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ATE Tools Mini 10728 Review

Last Updated: 02.12.20



Notable features


This drill press comes with a 110-volt, 60-Hz, ⅓-HP motor, which ensures user safety and reliable functionality.

It takes in a chuck size of ½-inch, which ensures versatility.

The worktable offers enough capacity to hold the workpiece at its 160mm x 164 mm measurement.

This machine comes with a compact footprint for problem-free placement and use.

The mini size lets you use the drill press anywhere you go.

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Known issues


The Mini-size of this drill press makes it usable for the weekend hobbyist and jeweler. It is not suited for heavy-duty contractor use. That being said, the machine provides a great option for beginner DIYers who need a reliable machine for simple drilling purposes.

To date, there have been no negative reviews for this drill press, as it is a relatively new model that has to prove its worth on the market.




Main features explained


  • The robust 110-volt, 60-Hz, ⅓-HP motor of this model ensures a lower risk of electrocution and arcing because of its relatively low voltage. Safe to use, this machine ensures that you can work in your shop without worrying that you’ll be in danger of high voltage that can cause injury or worse. This machine lets you work continuously on projects and for extended periods while staying safe even if the unit runs on electricity.


  • The ½-inch chuck size of this machine is suitable for handling heavier applications. Although best for hobbyists and jewelers, this mini-drill press can be used on other types of materials in a pinch. It can handle both basic drilling applications along with the occasional tougher ones while ensuring fantastic results every time. This machine makes a perfect addition to your workshop gear collection.


  • The machine’s worktable has enough size to keep your workpieces securely in place while drilling. The table provides a good work surface to keep your stock nice and flat for easy, steady approach to the drill bit. The table also rotates 360 degrees to accommodate irregularly-shaped or long/tall stock that has to be drilled through without anything in the way between it and the drill bit.


  • The machine’s small size makes it functional in office settings as well as crowded work areas without hampering normal operations. This is while ensuring that the machine does not tip over easily and can hold its position when accidentally bumped, as clearance space is not an issue. The tight swing lets you work even when space is limited.


  • This mini drill press is also very easy to transport from location to location so you can take it with you anywhere you go or when traveling. You won’t have to work solely at your shop so you can take on off-site projects to add to the versatility of your business. Since the machine is quite small, you won’t have to worry about needing too many pieces of equipment to lift the machine onto or take it out from the back of your pickup truck or other service vehicle. This machine weighs a mere 33 pounds or less than 15 kilograms, so carrying it from one area to another is easy.


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