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Best 13 inch Drill Press Reviews

Last Updated: 12.07.20


What are the best 13 inch drill presses in 2020?


If you are in the market for the best 13-inch drill press but just don’t want to do tedious product research, allow this short paragraph to make things easier for you. We have performed our own research and product comparison by looking at reviews, ratings, and sales figures for different brands and models in this specific category. After all that in-depth comparison and evaluation, we are happy to report that consumers have found the Shop Fox W1668 to be a worthy bestseller thanks to how it doubles as an oscillating sander with its clearance hole for contour sanding applications. The tilting table bevels left and right at 90 degrees to enable you to execute angled drilling or accommodate any size and shape of the stock. The oscillating feature accommodates the requirements of your drilling and sanding operations. Due to the immense popularity of the Shop Fox W1668, it can run out of stock at your favorite stores but don’t worry because there’s the Klutch 2705S058, which is the second best option.



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The drill press has become one of the most versatile machines in any modern workshop. Some models are even able to do more than just drilling, as they can also be used for sanding and mortising. These are what you want to find in a top-quality drill press.


When looking at the best selling products in the best 13 inch drill press reviews, make sure they have a top-notch construction

All the elements that go into a premium-quality machine should be of superior quality. The worktable, head, and column should be made of cast iron. The unit should be built with close attention to detail. The parts should be ruggedly constructed to ensure years of dependable functionality, and consistent drilling performance.

High-end models undergo a stringent quality control program to deliver dependable and safe operations. You want a powerful induction motor. The best-rated units feature ¾-HP and ⅔-HP motors or higher.



Some models like the best Shop Fox drill press come with versatile features

A powerful motor enables the drill press to handle a variety of stock from wood, plastic, metal, to ceramic. They can also handle different sizes of drill bits for cutting holes into a variety of materials.

A tilting table lets you carry out angled drilling as needed. It also enables you to work on a variety of sizes and shapes of stock. You want the worktable to be large enough to ensure adequate space on which to lay the workpiece.

A rack-and-pinion mechanism for lowering and raising the table enables you to carry out the drilling operation according to design. A machine with multiple spindle speeds allows you to carry out a variety of drilling operations.

An oscillating feature lets you handle sanding applications. Some models even come with a 3-piece spindle sander drum kit and sanding paper. They can also accommodate mortising operations.



Look for top-rated products such as those in the best Hico drill press reviews that provide easy and safe use

A good level of spindle travel enables you to easily and safely manage drilling operations. The accidental on and off of the unit can be prevented with a safety switch. You want the device to deliver repetitive, precise cutting of stock.

Some machines ship with a chuck key for proper tightening of the chuck to ensure safe operations. A depth lock enables precise hole depth adjustments to ensure the repeatability of drilling of holes with equal sizes and depths. A dust port ensures that sanding jobs are less messy.



5 Best 13 inch Drill Presses (Updated Reviews) in 2020



The market offers plenty of options on 13-inch drill presses. As this can complicate the decision-making process unnecessarily, we have designed the above buying guide to somewhat reduce the stress. The best products are also reviewed below for even more shopping assistance.



1. Shop Fox W1668


The Shop Fox W1668 is a benchtop oscillating drill press that also serves as an oscillating sander. This means you get more from this machine than just basic hole drilling. If you need to do contour sanding, this machine answers that requirement efficiently. It is equipped to deliver 12 spindle speeds ranging from a slow 250 to a high-velocity 3,050 RPM.

You won’t have to worry about the sanding operations getting too messy because this model comes ready with a dust port measuring 2.25 inches and integrated with a clearance hole for the simple attachment of a shop vacuum. This model offers more power, more capacity, and more speeds to support heavy-duty use.

The beveling table accommodates the need for versatility. It tilts 90 degrees to both the left and right sides to enable the easy adjustment of the work surface to accommodate odd-shaped or non-standard sizes of stock. This feature also lets you drill or sand at an angle when needed. The oscillating function of the head enables the conversion to the sanding feature in just seconds.

The oscillation feature is also useful for preventing the buildup of heat while leaving a smooth finish during sanding operations. The compact benchtop design means the machine requires a smaller work surface for placement on a cramped space or in a small garage.

As a bonus, the machine comes with a 3-piece spindle sander drum kit and an 80-grit sanding paper for use with 1.5 and 2-inch sanding drums.

