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9 Best Electric Caulk Guns Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 25.01.21


Best Electric Caulk Gun Review – Top Rated Models with Buying Guide


The best electric caulk gun can deliver flawless reliability so that you are never left in short supply in the middle of a job. However, finding the right product isn’t as easy as it sounds. After a thorough analysis of the top-rated models in this line, we have concluded that the unit that offers the quality, reliability, and ease of use that customers demand is the DEWALT 20V MAX DCE560B Cordless Caulking Gun. For starters, this model comes with a variable speed trigger that lets the user have full control over the flow of the adhesive. The anti-drip feature is capable of retracting the plunging rod automatically to prevent excess caulk material from dripping out. Switching between different canister sizes is also effortless since this model comes with Quick Connect interchangeable canister trays. If our first option is not available, another great cordless caulk gun that you can get is the Ryobi P310G 18V Pistol Grip Caulk Gun.



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9 Best Electric Caulk Guns (Updated Reviews) in 2021



Whether you’re looking for an affordable electric caulk gun or a top-of-the-line model, we have prepared a list of the critically acclaimed products for you to choose from. The options you’ll find below stood out thanks to their quality, power, and reliability. Take a look to see how easy it is to find an electric caulking gun that meets your needs.



1. DEWALT 20V MAX DCE560B Cordless Caulking Gun 


This option features a new and improved design with plenty of features that will make sealing and gluing much easier in both automotive and construction applications. It includes a variable speed trigger that allows the user to have increased control over the flow of the adhesive in the canister.

The variable speed dial is easy to use, and it allows for speed adjustments during operation so that you can get jobs done faster without having to slow down. You can also change between canister sizes effortlessly since this option comes with Quick Connect interchangeable canister trays.  

The one feature that customers have praised the most is the Anti-Drip technology. This feature will retract the plunging rod automatically before you finish the run to prevent the excess adhesive from dripping out and creating a mess. The tool can be used with various adhesives, including silicone, polyurethane, latex, flexible epoxy, and more.



It comes with a rubber over-mold ergonomic grip that’s designed to provide a comfortable hold, and it is slip-resistant for increased accuracy and better control.

The Quick Connect interchangeable canister trays allow for easy change between canister sizes, which means that the tool is versatile enough to fit the most common needs of both professional and amateur users.

It has an LED work light, which makes it easier to operate the tool in dark corners or other low-light work areas.

The Anti-Drip feature makes using the tool feel easier and more accessible for all users since it does an excellent job of helping minimize mess and waste.



The plunger tends to move fast even when the slowest setting is selecting, which means that the unit is better suited for heavy-duty tasks and less so for those that require finesse.

The housing that connects the rotating cylinder to hold adhesive tubes in place is made of plastic, and this makes it more susceptible to breakage.

Buy from for ($194.48)




2. Ryobi P310G 18V Pistol Grip Caulk Gun 


This model stands out thanks to its affordability, but it doesn’t disappoint in the performance department either since it has a powerful motor that delivers 500 lbs. of thrust force. Thus, if you’re looking for a tool that can work with moderately viscous materials, and you’re on a tight budget, the Ryobi P310G is an excellent choice.

It uses an 18V battery that is very efficient since it can dispense up to 200 tubes of caulk on a single charge. This level of energy efficiency allows this model to handle heavy-duty jobs since it lets users complete time-consuming tasks without having to take a break and recharge the tool.

There’s also a variable speed adjuster that enables the tool to dispense differently sized beads. The speed and lock switch are positioned strategically on the handle for quick access. You don’t need both hands to engage the switch, you can use just the hand you’re holding the tool with.



The variable speed switch lets you adjust the discharge rate easily, and this, in turn, will allow you to have better control of the bead of caulk.

You can trust this model to deliver long-lasting performance since the gears and carriage frame are made of durable materials that will ensure tool longevity.

The unit features an onboard puncture tool that lets you break the tube seal if needed without having to use or purchase yet another product.

The handle is center balanced, and it uses the new and improved GRIPZONE overmold for increased user comfort, optimum grip, and enhanced accuracy.



