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10 Best 20 inch Chainsaws Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 25.01.21


Best 20 inch Chainsaw Review – Top Rated Models with Buying Guide


If you’re looking to purchase the best 20 inch chainsaw, but you don’t have the time to look at all of the 20 inch chainsaw reviews we’ve prepared for you, this short paragraph is here to help. After a thorough analysis of the quality, reliability, and ease of use of the best rated chainsaws in this line, we’ve concluded that the Husqvarna 20 Inch 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw is the one you should consider. This model is powered by a 55cc gas engine that provides enough power to cut even tough hardwood trees that have a large diameter. It may be powerful, but it is designed with a low amount of kickback and vibration in mind. The product also comes with extra safety features, including a safety lock, a chain cover, and an extra-strong grip. If our first pick is no longer available, we recommend you take a quick look at the Poulan Pro 20 in. 50cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw.



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10 Best 20 inch Chainsaws (Updated Reviews) in 2021



As chainsaws have grown in popularity, so have the models available, and this can make shopping for an affordable 20 inch chainsaw feel overwhelming. However, we’ve gathered a list of the critically acclaimed models to make it easier for you to find the 20 inch gas chainsaw that can meet all your needs.



1. Husqvarna 20 Inch 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw 


The 55.5cc gas engine is capable of delivering an impressive amount of power and just the right speed so that you can saw through even the thickest and toughest logs or branches without excessive vibrations. The design is foolproof so that even people who have never used a chainsaw before can effortlessly start, use, and control the unit.

Speaking of novices, this model is designed with safety in mind since it comes with a chain guard that will let you cover and protect the chainsaw during storage. It is also fitted with a safety lock that will keep the chain from moving when not in use. As a plus, the front handle provides a comfortable and secure grip.

Maintenance won’t be an issue since the chainsaw comes fitted with an automatic chain oiler that delivers a steady supply of oil to the chain and bar. The side-mounted chain tensioning system will also allow for effortless chain adjustments while working.



It comes with an Air Injected Centrifugal air cleaning system that is designed to keep debris and large dust particles out and improve the lifespan and efficiency of the engine.

The oil pump is adjustable so that you can have full control of the amount of lubrication that’s delivered to the chain and bar, depending on your needs.

The engine is not only powerful, but it is also fuel-efficient, and this has two main advantages: it will help you save money on fuel and reduce your carbon footprint.

The chain brake is inertia activated, which helps increase safety by reducing the chance of kickback.



Due to the powerful engine that powers it, the Rancher chainsaw is quite loud, which means that it is not suited for applications that require quiet running.

Make sure that you don’t keep any oil in the saw before storing it since the unit leaks even when it sits in the case.

Buy from for ($469.99)




2. Poulan Pro 20 in. 50cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw 


This option delivers easy use and maintenance, and it comes fitted with the latest OxyPower engine technology that allows the engine to be more powerful but with 70% fewer emissions and 20% improved fuel consumption. It is beginner-friendly since it comes with a straightforward pull starting system for quicker starts with reduced wear on the mechanism.

The 50cc engine displacement is large enough to handle the heavy-duty job loads required by both homeowners and commercial businesses. The 20-inch bar and chain are durable and capable of cutting through heavy timber, and they can also be used for logging work, cleanup, lumber milling, and large firewood cutting.

As mentioned earlier, maintenance is very convenient since the design of the unit is well thought out, and you won’t have to waste time unscrewing a cover to get access to the spark plug and air filter. The chain tensioner is also easy to use so that you can quickly make any adjustments you may need on the fly.



Compared to earlier models, the pull starting system on the Pro model reduces the pull force required by 30% so that you can get the saw started with fewer pulls.

You can enjoy uninterrupted work since this model comes with an automatic oiler that delivers a consistent flow of oil to the bar and chain to avoid binding or overheating.

It comes with an advanced anti-vibration system that will allow you to achieve smoother cuts and use the chainsaw for longer periods without getting your body too stressed.

The handle boasts an ergonomic design that can fit all hand sizes comfortably so that everyone can enjoy a secure grip and less hand fatigue after a long day of work.



The bar that comes supplied is a bit flimsy, but the good news is that the chainsaw is compatible with most of the popular guide bars available on the market.

It has trouble maintaining an idle speed, which means that it can require constant restarting.

