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DeWalt DW1361 Review

Last Updated: 09.12.21




Notable features


Every piece in this best drill bit set from DEWALT is equipped with a titanium pilot point that ensures longer bit life, perfect for use as an accessory with any top quality drill press.

The drill bits start on contact to ensure drilling of cleaner holes, with less likelihood of tearing and ugly splinters when making the pilot hole.

The tapered web of each drill bit in this 21-piece set is designed to offer reliable durability, which is the trademark of DEWALT quality.

The shanks ensure no spin for effortless connection into the chuck of a spinning mandrel.

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Known issues


One user rues that although this is a good quality drill bit set, the drill bits do not perform quite well on hardwoods, stainless steel and other hardened material. However, this observation is disputed by the fact that some users have found the drill bits to slice through steel like butter, despite the fact that the manufacturer specifies they are to be used on plastic material. Those successful enough to drill on steel with the drill bits recommend starting at a lower torque setting and working one’s way up from there.

The same user says the points get dull quickly. However, another user points out that the bits are nearly as sharp as machine-shop drill bits when new. The titanium coating serves to keep the edge usable for plenty of drilling. These are pilot point drill bits that can last through many holes but once they become dull, sharpening removes the tough coating and this can influence the longevity of the edge, reducing functionality to just 5 to 10 holes before they turn dull again. It is recommended that once sharpened, the bits be used only to drill wood.




Main features explained


Each piece in this best DEWALT drill bit set is equipped with a titanium pilot point that ensures longer bit life, making them high-speed steel (HSS) bits that are tougher compared to basic HSS bits so they last longer. Able to stay sharp longer, the titanium pilot point tip produces less friction so entry into the workpiece is smooth. Although the manufacturer specifies they are suited for plastic, there’s no reason you can’t use them on fiberglass, metal and wood along with PVC.




The titanium patented Pilot Point bits start on contact so you can just let the tool do most of the work. This means you won’t have to apply too much pressure but only steady pressure directly parallel to the drill bit. Producing accurate, clean holes, the drill bits come with incredible high surface hardness while being resistant to corrosion, reducing the friction between them and the material being drilled through for instant start ups. Once your drill enters the workpiece, you have continuous contact till the tool breaks through the bottom or is taken out of the hole.


The tapered web will not hamper chip flow and cause tool failure. The constant web construction makes the flute area consistent as well so the chip will not need to ‘climb a hill’ when exiting the material. The high hardness level of the drill bits also contributes in this aspect.


The drill bits boast no-spin shanks to ensure they lock securely to the chuck. This ensures good centering and high torque capabilities while delivering reliable durability to reduce bit breakage. Moreover, the drill bits come in sizes from 1/16 inch to ½ inch and are housed in a tough plastic case for versatility in use and easy portability. They can drill through non-ferrous metals, wood and plastic and can be used for residential and commercial applications.


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