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Ainfox AIFDP85Z Review

Last Updated: 02.12.20



Notable features


This best drill press from Ainfox ensures dependable drilling performance.

This machine is sure to receive great ratings in the best Ainfox drill press reviews thanks to its precision drilling capability.

If you want versatility from an Ainfox drill press, this model is your best bet.

The machine is solidly built for years of use.

This machine comes with all you need for out-of-the-box functionality.

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Known issues


This 30.9-pound drill press is a newcomer in this specific product category so there aren’t negative reviews for it at this time. It is engineered to deliver great performance and is not expected to do badly in reviews and ratings on expert review sites for power tools as well as actual user feedback.




Main features explained


  • Geared for users who seek excellent performance from their power tools, the Ainfox AIFDP85Z works well while running quietly. The adjustable depth stop ensures that drilled holes are of the right diameter and depth, enabling users to work on repetitive drilling applications. Use this machine to cut multiple holes with uniform distance and depth on the stock. The device is perfect for furniture crafters and those who need to work on intricate designs in their metal and wood projects.


  • Delivering precision drilling capability, this machine is equipped with a beam laser that ensures precise alignment of holes. If you need to cut holes repeatedly and consistently, the five variable speeds offered in this machine ensure on-target performance to give the more expensive machines a run for the money.


  • Easy to assemble, this drill press cuts holes through metal, wood and other materials so you won’t have to use different tools just to ensure great results. With its no-load speed of 1450 RPM, this drill press works as designed to ensure great-looking results on projects. The solid 6.3 by 6.3 inch work table tilts from 0 to 45 degrees both left and right to deliver the necessary flexibility for drilling at an angle, letting you set the drill bit to enter the material at an exact point on the stock to accommodate specific hole cutting designs.


  • Solidly constructed, this drill press offers years of use. The cast iron table provides a steady, secure surface on which to position the workpiece and hold it in place. The quality laser and keyed chuck with key ensures dependable use for the long term. The machine feels solid in your hand so you can drill confidently on various types of material without worrying about tool breakdown or damage to the stock. This machine is made of quality materials and premium craftsmanship so you can use it to handle a variety of projects and applications without worrying about non-professional looking results.


  • The machine ships with a ½-inch keyed chuck and key, a laser pointer to highlight the exact entry point, and tools for assembly. All you need is a quality drill bit to put into the chuck and you’re ready to go. Offering out-of-the-package functionality, the machine is geared with a strong base and column to hold the different components together and ensure ample support. It offers smooth and balanced performance across its entire speed range.


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