Buy from for ($279.87)




3. Echo CS-590 20″ Timber Wolf Chainsaw 


The high-performance that this model offers makes it an ideal choice for use in both professional and domestic applications. It is powered by a 59.8cc 2-stroke engine that can cut smoothly through most logs. The torque is great, and kickback is almost nonexistent, which makes it safer to use by newbies.

It is not the lightest chainsaw, but the weight of the unit works to the benefit of the user since there won’t be any need to force the arms when making each cut. Since the unit is well-balanced, using it for long periods won’t be as tiring, and the improved balance also makes it easier to control each cut for more consistent results.

With such a powerful motor behind this model, one would expect it to create quite a bit of vibration, but the good news is that the anti-vibration system on this model seems to work very well. It doesn’t eliminate vibrations entirely, but it does minimize them, so they don’t have a serious impact on your hands and forearms.



It comes fitted with a decompression valve that works by releasing pressure from the combustion chamber so that the engine can start faster when you pull on the starting cord.

Unlike other models that use a plastic chain stay to keep the chain from vibrating, this one uses metal plates that are more reliable and will last for longer.

Even though Echo is not a brand that the average buyer may be familiar with, it does provide excellent performance and value for the money.

It has a simple design that allows for quick access to all the parts so that you can replace them easily if they ever break.



The guard that protects the user from the chain is made from plastic that can crack easily compared to guards made from metal.

It can sometimes take a bit longer to get it started, but once it does, it runs smoothly.

Buy from for ($399.99)




4. X-BULL 20-Inch Gas Powered Chain Saw 


This chainsaw is designed for homeowners who are looking for a reliable saw to use for light wood-cutting chores, tree work, cutting medium to large trees, or clearing overhanging branches. It boasts a compact design that delivers improved maneuverability and keeps hand fatigue at a minimum.

The star of this model is, without a doubt, the powerful 58cc motor that delivers superior performance, which makes it suitable for heavy-duty applications. What’s more, the motor features the use of EcoBoost technology that increases power and reduces fuel consumption and gasoline emissions so that you can reduce your carbon footprint.

To improve safety and efficiency, the chainsaw comes equipped with an assisted starting system and a quick stopping control with integrated chain brake so that even first-time users can use the product safely. Priming is not necessary since this model has an automatic oiling system that will keep the chain and bar properly lubricated.



The chainsaw boasts a very efficient exhaust system that helps with heat dissipation so that you can use the unit for hours on end without the motor overheating.

Apart from the usual extra items that you get with this type of product, such as the saw cover and fuel mixing bottle, the package for this model also includes a mounting kit and various protective equipment.

The balanced design will let you conserve your energy and maneuver the chainsaw with ease so that you can achieve consistent and smooth cuts without getting too tired.

The direct air injection carburetor makes mixing fuel smoother and will keep your power tool working flawlessly for the foreseeable future.



The gasket that keeps the oil lid tight tends to leak, and it can cause a mess in your garage, or anywhere else you store the chainsaw.

The cuts are not consistent since the chain likes to change direction.

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5. SALEM MASTER 6220G Gas Powered Chainsaw 


This model is powered by a 62cc motor that can reach speeds of up to 8500 rpm. This makes it ideal for light to medium applications, such as cutting firewood and falling trees. The guide bar is made from high-quality materials that are more durable so that the unit can achieve a longer lifespan.

The superior balance of this model allows for more precise maneuvering, which means that you are not limited to just firewood cutting and forest logging since the product can also handle delicate applications, such as wood and ice carving. The handle has an ergonomic design and a non-slip finish for added safety and comfort when used for extended periods.

Other safety measures that this model offers include a quick stop chain brake and a safety switch to protect the user against accidental starts. Moreover, when cutting bigger trees, the handling system will reduce kickback so that the saw doesn’t force back and up unexpectedly.



It boasts an ergonomic design that makes the chainsaw easy to use, balanced, maneuverable, and comfortable even when used for extensive or tough applications.

The automatic oil supply system will keep the chain and bar properly lubricated to promote safe and effective use and extend the expected lifespan of the chainsaw.

The comfortable slip-free handle can also reduce the vibrations that the machine makes during operation to reduce the stress that the shakes can inflict on your body.

The starting system uses a big rope wheel design that produces decreased resistance compared to other styles, and this setup makes starting the tool more accessible.



While the unit is indeed easy to use, the assembly process may pose some difficulties to beginners since the instructions aren’t very clear.

The chain that comes in the package gets dull fast, which means that you might need to sharpen it frequently or replace it sooner than expected.

