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6 Best Greenworks Cordless Chainsaws – Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 12.08.22


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Greenworks Cordless Chainsaw + Reviews


If you are looking for the best Greenworks cordless chainsaw, we have you covered. In this short paragraph, you will find the crucial information required for making an informed decision. According to the research led by our team, the number one product that deserves your attention is the Greenworks PRO 18-Inch 80V Cordless Chainsaw GCS80450. This model comes equipped with essential features, such as an electronic chain brake that ensures safe operation at all times. Efficiency is of the utmost importance when using a cordless chainsaw, so you’ll be glad to learn that you can perform up to 150 cuts on one battery charge. The noise levels are low, making it ideal for anyone looking for a model with quiet operation. In case this particular model is no longer available, we suggest the Greenworks 10-Inch 24V Cordless Chainsaw 20362 as a reliable second choice.



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6 Best Greenworks Cordless Chainsaws (Updated Reviews) in 2022



Greenworks is a company well-known for its power tools and offers a wide range of cordless chainsaws. While having an extensive offer to pick from is great, finding the right model for your needs can be a hassle. We are here to help you, so you will find below the most critically-acclaimed units worth your hard-earned dollar.



1. Greenworks PRO 18-Inch 80V Cordless Chainsaw GCS80450 


As you look for a unit to satisfy your needs, the Greenworks cordless chainsaw reviews you will find online will point to a particular model the most often. This model is the GCS80450, a cordless chainsaw equipped with a DigiPro brushless motor. According to the manufacturer, it delivers the same performance you would get from a 45cc gas unit.

It is easy to see why this model deserves all the attention. First of all, you don’t have to deal with all the unpleasant drawbacks of a gas-operated chainsaw. It is much quieter, and you don’t have to worry about weather conditions influencing the ease of starting up your power tool. The brushless motor guarantees long life and provides extra torque for the most challenging tasks.

The unit doesn’t come with a battery, and you must know that a 2Ah battery is required. When fully charged, the battery will supply you with enough power to perform up to 150 cuts.

You will notice right away that the tool comes with plenty of extra features. For instance, the durable handle is a sign of a well-made product. The electronic chain brake is a crucial safety feature, while the rapid battery charge time ensures you will be able to use your tool extensively.



The DigiPro brushless motor is a guarantee for durability and provides extra torque for handling tasks of all kinds without a glitch.

On a single battery charge, you can expect to perform up to 150 cuts, which makes it an excellent choice for someone who needs to use such a tool on a regular basis.

You will love the wraparound handle that offers superior ergonomics and contributes to the overall durability of the unit.

Safety comes first, and the electronic chain brake is there to prevent accidents.

The electric start makes it easy to use your power tool, regardless of weather conditions.



A battery is not included with this model, and you will have to buy it separately, along with a charger, which leads to extra expenses.

Compared to its gas-operated equivalent, this chainsaw will feel bulky and heavier, so consider such aspects for the kind of work you intend to do with it.

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2. Greenworks 10-Inch 24V Cordless Chainsaw 20362 


One excellent aspect of the product range offered by Greenworks is that anyone can find a power tool that fits his or her budget. In this case, we review a cheap Greenworks cordless chainsaw that even comes with a battery and a charger included. Now, you don’t have to worry about having to buy extra parts to make your tool work.

The 24V Li-Ion battery is ideal for various indoor and outdoor pools, which means you can use it on other products from the same company. If you’re wondering what this chainsaw can do, let’s start with the bar and chain. The 10-inch size is ideal for going through tree branches and limbs without a problem.

Another thing that will convince you of the convenience and efficiency of this model is the tool-less chain tensioning system. When using this unit, you can work on such adjustments on the go so that you don’t stop the work.

Many users like the automatic oiling system that delivers the much-needed oil as required during operation. This way, the lifespan and efficiency of the chain are improved. While on this topic, it serves to know that the oil tank has a transparent casing to allow you to check its oil levels.



A 2.0Ah battery and a charger come with the package and guarantee that you have everything you need to start working.