Buy from for ($429.99)



2. Klutch 2705S058


The Klutch 2705S058 is a 16-speed, floor-mounted drill press that has a ⅝-inch chuck capacity to accommodate large drill bit sizes. This model offers a one-inch maximum drilling capacity to cut large holes into tough materials. The 3.25-inch vertical stroke enables hassle-free lowering and raising of the chuck for faster cutting.

The 13-inch swing enables this machine to cut a hole in the center of a 13-inch workpiece. This means you can cut holes into different sizes of stock without worrying that the hole will be off center or inaccurate. This machine provides smooth drilling performance while ensuring the consistency of drilled hole dimensions.

The work table bevels 45 degrees to provide a variety of drilling angles and also to accommodate various shapes and sizes of workpieces. The depth lock has a ball knob handle that enables the making of precise adjustments that are consistent throughout the hole-cutting process until the operator changes the settings.

This machine lets you drill into wood and metal. It offers the accuracy and power to cut holes of uniform sizes. The sturdy floor mount base keeps the machine steady and wobble-free on the floor to ensure user safety and seamless hole-drilling performance.

The powerful 120-volt, ¾-HP motor drives the machine to deliver 16 spindle speeds to handle a variety of applications and material types.

Buy from for ($309.99)




3. RIKON Power Tools 30-120


Having been equipped with a ½-HP motor, this drill press is entirely capable of what it’s been designed to do. It also features as many as sixteen spindle speeds that vary from 200 to 3,630. What this means for the end-user is that the machine can be utilized for drilling through a wide array of materials, and that’s something that naturally sets this unit aside from the rest.

Something else that’s worth adding in relation to this product is that the RIKON alternative is made of cast iron and steel, which should make it durable and reliable enough to stand the test of time.

Besides, when it comes to convenience, this model is a winner, as well. Its table height can be adjusted with ease, and the table can be tilted. The slot design is convenient, and you’ll find that the drill press works as smoothly as possible. The best thing about this type of slot design is that it will enable you to perform effective mounting of vises, jigs, as well as fixtures.

Since it weighs 121 pounds, it goes without saying that this is not the lightest drill press ever to have seen the light of day. On the other hand, given its versatility, you’ll definitely enjoy using it as it will raise up to par for a plethora of tasks.

Buy from for ($423)




4. General Intl. Power Products DP2003 


This drill press is an excellent choice if what you need is a reliable tool capable of dealing with plenty of workloads. The General Intl. Power Products DP2003 may look like an industrial tool, due to its many features, but it is a cool unit that you can take home and use for your DIY projects.

The model comes with 16 speeds that will let you choose the cutting settings needed for cutting through any kind of material. The laser system will make sure that each cut you make is extremely precise.

Drilling precise holes is done quickly, and you don’t have to deal with the usual drawbacks of a handheld drill press. You can use this model for a wide variety of projects, as it can drill through metal, wood, and other materials, without a glitch. The worktable is adjustable, which helps more with the overall versatility of this model.

You can lower and tilt the worktable, which allows you to drill holes at the same angle every time. Another great thing about this drill press is that it can work even with large pieces of up to 26 inches. All in all, the DP2003 represents the power and advantages of industrial use, but it is ideal for home use, at the same time.

Buy from for ($399.99)




5. HICO-DP4116


The HICO-DP4116 is a 13-inch drill press worthy to invest in when you are building a modern home workshop. Equipped with a powerful ⅔-HP motor, this machine also features a 12-speed gearbox that ensures it can provide great value for money. The machine has a spindle travel of 3 ⅕ inches to enable efficient drilling operations.

Aside from the drill press itself, the unit ships with a ½-inch keyed chuck that accommodates a variety of sizes of drill bits. The motor provides a dependable performance. The work table tilts 45 degrees left and right on the sturdy column to allow effortless drilling at an angle and also to enable the machine to work on different sizes and shapes of stock.

This machine is equipped as well with a rack-and-pinion table height adjustment system that makes it possible to raise and lower the worktable according to the requirements of your project. To prevent accidental startups, the machine also has a safety switch. This model is engineered for repeatable, precision cutting of stock including metal, plastic, and wood.

The drill press ships with accessories needed for its assembly and these include a chuck key that ensures proper tension on the chuck, plus an Allen wrench for putting the various components of the machine together. The ½-inch keyed chuck can take on various sizes of drill bits.