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6. Blue Max Gas 20” Chainsaw 52cc 


This homeowner chainsaw comes packed with all the features that you need to handle heavy workloads, including an anti-vibration handle, a professional-grade chain that can cut through up to 18-inch diameter trees, auto chain oiler, and more. What makes all of this impressive is that compared to its competitors, this model is much more affordable.

The unit is powered by a 51.5cc motor that provides plenty of power since it allows the chain to reach a maximum speed of 10,500rpm, which is more than enough for those though, extensive jobs. The chain also has 76 links to help it make cuts faster since most other models in this range have only 72 links.

It features a low range kickback chain brake, which makes the unit safer to use, particularly for beginners. The saw is center balanced, and this makes the power tool easier to control and more comfortable, which will, in turn, help minimize fatigue.



The assembly process is straightforward since you only need to attach the saw chain and guide bar, and the instructions are detailed, and they even include pictures.

Maintenance is very easy with this model since you don’t need any tools to get to the air filter; you just need to remove the cover that’s held in place by an easy-to-unscrew knob.

The chainsaw includes a handguard, safety trigger systems, and a kickback brake that will give you all the protection you need to operate the machine with peace of mind.

The engine features EcoBoost technology that gives lower emissions, reduced fuel consumption, and increased power.



The chain that comes included with the tool is not very aggressive, which means that for larger or tougher jobs, you might be required to upgrade.

Despite the anti-vibration handles, this model will still vibrate considerably, but that’s in line with models that are on the cheaper end of the market.

Buy from for ($235)




7. Garwinner 60cc 20 Inch Gas Chainsaw 


The powerful 62cc engine and the 20-inch bar length make this model an excellent versatile tool for anyone to use around the house for garden trimming, logging work, and other light-to-medium wood-cutting jobs. Risk during operation is kept to a minimum by the ample safety features of this model, such as the low kickback and the built-in safety break.

The ignition system is also fast and reliable since the unit uses electronic ignition, which is known for being more user friendly since it allows for powerful and smooth running. Speaking of smoothness, this model also comes fitted with both front and back anti-vibration handles that make the unit more comfortable to control and operate.

Another feature that has garnered plenty of customer appreciation is the advanced filtering system that will keep the air filter in great shape for longer, and it will also reduce fuel consumption as well as gasoline emissions.



Seeing as the unit is powered by a 62cc engine, you can expect to get high cutting performance so that you can make cuts easily through most trees and branches.

The automatic lubricating system helps reduce friction between the chain and the guiding board, thus prolonging the life of the chainsaw.

Another great thing about this model is that it comes with a quick-start function so that you can start using the unit right away with minimal fuss.

The integrated chain brake will stop the chain if the saw encounters an abrupt impact or movement so that you don’t risk getting injured.

The package includes step-by-step instructions, a fuel mixing bottle, and a tool kit with everything you need to install the chainsaw.



Quality control is not very good since some units can arrive defective and unable to start, which is hard to excuse even when considering the lower price point of this model.

Buy from for ($129.99)




8. COOCHEER 20 Inch Gas Powered Chainsaw 62CC 


The 62cc engine that powers this unit can reach speeds of up to 8500rpm, and it is optimized to reduce fuel consumption by up to 20% without a decrease in performance. The 20-inch bar has a cutting diameter from 27-33-inch and can meet the demands of most landowners and anyone who cuts regularly.

The chain and bar are constructed from sturdy materials that can bear high temperatures, and that have good wear resistance, allowing them to be used safely and reliably for years to come. The unit also comes with a built-in self-maintenance Super Air Filter System that will remove dust and debris, and prevent them from reaching the air filter.

It is very easy to assemble since the unit comes with comprehensive instructions, and all the tools you’ll need are already in the package. Firing up the chainsaw is very easy, thanks to the improved starter system that will allow you to get on with your work sooner.



The Super Air Filter System will reduce the frequency of air filter cleaning, and the automatic chain oiler will help extend the life of the chainsaw.

It has an ergonomic design that is paired with a slip-free handle that reduces machine shakes and makes the chainsaw more maneuverable, balanced, secure, and comfortable to use.

Getting the unit started is effortless even for first-time users since all one needs to do to get it running is press the throttle trigger and the valve throttle protection switch.

The aforementioned safety valve throttle switch can also prevent accidental starts to ensure superior user safety.

The chain is made from high-quality imported steel that has an improved service life compared to ordinary chains.



While the unit is advertised to come with a spare chain, not all packages include this extra accessory.