This 10-inch cordless chainsaw is ideal for cutting through branches and limbs without difficulty and excellent for everyday yard work.

When you have to make quick adjustments to the chain, you will be able to do them on the go due to the tool-less chain adjustment system available.

The tool comes with an automatic oiler, which takes care of the good functioning of the chain at all times.

Through the transparent oil tank housing, you will be able to check the oil levels without any hassle.



Prepare a considerable amount of chainsaw oil when you want to use it, as it consumes considerably more than gas-operated units.

Because of its slow speed, you might notice that it’s much easier to use it for cutting thicker limbs than small branches.

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3. Greenworks G-MAX 40V 16-Inch Cordless Chainsaw 20322 


Another affordable Greenworks cordless chainsaw you will find included in our list is the 20322 model. However, this one doesn’t come with a battery and a charger, like the previous model. While that can be considered a drawback, there are plenty of other things to like about it, besides the attractive price tag.

For starters, it comes equipped with a brushless motor, so you will get your tool running for a longer time compared to models outfitted with traditional engines. You will also enjoy extra torque, and you will find this tool ideal for handling varied tasks.

Another thing that must be mentioned is how the motor design ensures that there is less vibration. That counts toward the user’s overall comfort and allows you to use the tool for prolonged times without experiencing the usual drawbacks.

As on other models from Greenworks, you will find a plethora of safety features available. The chain brake is an essential part of any safety system, while the handguard and the quick-release trigger ensure extra protection. An automatic oiler makes sure that the chain is in tip-top condition, and you get to use it for a longer time.



Due to the brushless motor, you experience considerably less vibration, which adds to the overall user’s comfort.

Even more, this type of motor design helps to increase the lifespan of the unit so that you can use it for a longer time without requiring any engine repairs.

You will get 30% more torque, which means that tackling difficult tasks becomes much easier.

An automatic oil dispenser is included so that the chain remains well-oiled during operation.

Essential safety features, such as a chain brake, are readily available and make this tool a recommended buy.



You won’t get a battery and a charger with this model, so be prepared for some extra expenses if you decide in its favor.

The chain delivered with the model does a decent job, but it will dull in time if you use it regularly; therefore, you will have to purchase replacements.

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4. Greenworks 12-Inch 40V Chainsaw 2000219 


In case you prefer your cordless chainsaw to come along with a battery and a charger included, this model is for you. The unit has a 12-inch bar and chain, so you will discover right away that it’s easy to go through tough limbs without a problem.

Should durability be a matter of concern for you, here’s a piece of information that will put your mind at ease. This cordless chainsaw has an automatic oiler that will take care of the chain so that it doesn’t wear out too fast. The convenience offered must also be mentioned, as you won’t have to stop and do the oiling yourself.

Even more, this unit appears to have been built with your comfort and convenience in mind. Changing the tension in the chain doesn’t require the use of tools, so you will find this model to be right up your alley in terms of the comfort offered to users.

The electric start makes things a breeze, and you don’t have to go through the frustration of not being able to get your tool to work when the temperatures outside drop. You will be happy with how quiet the chainsaw is compared to its gas-operated counterparts.



The 12-inch chain length is ideal for trimming branches and cutting limbs without a glitch.

You will appreciate the durability-oriented features such as the automated oiler that takes care of the chain for you.

Adjusting the chain tension doesn’t involve any tools and is performed fast and easy for your convenience.

Users will find this model to be much quieter than gas units, something that makes it ideal for anyone looking for a comfortable chainsaw.

A 2.0Ah battery and a charger are included, so you won’t have to purchase these parts separately.



The oil tank housing is opaque, which means that you won’t be able to check the oil levels without taking the cap off and looking inside.

Because of the low speed, the chain will jump off-dry wood, and that may take some getting used to until you can get the most out of your tool.

