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Makita T-01725 Review

Last Updated: 02.12.20




Notable features


This is undoubtedly the best drill bit set from Makita that ensures genuine value for money.

Each drill bit is given a black oxide coating that resists corrosion.

The drill bits are compatible with electric or battery-powered drivers/drills, quick-change connector systems and impact drivers.

The drill bits are given exclusive heat treatment to ensure they are sharper and have longer lasting life.

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Known issues


The drills bits in the set are good as replacement bits and are not to be used for heavy duty projects. They are fine when drilling simple holes or if you want to drive screws in quickly. They are not for detail work.

A great set for any novice do-it-yourselfer and moderate technician applications, the drill bits seem to have a greasy black oil residue covering them, which is due to the black oxide coating that keeps the bits from easily breaking. This does not detract from the performance of the pieces in the set for general purpose drilling. The drill bits do what they are designed to do and not much else.




Main features explained


This professional quality 70-piece bit set offers real value for money for the do-it-yourselfer. The bits offer functionality as replacement items when you want to supplement an existing drill bit set. There are 70 drill bits in all so you have lots of alternative pieces to use in case you want your old drill bits to get a rest after exhaustive drilling.




The black oxide coating is designed to enable the bits to resist corrosion. Rust won’t be a problem since the bits are treated to black oxide coating at the factory. The finish also increases durability so they can last longer compared to basic high speed steel bits. Black oxide coated HSS bits also work well on a range of materials such as hardwood, metal, PVC, softwood and fiberglass.


The drill bits can be used on a variety of tools in your collection including an impact driver, battery or electric-powered drivers and drills and quick-change connector systems. This means you don’t have to be picky about which tools can be outfitted with the bits, and this helps you perform plenty of tasks and complete different projects using tools that require the use of drill bits.


The drill bits also get proprietary heat treatment that makes them sharper and last longer. They are made of high speed steel and are equipped with precision 135-degree split tip points that are flatter and are designed for drilling tougher material despite requiring a pilot hole to keep them from wandering. Get improved drilling accuracy from the split-tip points that keep the bit from walking when you commence drilling.


Buy from for ($33.22)