The rope starter is not very durable, and if you pull too hard on it, it can snap.

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9. HUYOSEN Gas Powered Chainsaw 54.6 CC 


For buyers looking for a chainsaw that is hardy and easy to handle, the HUYOSE alternative might be just the model they were looking for. It packs a 54.2cc 2-cycle gas engine that delivers consistent performance, and it can reach a speed of up to 8500rpm, which means that it is powerful enough to cut through thick chunks of wood.

The gas-powered chainsaw starts easily and instantly with just a push of a button so that you don’t have to waste any time dealing with complicated starting systems. Lubricating the 20-inch bar and chain can be done manually, or the chainsaw can be self-lubricated using the automated chain oiler.

Gas chainsaws are known for producing quite a lot of vibration, yet this model comes equipped with a comfortable slide-free handle that is anti-slip and shockproof. It manages to reduce the shakes to make your cutting more comfortable and thus allowing you better control and precision.



It is easy to get the unit started since only the bar and chain need to be assembled, and the process is simple enough, especially since the package includes detailed instructions and a complete toolkit.

The ergonomic design makes the chainsaw safer to use since the comfortable slide-free handle provides the balance and flexibility required to give you complete control of the power tool.

It includes an advanced air filtration system and automatic chain oil machine that will take care of some of the tedious maintenance work for you, and they’ll also help extend the service life of the machine.

All the items inside the package are well protected by plastic foam so that even if the box isn’t handled properly during shipping, the items will stay undamaged.



As is the case with most budget options, the chain isn’t of the best quality, and it will require frequent sharpening.

It is a bit heavy, which might be an issue for petite users or anyone used to lighter chainsaws.

Buy from for ($143.99)




10. COOCHEER 62CC 20″ Powerful Gas Chainsaw 


When looking at this model, the first thing anyone will notice is the quality of the construction since COOCHER has decided to use a new ABS plastic material for the chassis. This material has plenty of benefits, but the main one is that it can bear high temperatures much better, and this helps the chassis look new even after long years of service.

The chainsaw gets its power from the 62cc engine that offers consistent performance and a 20% improvement in fuel consumption compared to past generations. It can reach speeds of up to 8500rpm, which makes the unit suitable for a wide variety of workloads, such as woodcutting, forestry harvesting, or trimming saplings, branches, and limbs.

Another impressive feature that’s worth discussing is the quality of the included chain, which is constructed from high-quality imported steel. It offers excellent wear resistance and a service life that is up to five times greater when compared to ordinary chains.



The package includes a guide bar cover that can protect your chain from the elements during storage so that rust doesn’t become a problem, and it will also prevent accidental cuts when not in use.

The 20-inch bar shares the same high-quality construction as the rest of the unit, and it can bear high temperatures and deliver consistent cuts with each use.

It is equipped with an ergonomic handle that won’t just keep the user comfortable, but it will also reduce machine shakes, which will allow you to control the unit better.

It comes equipped with multiple accessories, including two chains, an extra spark plug, and an extra start pull rope if you ever need to replace them.



The measuring bottle included in the package is not useful since it uses 25 to 1 and 20 to 1 ratios that are not standard.

No matter how much the caps are tightened, the chainsaw can still leak fluids.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Whether you’re looking for a cheap 20 inch chainsaw or you want to get the best model money can buy, there are a few factors to know if you want to have a clear idea of what features you really need. Knowing what attributes are important for you can help you find the best gas chainsaw that suits your unique needs.

In the guide below, we will explore all the key features that need to be considered when prospecting the market for a high-quality 20 inch Husqvarna chainsaw or any other model from the top-rated brands currently available on the market.

Engine types and size

There are three types of chainsaws available on the market, gas, electric, and battery-powered. Gas chainsaws are the most common, and their size is measured in cubic centimeters. The higher the number, the more powerful the engine will be.

However, potential customers looking for a large engine such as the one found in the Poulan Pro chainsaw 20 inch will need to keep in mind that a higher cc number also results in a heavier product. For most homeowners, a chainsaw with an engine in the 32cc to 45cc range will suffice. For heavier workloads, larger engines may be required.

Electric chainsaws need to be plugged into a power socket, and their power is measured in Amps. The higher that the Amperage is, the more powerful the tool is. However, this type of chainsaw requires a suitable extension cord to reach the work area, so make sure to factor it into your budget.

