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Best 1 HP Drill Press Reviews

Last Updated: 07.07.20


What are the best 1 HP drill presses in 2020?


If you don’t have the time to go through our buying guide and you just want to find the best 1 hp drill press, this short paragraph is all you need to read. After extensive product research and comparison, we have found what we believe is the number one product on the market, the JET J-A5816. This model stands out because it offers spindle speeds from 400 to 5000 rpm, enabling you to handle a variety of drilling applications along with different types of materials to support the need for versatility in your workshop. This model offers convenience with its spindle speed displayed in the digital indicator so you can check the spindle speed quickly with just a glance.  Setting the speed is easy thanks to the handwheel adjustment mechanism. The large 2.25-inch quill ensures greater accuracy. Bringing power and versatility to a small amount of floor space, this model comes with full bearing support on the quill to ensure maximum stiffness of the spindle. If the JET J-A5816 is unavailable, you could get the second best option, the SHOP FOX W1680.



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Most routine drilling operations may be adequately handled using a benchtop model, but for demanding projects including drilling into a long workpiece, driving a 3-inch Forstner bit into hardwood or cutting deep mortises, a 14- to 18-inch floor standing model with the following characteristics should be used.




A robust 1 hp drill press motor that can drive the machine to handle the toughest drilling situations

A floor standing model with the awesome size of 14 to 18 inches should be able to take on the largest bits, adjustable circle cutters and hole saws without breaking a sweat. It should deliver the required torque to bore holes into tougher materials like hard maple using a challenging Forstner bit.

There should be little to no bogging down even when the bit size gets bigger, but some machines compensate for this when you use a slow feed rate just to execute the demanding cutting work.



Machines that rate high in the best 1 hp drill press reviews offer ease of use

A depth stop system should be dependable enough to ensure repetitive drilling of multiple holes with uniform dimensions. The machine should deliver professional-looking, clean results no matter how many holes you make.

Changing the spindle speed should be effortless too. The easiest ones entail you to twist a knob to unlock, then to slide a lever backward or forward. Some models have a handwheel adjustment system supplemented with a display indicator that lets you check the speed at a glance.

Others have a short motor-mount lever to facilitate adjustment of the speed by getting sufficient belt tension.

Some models have a worktable that can be raised up and down along the column to accommodate a variety of sizes of stock. Others go even further by having a tilting table that bevels left and right or even forward for complex drilling applications. You can even find machines with extendable tables to give added support to the stock.



The best powerful drill press with a freestanding design comes with a user-friendly, premium-quality construction

Some top-rated models boast sealed ball bearings on their motors for smooth operations and durability. Aside from that, they come with solid cast iron construction, rubber-coated quick-adjust handles, and a precision-ground table.

The chuck should really grip bits tightly within their jaws, which ensures safety during high-torque operations. Check out units that offer extra-capacity lock handles or quill strokes, which can be handy when drilling mortises.

Crosshair lasers make it easy to align the center point of the bit with the marked hole location. However, steeper angles can make it difficult to align both elements.

Some drill presses feature an innovative flexible-neck incandescent task light that lets you direct illumination where it is most needed. This is more effective compared to task lights mounted behind the quill in the head, which tend to generate shadows on the surface of the stock especially when large bits are used.


3 Best 1 HP Drill Presses (Updated Reviews) in 2020



The search for a floor standing 1 hp drill press doesn’t have to be a daunting task. The above buying guide is designed to make your buying experience less stressful. The best products are also highlighted below for even more shopping guidance.



1. JET J-A5816


Offering speeds from 400 to 5,000 rpm, the JET J-A5816 is capable of handling the tougher hole drilling tasks in the workshop. Setting the speed is easy with the handwheel adjustment, which spins smoothly and offers infinite turning to give you the RPM you want. The display indicator on the front of the head makes it easy to check the spindle speed at a glance while working.

For greater accuracy, this machine comes with a large 2.25-inch quill that grips the drill bit securely to ensure ‘no-walk’ drilling start up. This results in a clean hole from start to finish. The machine delivers maximum head support thanks to the rigid and strong 3-inch column diameter.

The user gets full bearing support on the quill to ensure optimal stiffness of the spindle as well as smooth drilling operations. The 6-inch stroke is handy for creating deep holes into stock. The 12.5 x 14.5-inch work table provides enough surface area to hold the stock firmly in place during drilling.

The head swivels a full 360 degrees to accommodate the most demanding drilling applications. The rotary on/off switch can’t be bumped accidentally to the ON position. This model utilizes a pulley system for changing the RPM level.

Buy from for ($1999)




2. Shop Fox W1680


Delivering a maximum of 3,040 RPM, the Shop Fox W1680 offers solid performance and is just the right size for a small machine shop or average-dimension cabinet shop. The 1-hp aluminum finned motor powers the machine to drive the Morse Taper #3 spindle with larger direct mount bits to plow through tougher material.

The closely-spaced spindle shaft bearings ensure smooth drilling and durability for long-term use. Truly one of the most accurate drill presses in its class, this model features a solid cast iron construction that provides stability and strength.

The rubber-coated quick-adjust handles provide trouble-free control of the spindle travel to avoid damaging the stock. The built-in worklight illuminates the work surface so you see the exact point you are drilling into and avoid mistakes that only lead to material wastage.

The toggle-type switch simplifies on and off for instant action. The cast iron worktable tilts from zero to 90 degrees to allow you to work on a variety of shapes and sizes of stock so you can handle even the most complex projects confidently.

The V-belt drive offers a wedging effect that pushes it into the sheave, resulting in lower required tension for belt take-up, which also means lower bearing load compared to other friction-type belt drives. This results in a more efficient machine.

Buy from for ($669.99)




3. Klutch 2705S059


Equipped with a ⅝ inch chuck capacity to deliver a maximum drilling capability of 1.25 inches, the Klutch 2705S059 can handle more demanding woodworking and cutting operations in the modern workshop.

The 3.25-inch vertical stroke offers easy control of the spindle for effortless drawing down toward the workpiece. This model’s 14-inch swing allows you to handle larger diameter workpieces. The table tilts from zero to 45 degrees so you can easily carry out angled drilling for less simple projects.

The depth lock system comes with a ball knob handle so you can perform precise adjustments easily, with measurements that are kept constant for multiple hole drilling at the same dimensions and levels. This means results are always professional-looking and clean.

Ideal for drilling through wood and metal, this model offers versatility, accuracy and power in a single machine. The sturdy floor mount base ensures safety and stability for the entire machine when drilling.

Choose from 12 speeds ranging between 340 to 2,860 RPM. This CE-certified model comes with a gooseneck LED work light that lets you directly illuminate the workpiece for easy and accurate drilling on the exact spot. The built-in chuck key storage ensures reduced misplacement or loss of the chuck.

Buy from for ($429.99)