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5. Greenworks 14-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw CS40L210 


If you are looking for more than an average cordless chainsaw, this model is an excellent recommendation. First of all, the 14-inch chain is guaranteed to undertake more challenging tasks, and trimming treetops is possible. You will feel that the tool is dependable from the beginning, and it appears to be built with durability and convenience in mind.

Besides the advantages offered by an electric model, such as zero fuel emissions and a lot less noise than when using a gas model, this one provides excellent features that will convince you to take an extra look. The electric start is comfortable, as you will only have to push a button to make the tool come to life.

Since it comes equipped with a brushless motor, you can expect this tool to last for a long time. Also, on the upside, it requires very low maintenance, and it is the type of tool you can forget about for a while and then take out of the shed and get it to work without any problems. However, routine cleaning is recommended.

Because this model comes with an included 2.0Ah battery, you won’t have to worry about extra expenses once you get the chainsaw. It is ready to use out of the box.



On a full battery charge, expect this model to perform up to 100 cuts, which is quite good for a cordless model.

You will notice plenty of safety features on this model, such as the convenient handguard that will protect you from rogue splinters flying around.

For your comfort, the handle has a wraparound design and comes with a rubberized grip to ensure that you will be able to hold it and manipulate it without any issues.

Buyers receive a battery and a charger, something that not all products in this category come along with.



The battery included with your purchase takes quite a bit of time to charge, about 2-3 hours, so it’s not the best option for someone who wants to cut through limbs and branches for hours.

You will notice that this model has some tough time trying to cut through wet wood, which is something to bear in mind.

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6. Greenworks Pro 80V 16″ Brushless Chainsaw CS80L02 


Sometimes, you may need a powerful chainsaw with a large chain so that you can handle the toughest work in your yard. If that’s what you’re looking for, the CS80L02 from Greenworks is a highly recommended choice. As you can quickly tell from the specs offered by the manufacturer, it works with an 80V battery, not with the usual 40V type you see on most cordless chainsaws.

Besides the more powerful battery, this model also comes with a 16-inch chain. Most people don’t need a tool this big, but for those who do, it is great to know that there’s a tool out there, made with their requirements in mind.

Protection is paramount when manipulating power tools, and Greenworks is well-aware of it. The chain brake adds extra safety, allowing you to use the CS80L02 without worrying about a thing. The chain is oiled correctly by the automated oiler that improves its lifespan.

Other features, such as the metal bucking spikes, ensure that you have proper leverage when using this tool. The battery is not included, but it serves to know that you will need a 2.5Ah model. On a single charge, you will be able to perform up to 115 cuts.



The most significant advantage offered by this model is the outstanding 16-inch that provides you with the ability to cut through larger limbs and even logs.

You will enjoy extra leverage due to the metal bucking spikes included in this design by the manufacturer.

The potential offered by this tool on a single battery charge is up to 115 cuts, which is pretty neat considering that you can even use it for commercial applications.

Making quick adjustments to the chain tension is easy, and overall, you will find this model to be an excellent and comfortable option.

Safety features are also present, such as a chain brake, to ensure proper operation.



This model doesn’t come with an included battery, which means you will have to purchase it separately.

Because of the larger size of the bar and chain, this cordless chainsaw is considerably bulkier and heavier than other models.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


When comparing electric chainsaws to gas-operated models, the advantages are obvious. They don’t pollute the environment like their gas counterparts, they are not as noisy, and they are overall comfortable to use. Greenworks is a company specializing in battery-operated power tools, which is why we offer you this guide on the best Greenworks cordless chainsaws and how to choose the right one for your needs.

The chain size and why it matters

One of the first things you should notice when reading the specs of any cordless chainsaw is the chain size. This aspect is essential for purchasing the correct model for the type of work you have in mind. A chain size that is too small or too large could make it difficult for you to perform the tasks you bought a chainsaw for in the first place.

You will find Greenworks cordless chainsaws with a chain length as small as 10 inches. If you are interested in performing small cuts now and then, without even thinking about cutting through large logs, this category is for you. 10-inch chainsaws are lightweight compared to the rest of their siblings, so almost anyone can manipulate them. They tend to be the most comfortable, but don’t expect them to handle heavy-duty tasks.

