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Mastercraft 054-3692-6 Review

Last Updated: 09.12.21



Notable features


Easily the best drill bit set for metal from Mastercraft, this product comes with drill bit sizes ranging between 1/16 inch to ½ inch for genuine value for money.

The drill bits are made of titanium coated high speed steel for optimal durability.

It is easy to keep the bits organized in the supplied heavy duty storage case.

The drill bits offer versatility in suitable applications.

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Known issues


One user reminds other buyers that the drill bits in the set, though superior to basic steel and black oxide bits, are not designed to serve as concrete or masonry drill bits. They can be used for different surfaces including wood, which steel and oxide types are not geared to handle owing to the fact that the more inferior types tend to become dull quickly and end up being useless. This means you only need a drill bit from this set and no back up.




Main features explained


The range of bit sizes in this drill bit set provides you with everything you need for a successful project. The set includes 18 bit sizes in all including the frequently used ⅛ inch size, which, along with the other larger bit sizes, comes with 135-degree split points. This makes them suitable for handling harder material and capable of improving drilling accuracy since the bit is kept from wandering from the drilling point when you commence doing the task.


Tougher than basic high speed steel bits, these titanium-coated bits ensure less friction while drilling and also boast high resistance to heat. This increases the life of the bit up to 6 times for longer life while enabling faster drilling speeds. The bits also boast higher surface hardness, staying sharp longer compared to standard HSS bits.




The included heavy duty storage case makes it easy to keep the drill bits in the set organized. The case features neat compartments with the sizes printed on the tray so you can just refer to that when picking out the right drill bit for your application. This eliminates the guesswork and also prevents wastage of resources in your workshop. There are multiple quantity bits of every diameter, ensuring you don’t run out of any drill bit just in case you lose some.


The perfect set for DIYers and professionals alike, this product comes with every drill bit you need for drilling a variety of materials including PVC or plastic, metal, wood and fiberglass. The bits start drilling on contact with the surface of the workpiece so there are no worries about wandering or walking from the drilling point.


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