used in a wide range of applications, it never hurts to learn if there are multiple modes available. Some people prefer having a specialized device, but a rotary hammer drill can be more than that. There are models offering three working modes, and they are very popular.


3 Best Corded Rotary Hammer Drills (Updated Reviews) in 2022



To get the right tool for your DIY projects, or other tasks, you need to look around at what’s available. However, we know how difficult it can be to pick just one from the plethora of products available, which is why we offer here the most popular corded rotary hammer drills to choose from.



1. Makita HR2641 


You can expect a lot of good things from this tool. Its 8-amp motor develops 2.9 joules of impact energy, which means that you will not have any trouble getting the necessary power to drill holes through any material. A remarkable number of extra features are available, to make this tool an even more attractive deal.

For instance, the model comes with the Anti-Vibration Technology that creates a counterbalance inside the machine to reduce the normal vibrations that occur during use. A damper string is in charge of absorbing the vibrations caused by drilling, and you experience less discomfort.

A function selector allows you to switch between different modes, and you will also appreciate the tool hook that lets you store the device away when you’re not using it.

The Makita HR2641 is an excellent tool for anyone looking for a rotary hammer drill that gets the job done while providing some nice extras in the same package.

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2. Hilti 228061 


Comfort is paramount when you’re using a power tool, and this rotary hammer drill is no exception to the rule. The D-grip on this model makes it ideal for prolonged usage, and, as a DIY-er, you will surely appreciate being able to use your tool without a glitch and without straining your hands.

When you purchase a power tool, you want to know that you’re making a sound investment. There is nothing to worry about if you opt for this model. Engineered to last, it is highly reliable and expected to have a long lifespan. A lot of people agree that the investment in this particular tool is worth it.

Another thing you will surely love about this tool is that it goes through concrete with ease. While it is recommended for chiseling work and creating small openings in masonry and concrete, it appears to be even more powerful than the manufacturer gives it credit. Many buyers say that they are pleasantly surprised with how easily this tool works.

If we’re talking power, this model comes with a 6.26-amp motor. The maximum speed that can be achieved is 740 rpm, while the impact performance goes as far as 4,200 bpm.



The D-grip design helps with the ergonomics of this model, and you will be able to use it for hours without experiencing any discomfort.

You can rest assured that this model is a significant investment, as it is engineered with durability and a long lifespan in mind.

While you can use it for concrete chiseling jobs, this model is capable of drilling through both wood and steel, which makes it versatile and a great value for the money.

The 6.26-amp motor is powerful and capable of developing a lot of impact energy, which is precisely what you need from this type of tool.

Another thing that counts toward the versatility of this unit is the fact that it comes with a forward and reverse switch.



Be aware of the drill bits you are using, as, according to some buyers, you might experience some bogging down with your machine, if you aren’t careful. The same people say that they do not usually experience such problems, and it may be the fault of the drill bits used. As usual, the best recommendation is to use good quality accessories.

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3. Hiltex 10504 


Among the many tools for sale, you will find the Hiltex 10504, a model that offers excellent performance, and, in particular, outstanding versatility. To make things clear right from the start, this model is practically three tools in one. You can use it as a hammer drill that is ideal for masonry work, and it can break through concrete.

As a chiseling tool, it does a wonderful job, but you can use it only as a drill if all you need to do is drill some holes in walls.

The depth stop feature is a nice touch, and it prevents the tool from getting damaged during operation. You can use it to drill through concrete and steel, as its robust construction allows it.

The auxiliary handle it comes along with can be rotated and locked in place for maximum precision.

The spring-loaded chuck is easy to use, and you will also get a six-foot cord that will allow you to move around with your tool without being hindered.

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