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Maxtech 53385MX Review

Last Updated: 22.01.22




Notable features


With this 75-piece set, you get value for money with the best drill bit set from Maxtech.

The drill bits in the set are titanium-coated high speed steel types.

The 135-degree split point reduces bit walking while the variety of sizes makes them ideal for the DIYer.

The rounded shanks facilitate attachment to the chuck of your spinning mandrel.

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Known issues


Lauded in Maxtech 53385MX drill bit set reviews, the drill bits work fine in a bench drill press but tend to grab and snap when not properly lubed. However, one user used one bit from the set to drill consecutive holes without waiting for the bit to cool down and without using any cutting oil and he was happy that he was able to get pretty much done at the end even though he couldn’t get the entire task completed.

One user recommends the drill bits in the set be used as replacement bits, which is not such a bad idea. The drill bits work fine as designed, slicing through aluminum, plastic and wood and doing okay on steel especially when used with drilling oil. The size of each drill bit is engraved on the shank, facilitating easy picking during the job.




Main features explained


If you want value for money in your drill set, this product is your best bet. The set comprises the following: 10 pcs 1/16″; 6 of 5/64″; 9 of 3/32″; 6 pcs 7/64″; 16 pcs 1/8″; 6 of 9/64″; 6 pcs 5/32″; 3 pcs 11/64″; 7 of 3/16″; 2 pcs 7/32″; 2 of 15/64″; 2 pcs 1/4″. This gives you a wide variety of drill bits to use for any material and application.


These titanium-coated HSS drill bits will keep drilling a line of perfect holes, so even if your arm gives out after continuous drilling, the bits won’t do so easily. Thanks to their impressive metal formulation of titanium nitride applied as coating to HSS drill bits, they ensure incredible high surface hardness while being corrosion resistant. Friction between the material and the drill bit is significantly reduced so they can work on metal, lasting around 6 times longer compared to standard HSS drill bits.


The 135-degree angle point is complemented by a flatter configuration to make each drill bit in the set suitable for cutting through hard material. The split-point tip also ensures better drilling accuracy by keeping the bit from wandering so you can drill centeredly when you start the task. No worries about the bit slipping out of the intended point.


The round shank on each drill bit enables you to center the bit in the chuck accurately. This will not only assist in chip control but also eliminates any stress points while drilling. The round shanks boast low torque transmissions so you can drill through harder material more effortlessly and work you way up.


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