It is not that easy to control the speed of the caulk gun, especially for beginners, which means that for certain jobs, it is more difficult to achieve a good-looking bead.

There’s no anti-drip feature, and once you let go of the trigger, the caulk in the tube will keep coming out.

Buy from for ($49.4)




3. Makita XGC01Z 18V LXT Cordless Caulk Gun 


The powerful motor that this unit uses allows it to achieve a dispensing force of 1,100 pounds, which is impressive and makes it a suitable choice for anyone working with denser sealants. It may be a heavy-duty product, but Makita hasn’t forgotten the importance of portability since the unit weighs just 5.1 pounds, and it is easy and comfortable to use.

It comes with a 5-speed dial and a variable trigger. These features are essential since they give the user complete control over the flow rate of the caulk material. Thus, you can customize the flow rate to meet all the various applications around the house.

There’s no need to worry about waste since this model comes with a drip-reduction feature that relieves pressure on the material automatically once you’ve taken your finger off the trigger. This way, you won’t have to worry about unintentional dispensing, which can end up creating a mess in your workplace.



It comes with an impressive Makita-built motor that can deliver 1,100 lbs. of dispensing force, and this allows the tool to dispense very dense caulk materials with relative ease.

The 5-speed dial provides increased versatility since the flow rate is adjustable from 0-66 inches per minute so that you can achieve a professional finish.

The unit is fitted with a rubberized soft grip handle that provides superior comfort, and the material has an anti-slip quality for better control.

You can use the tool everywhere since it comes equipped with a powerful built-in LED with an afterglow that can illuminate the work area.



It runs on an 18V LXT battery, but unfortunately, it is sold separately, so you will have to factor this into your budget.

This option can fit 10 oz. cartridges, and while this is enough for most jobs, it is a detail that can slow you down when dealing with bigger projects.

Buy from for ($219.99)




4. Milwaukee Electric Tool 2441-21 M12 Caulk Gun Kit 


If you’re looking for a portable cordless powered caulk gun that is easy to carry, you’re in luck since this model boasts a compact design, and it can easily dispense everyday construction adhesives and sealants. This option is designed to work with 10 oz. cartridge style material containers and it can deliver up to 400 lbs. of pushing force.

The unit is powered by an M12 REDLITHIUM battery, which is known for its performance and energy efficiency. With a single charge, the battery can dispense up to 150 10-oz. tubes of building sealant or adhesive. You can also control the speed of the pushing force since the unit comes with a variable speed trigger and a max-speed dial.

Another feature that has garnered a lot of praise is the auto-reversing anti-drip feature that makes using the tool a breeze. This feature can prevent unwanted mess by automatically relieving pressure on the cartridge once you release the trigger.



This unit delivers exceptional versatility since Milwaukee also offers additional accessory conversion kits that let you change to 20 oz. and Quart cartridges.

It comes with an adjustable knob that regulates just how much caulking material is dispensed so that the unit can handle a wide variety of applications.

Once you release the trigger, the tool backs the piston automatically to prevent caulking material from dripping from the nozzle.

The package comes with an M12 battery and charger, and the battery life is excellent since with a single charge, you can dispense up to 150 10 oz. cartridges.

It is one of the lightest options you’ll find on the market, and its compact design increases comfort and facilitates transport and storage.



The assembly process is slightly difficult since placing the piston onto the rod requires a fair amount of pressure.

It doesn’t deliver the control and accuracy that are needed for very small jobs.

Buy from for ($197.98)




5. Makita XGC01ZC 18V LXT Cordless Caulk Gun


This cordless tool delivers excellent performance in a lightweight body, and it is versatile enough to handle all types of applications, from dispensing large amounts of caulk to jobs that require a lot of finesse. All this is achieved thanks to the 5-setting speed dial that can optimize the flow rate of the caulk material from 0 to 66 inches per minute.

The unit uses a variable speed trigger so that users can optimize the flow rate according to the needs of the task at hand. Furthermore, the unit is powered by a very powerful motor that can achieve 1,100 lbs. of dispensing force. Thus, even tasks that require the highest viscosity sealants and adhesives won’t pose a problem to this high-performance tool.