Lastly, battery-powered chainsaws are also known as cordless saws, and they offer better mobility compared to the standard model. The power rating for cordless models is measured by Voltage, and the higher the volts, the more powerful the unit is. Keep this in mind if you’re looking for an electric Husqvarna 20 inch chainsaw.



When looking for the best 20 inch chainsaws, another crucial aspect is the kickback, which is a term that refers to what happens when the tip of the guide bar hits other objects or gets pinched by the wood on either side of the bar. Kickback causes the tip of the bar to change direction and start moving back toward you.

To avoid this from happening, look for affordable 20 inch chainsaws that come with low-kickback chains and bars that help reduce the risk of the saw being expectedly forced back or up. Similarly, if possible, before purchasing, make sure to read 20 inch chainsaw reviews to get an idea of how the product handles kickback in real-life conditions.


Another factor to consider when looking at an affordable 20 inch chainsaw is to try and see how easy it is to hold and how comfortable it feels in your hand. When purchasing online, it is not always possible to try the product before purchasing, which is why once again you may need to turn to 20 inch chainsaw reviews, either from other customers or experts.

Ergonomics are essential since they can make the difference between a high-quality product such as the Poulan Pro 20 inch chainsaw and cheaper knockoffs that deliver a sub-par experience. Having a chainsaw that feels comfortable in the hands will give you more control of it and allow you to achieve cleaner cuts with less effort.


Additional features

Having an anti-vibration feature is a must since too much vibration can cause you discomfort when working for long hours. You can take a look at our Poulan Pro 20 inch chainsaw review to see an example of a well-designed anti-vibration system.

Another useful feature to look for is an automatic oiler that can lubricate the chain as you cut, which is necessary for efficient and safe cutting. Nowadays, this feature is very widespread and can be found on most cheap 20 inch chainsaws.

When purchasing online, it is also a good idea to look for an in-depth 20 inch chainsaw review of the model you have in mind. This will help you learn more about aspects that you can’t test on your own or that are difficult to judge just by looking at a product description, such as durability, balance, and noise level.



Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Which is Better, Gas or Electric?

Both electric and gas chainsaws have their purpose, and knowing what type of task you need the product for can help you decide which one is the best for you. Electric chainsaws are light and compact, which means that if you’re looking for the best cheap 20 inch chainsaw, it may be difficult to find an electric model in this size.

Electric chainsaws are best used for small workloads, such as sprucing up trees, cutting small logs, trimming limbs, and other cutting tasks around the household. That’s because they lack the strength and durability to cut down large trees, which is a task that is better suited for a Husqvarna chainsaw 20 inch.

A gas chainsaw 20 inch in size, on the other hand, is ideal for heavy-duty work, and unlike an electric model, it won’t be confined to just one area by a cord. The main disadvantage is that a gas unit can be heavy, loud, and it gives off a strong scent of gas while operating.

Q: What Can a 20-Inch Chainsaw Cut?

There’s not a lot that a 20-inch chainsaw Husqvarna can’t cut since at this size, the power tool is considered to be a professional-grade saw. This means that it is suitable for cutting down medium and large trees, but it can also be used for cutting firewood and for storm cleanup. It is most effective for cutting large hardwoods that can reach 30-36” in diameter.

However, it is not just the size of the guide bar that matters since there are other factors to consider as well such as the size of the engine. Cutting through thick wood requires a lot of power, and if your 20-inch chainsaw doesn’t have a powerful engine backing it up, you may encounter problems when making cuts on tougher types of wood.

The good news is that most top-rated Husqvarna chain saws, as well as most models from other reputable brands, come equipped with capable motors that deliver enough power to handle most of the jobs required by both homeowners and commercial businesses.


Q: How To Start a 20-Inch Chainsaw?

First, you need to stabilize the chainsaw by placing it on level ground. Never start the chainsaw in the air or on a high surface. Place your foot inside the rear handle and press it down firmly. The left hand should be on the top handlebar. You should now lean your wrist forward and push the chain brake handle forward.

The next step is to turn the chainsaw switch on and open up the choke by moving the knob or lever to the cold start position. Now prime the fuel by pressing the fuel primer bulb 3-5 times or until the bulb stiffens, and you can see the fuel in it.

Use your right hand to pull on the starting cord in a smooth yet quick motion until you hear the engine trying to turn on and failing. When you hear this sound, you need to move the choke lever to the halfway position. Pull the cord again, and the engine should now start. When it starts, close the choke, disengage the chain brake, and lift the chainsaw.