12-inch chainsaws are standard in the Greenworks lineup of cordless models. They are also convenient to use and comfortable, but they are more capable of handling branches and limbs, compared to the category mentioned above.

If you are interested in something that can handle tougher jobs, 16-inch and 18-inch chainsaws may be more up your alley. These powerful tools come with a lot more power than the smaller models, but they are also heavier and bulkier. Don’t expect anyone to be able to manipulate such a tool, so make sure that you understand all the implications of purchasing a large cordless chainsaw.

However, it is worth mentioning that Greenworks generally does an excellent job at equipping all its power tools with ergonomics-oriented features to make their use as comfortable as possible.


A brushless motor can take you a long way

The motor design is one thing that many buyers are interested in learning about while they are browsing through the offer of cordless chainsaws on the market. You will be happy to learn that even cheap Greenworks cordless chainsaws come equipped with brushless motors.

This type of engine is particular in the sense that there is considerably less friction between the parts, which, in turn, offers a longer lifespan for the motor. In other words, if you get a model with a brushless motor, you can expect it to last longer.

However, that’s not the only advantage offered. A brushless motor provides more torque and power compared to a traditional design. Therefore, you will get a lot more done with a cordless chainsaw equipped with a brushless motor than one without. Most Greenworks products you will find on the market come with this technology, so you can rest assured that their power and efficiency are superior.


Safety features for your peace of mind

When working with a cordless chainsaw, as with any other power tool, you must also be aware of the importance of safety. You should always follow all the manufacturer’s instructions and pay extra attention to aspects that could lead to the occurrence of an accident.

For this reason, chainsaws that come equipped with multiple safety features are preferred to those that only offer minimal protection for the user. In this case, it is laudable to notice that even affordable Greenworks cordless chainsaws ensure excellent safety by being outfitted with several features that cater to this particular aspect.

A chain brake is an absolute requirement, and you will find it on Greenworks chainsaws. The primary role of this safety feature is to prevent the movement of the chain. When you must change the position of the cut you perform, you have to start a cut, or you are between cuts, the chain brake comes in handy.

The chain brake activates to stop the movement so that you don’t become the victim of a chainsaw that rotates its chain haphazardly. In old chainsaws, this was a big issue and the cause of many horrendous accidents. To eliminate such hazards, Greenworks equips its cordless chainsaws with such an indispensable safety feature.

You will also notice that this manufacturer offers a handguard that prevents wood splinters from hitting you while working. Metal bucking spikes ensure that you get the necessary leverage for holding the tool in the correct position, contributing to the overall protection and safety you will enjoy while using a chainsaw.

Ergonomics and overall comfort

The surest way to enjoy using a power tool is having the most conveniences at your fingertips. Earlier, we talked about the balance between the power and chain length offered by a cordless chainsaw on the one hand, and the overall weight and ease of use, on the other. Greenworks is among the manufacturers who focus on offering users the possibility to use their tools for a long time without experiencing too much discomfort.

Look for features such as a wraparound handle that makes manipulating a cordless chainsaw so much easier. It also serves to have a rubberized grip since a solid hold on your power tool will work wonders for your peace of mind.


Durability, pricing, and other considerations

Many good things can be said about Greenworks cordless chainsaws, and one of them is that the best models are highly durable. They are equipped with brushless motors, and overall, they are made from high-quality materials that make all the difference. Of course, you will want to pay attention to other aspects such as pricing; Greenworks offers tools for every budget, which is helpful when you are shopping for an affordable product.

One other thing you should be aware of when shopping for a Greenworks model is that some units come with an included battery and charger, while others don’t. The required battery is usually listed by the manufacturer, and the good news is that Greenworks batteries can be used interchangeably between their products. In case you happen to have another Greenworks product that is battery-operated, you will be able to use the same battery for your newly-acquired chainsaw.