For added convenience, the unit includes a 360-degree rotatable cartridge holder that makes fitting new cartridges a breeze, and you won’t have to waste any time struggling with the holder mechanism. The holder can fit 10 oz. cartridges.



To minimize mess, this model comes with an overload indicator light that notifies the operator when the tool is close to being overloaded so that the sealant cartridge doesn’t break.

This option is compact and light since even with the battery attached, it weighs just 5.1 pounds, and this will make overhead applications more manageable.

It may be small, but this model comes equipped with a beast of a motor that can achieve 1,100 lbs. of dispensing force that allows it to handle even very high-viscosity caulk materials.

There’s a built-in LED light that is very useful when working in areas that are not properly illuminated.



It uses an 18V LXT battery that is sold separately, and this is hard to excuse since even far more affordable options come with the battery in the package.

It doesn’t have a hook for hanging the gun, which is yet another baffling design choice that Makita has made with this model.

Buy from for ($224.99)




6. DEWALT 20V MAX DCE560D1 Cordless Caulking Gun 


This versatile model delivers the power and performance that are needed for a wide variety of sealing and gluing applications since it is compatible with various adhesives, including silicone, polyurethane, latex, and more. The unit comes fitted with a battery and a charger so that you can start using it right away without having to purchase additional accessories.

The most notable feature that this model offers is the Anti-Drip technology that makes sure that unlike manual caulk guns, this one won’t drip and cause a mess once you release the trigger. You’ll no longer need to keep a paper towel near you since with this option, you are guaranteed a mess-free experience.

This model is compatible with 10 oz. canisters, but additional tube accessories are available so that you can use the unit with other canister sizes as well. The item weighs just 4.1 pounds, which means that it is very compact and easy to hold even for elevated applications.



The ergonomics are excellent since this model uses the time-tested DEWALT handle form that’s coupled with a lightweight design to achieve superior comfort.

It delivers plenty of power, and it can be used with a wide variety of caulk materials, including latex, flexible epoxy, silicone, and many more.

Changing the canister mid-task is not an issue with this option since it comes with a straightforward holder that allows for tool-free canister replacement.

It comes with a hook that is a must-have for both amateur and professional DIYers since it allows the unit not to occupy a lot of storage space when not in use.



The Anti-Drip feature works well for most applications, but when working with very thick adhesives, you can still experience some dripping even when the plunger backs off.

There’s a learning curve in operating it, which is why it is best to experiment with a cheap cartridge of caulking first before you put it to use on your first project.

Buy from for ($251.99)




7. Milwaukee Electric Tool 2441-20 Cordless Caulk Gun 


This option boasts a compact construction that doesn’t make compromises when it comes to performance or features. It includes a variable speed trigger and a maximum speed dial that together give the user full control over the speed at which the caulk material flows out of the cartridge.

This option is also suitable for applications where control is essential since it comes with an auto-reversing feature that controls the amount of caulk material that is dispensed. This way, you can tackle jobs that require finesse since, with this tool, all your beads will be good-looking and consistent.

To power the unit, Milwaukee uses an M12 battery, which is known for its superior performance and energy efficiency. One full charge is enough to handle up to 150 10 oz. cartridges of caulk material, and depending on how often you use the caulk gun, this can translate into weeks and even months of battery power.



It is powered by a high-capacity M12 battery that allows the caulk gun to deliver up to 150 cartridges of caulk material on a single charge.

At 4.56 pounds, this option is lightweight enough to operate for long hours, and it is also usable in elevated spots that require you to keep the gun overhead.

It has a caulk capacity of 10 ounces, which means that the unit is compatible with most cartridges on the market, and the large capacity will minimize reloading and downtimes.

Operators have absolute control over the speed of the machine since the caulk gun features a variable speed trigger and a maximum speed dial.



It can only deliver a pressure of 400 lbs. and while this amount is more than enough for most DIY applications around the home, larger projects require more power.

The M12 battery and the charger are sold separately, so you’ll need to keep this in mind before purchasing.

