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Best Benchtop Drill Press for Metal Reviews

Last Updated: 09.12.21


What are the best benchtop drill presses for metal in 2021?


If you don’t have time to read our buying guide but really want to find the best benchtop drill press for metal, this short paragraph should provide what you need. After extensive product research and comparison, we have found what we believe is the number one product on the market, the WEN 4212. Perfect for those seeking to do more in the workshop, this machine comes with an infinitely variable speed range that enables you to work on a wide variety of materials and applications. For effortless use and operations, this drill press features a LED readout display so you know in a glance if you have the proper settings. The adjustable depth stop is also easy to read, which allows precise and repeatable drilling operations. If the WEN 4212 is unavailable, you could get the second best option, the Shop Fox W1668.



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With a drill press, you get power and accuracy that can’t be matched by a handheld drill, especially when you have to bore a series of holes with a uniform pattern. The drill press has been one of the most ubiquitous pieces of equipment in any DIY shop or garage. Amidst all the brands and models, which one is truly the best drill press for metal in 2021?



Offers versatility for a dependable performance

Being a power tool, a good drill press for metal should give you the stamina to bore holes through various types of materials with ease. If you have to drill large holes through tough material, you want a machine that features high horsepower. Look for machines equipped with at least ¾ HP motors or greater.

Using the drill press for metalwork as well as woodwork makes it essential that it be equipped with multiple spin speeds to suit the application. The lower speeds are perfect for metal work while the high and medium speeds are for wood. A versatile machine runs between at least 250 to 4,000 RPM and even when you have to drill through a 20-inch workpiece, is able to provide the stamina needed for some serious hole cutting through thick stock. It should handle the most typical projects to the more difficult ones without a hitch.



Offers easy control and use

To manage the depth of the hole you drill, you want the machine to have an effective depth stop feature. A depth adjustment gauge lets you drill holes to the same distance to eliminate guesswork and ensure precision. You should be able to easily control the distance the bit descends through the material, which is very important for repeated boring and consistency of results. Some models offer an easy-stop feature that prevents material wastage. With an adjustable motor bracket support, the motor is sturdily supported while still being movable for effortless belt tensioning capability.



Comes with good construction for years of use

You want a machine with premium quality construction to ensure long tool life and dependable precision functionality. Ribbed bases and tables let you carry out precision work. To hold large stock, the base should have a flat surface. Accurate work is also assured with a table that is ground flat. A slotted table and base will enable easy clamping of the stock and can also accommodate easy and safe attachment of fences to the drill press table. To ensure trouble-free adaptation of the worktable to various drilling situations such as angled drilling, it should be tiltable or adjustable. A cast iron head offers reliable support and protection for the drill’s essential components including the pinion, shaft and motor. A drill press clamp keeps the stock in place while working.


3 Best Benchtop Drill Presses for Metal (Updated Reviews) in 2021



When looking at the different products in the best drill press for metal work reviews, you should check out every machine’s capabilities and limitations to ensure you are getting genuine value for money. We urge you to look at the information presented in the above buying guide to help you make an easier shopping decision. We have also showcased the best products below to help you enjoy a smoother shopping journey.



1. WEN 4212


1-wen-4212The WEN 4212 offers a dependable ten-inch swing that enables it to handle large pieces of stock easily. It offers variable speeds complemented by the laser centering device to ensure accuracy when handling different types of material for a variety of applications.

This model boasts features that can be found in industrial type models, which enables it to drill through various types of materials including wood and metal, among many others.

Offering a maximum drilling capacity of ⅝ inch in 1-inch thick cast iron, this drill press lets you set it to the exact speed between 530 and 3100 RPM, perfect for any project.

Speed adjustment is carried out through the simple movement of a lever, with no pulleys or belts to replace or change.

Get the same torque and power through the entire speed range with the machine’s mechanical variable speed. The LED-powered digital readout shows you the operating speed to eliminate the guesswork and increase your productivity.

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2. Shop Fox W1668


2-shop-fox-w1668The Shop Fox W1668 is a 12-speed machine designed to be versatile enough for handling a variety of functionalities. It doubles as an oscillating sander for reliable contour sanding.

The machine offers more than enough power, speeds and capacity to handle even heavy use. The clearance hole accommodates sanding functionality. The dust collection port ensures less messy sanding projects. This model comes with a ¾-inch drilling capacity in steel so you can tackle nearly any drilling job.

The table tilts 90 degrees left and right to enable the machine to handle angled drilling or large and irregularly shaped workpieces. It also moves out of the way so you can use the machine as a base when sanding or drilling various sizes of stock. The included sanding drums provide increased versatility together with the oscillating spindle.

Outfitted with a ¾ HP motor, this unit offers variable spindle speeds ranging from 250 to 3050 RPM so it can handle a variety of drilling applications. The ⅝-inch chuck increases versatility further by accommodating smaller size chucks for different projects.

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3. Ainfox AIFDP85Z


3-ainfox-aifdp85zEasy to assemble, the Ainfox AIFDP85Z comes with a laser feature for precise drilling operations. Boasting quiet operations, the machine is equipped with an adjustable depth stop to handle repetitive drilling with accurate hole clearance for hassle-free operations and reliable alignment of holes.

The five spindle speeds let you set the machine to the desired setting so you can handle a variety of applications, increasing your versatility and productivity in your shop.

You can work on wood, metal and other materials with no worries on getting great results. The cast iron tilting worktable bevels between 0 to 45 degrees to accommodate angled drilling as well as various shapes and sizes of workpieces.

This machine provides a maximum drilling depth of 1.97 inches and a no-load speed of 1450 RPM to handle various applications at home and on the worksite. It enables you to work on metal, wood and other materials using five different speeds that provide balanced and smooth performance across the entire range. The rugged cast iron construction provides the necessary stability and reliability for years of use.

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