Any Greenworks cordless chainsaw review will tell you that the battery power is a good indicator of what the respective tool can do. 40V and 80V batteries are the most common, and it’s easy to tell the difference between them. The capacity of the battery is measured in Ah, and 2.0Ah and 2.5Ah batteries are the kinds you will see most often.

Check the model you intend to purchase for an automated oiler. This feature will keep your chain in good working order and will prolong its life. The great thing about cordless chainsaws is that they need a lot less maintenance than gas units, and such features only contribute to their excellent reputation in that area.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Are battery chainsaws worth it?

If you don’t run a business that requires cutting through wood logs and tree limbs from dawn till dusk, battery chainsaws are an option you may want to consider. Cordless models have come a long way, and today, they even match the performance of gas-powered units. The advantages they provide are numerous.

First of all, they are better for the environment. They don’t use fuel to work, and therefore, they don’t produce harmful emissions. It can be the most solid argument in favor of battery models for many people, but that is not all. You can surely appreciate how less noisy they are, compared to gas models. The vibration is reduced, as well, so you will experience a lot more comfort while using the tool.

The low maintenance required is another plus. Electric chainsaws with batteries don’t need the same amount of care gas units do. You will still have to remove any leaves and debris caught in the chain before storing the tool away, but overall, you will have a lot less to do than when using a gas-operated model.

In case you own other power tools that work on batteries, in most cases, you will be able to use these batteries between them without a problem. However, there are some downsides to consider. A battery charge will deliver only a limited amount of cuts, and then you will have to wait for it to recharge. Also, batteries, even the best, don’t last forever, and you will have to replace them now and then.

Q: Is Greenworks a good brand for chainsaws?

Greenworks is among the manufacturers with a solid reputation for making some of the most dependable chainsaws currently available. It makes electric models, so if you are conscious about protecting the environment from harmful emissions, but you still need a reliable power tool, you will find the products made by this company to be exactly what you need.

The chainsaws Greenworks makes are among the most powerful on the market. What’s also great about its lineup is that the offer is generous, and the chances are that you will find what you need without too much trouble. In case you need a chainsaw that cuts through almost anything, but you don’t want a gas-fueled model, you will find Greenworks models to be excellent for your needs.

This manufacturer works with different voltages, so the batteries that come with its products are varied. Another thing you will surely appreciate about getting a battery-powered chainsaw made by Greenworks is that the battery used for it is most likely to work for other power tools that use the same system.

Another thing worth noting about this company is that it makes affordable models. While the heavy-duty options may be a bit more expensive, they are still competitive. In case you are interested in striking the optimal balance between value and performance, you will do great with one of the chainsaws made by this manufacturer. All in all, Greenworks is a good brand for chainsaws, and you won’t regret getting one.


Q: Where are the Greenworks chainsaws made?

Greenworks Tools is the name of the manufacturer making the popular electric chainsaws you see in stores everywhere, and it is part of a larger group called Globe Tools. The mother company is Chinese, and the Greenworks chainsaws are made at a large plant located in Changzhou, close to Shanghai, in China.

The plant employs around 4,000 workers. While this is where the power tools are made, Greenworks Tools also has offices in Toronto, Canada, in Germany, and in the US. Several years ago, the company established its distribution headquarters in Mooresville, North Carolina. The investment was estimated at around 2 million dollars.

Greenworks was established in 2006 in Canada. Its founder, Yin Chen, is responsible for introducing batteries to outdoor power tools. At the time, this vision was a game-changer, and now cordless chainsaws are more popular than ever. Yin Chen remains the CEO of the company to this day and the major shareholder.

An interesting aspect about this company is that, in 2016, it received an important infusion of capital from Stihl, the family-owned German company that specializes in power tools similar to what Greenworks produces in its manufacturing operations located in Changzhou. The details about the equity acquired by Stihl weren’t disclosed, but this involvement definitely plays a role in making Globe Tools a global player in the market of power tools.

Greenworks sells its chainsaws worldwide, and the excellent value offered for the price makes its products some of the most competitive at the moment.