Buy from for ($153.14)




8. Makita GC01ZA 12V CXT Caulk Gun 


This model is a versatile, lightweight, and powerful solution that will make dispensing large amounts of caulk and adhesives much easier. It is powered by a heavy-duty motor that can deliver an impressive dispensing force of 1,100 lbs. This means that the gun can handle even the highest viscosity sealants and adhesives.

Operators will be able to tackle a wider variety of jobs since the unit comes equipped with a 6-speed dial that lets users optimize the flow rate of the caulking material. Thus, this model is also suitable for applications where superior control is needed in order to achieve a perfect bead.

The efficiency of this option is also worth praising since the gun comes with a drip-reduction feature that will automatically relieve pressure on the material to prevent excess waste. With a length of just 15-7/8”, this caulk gun also boasts a compact and ergonomic design that’s comfortable to use and easy to store when not in use.



The 5-speed dial allows the operator to customize the flow rate from 0 to 66 inches per minute so that the gun can be used for both large and small applications.

It comes with an overload indicator light that tells the user when the tool is nearly overloaded to minimize the chance of the sealant cartridge breaking.

It weighs only 4.2 lbs. with the battery attached, and it has a compact and ergonomic design with rubberized soft grip handle for reduced operator fatigue.

Thanks to the powerful Makita-built motor, this model is capable of dispensing even the highest viscosity adhesives and sealants.



It is not compatible with 12V max pod-style batteries and chargers, and you’ll instead be required to purchase genuine Makita batteries and chargers.

It is an expensive model because you’ll still need to save a little extra for the battery and charger since they don’t come included in the package.

Buy from for ($133.3)




9. Makita GC01ZB 12V CXT Caulk Gun 


This option is designed specifically for heavy-duty applications since it features a 360-degree rotatable cartridge holder that can fit 20 oz. cartridges, sausage packs, as well as bulk caulk and adhesives. It can also handle even the most viscous materials since the unit delivers an impressive dispensing force of up 1,100 lbs.

It weighs only 5.5 lbs. with the battery attached, and while it may not be as lightweight as some of the other models, it is worth noting that this option is one of the few that’s designed to fit 20 oz. cartridges. Even so, users shouldn’t encounter any difficulties using this model since, similarly to other Makita caulk guns, it boasts an ergonomic design with a soft-grip handle.

Furthermore, the customer-favorite drip-reduction feature is present in this model as well, and it helps ensure mess-free and consistent beads with each use and with all types of sealants and adhesives.



There’s a built-in LED light that makes it possible to use the unit even in poorly illuminated work areas so that operators can always achieve perfect beads.

It delivers superior convenience since the versatile design of this model allows it to fit not only 20 oz. cartridges but also sausage packs and bulk caulk and adhesives.

The 5-speed dial delivers increased versatility since it allows the flow rate to be customized from 0 to 66 inches per minute.

It is one of the most powerful caulk guns you can find on the market since the motor delivers enough dispensing force to handle even the highest viscosity caulk materials.



As is the case with most Makita models, this one too comes without a battery, and you’ll need to purchase it separately.

At 5.5 pounds, this model is quite hefty, which makes it a bit difficult to use for overhead applications.

Buy from for ($177.86)




Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


A caulking gun is an essential tool for all handy workers, but finding the best caulk gun is a challenge since there are so many options available on the market that knowing which one to choose can feel overwhelming.

To make the process easier for you, we have looked at numerous electric caulk gun reviews, specialized reports, and other resources to identify the key factors one ought to keep in mind when purchasing this type of product. Take a look below if you’re determined to get a high-quality electric caulk gun.

Caulk capacity

Selecting the right caulk capacity is fairly straightforward. The caulk capacity measures just how much materials the cartridges can carry in a single load. Most options on the market have a capacity of 10 oz. since this is more than enough for most applications.

However, if you are a professional that requires a sizable caulk gun, some models can carry more materials in a single go. Take into consideration the types of jobs that you plan to do with the electric powered caulk gun since while a small capacity model may be more comfortable to use, it may also need to be reloaded more often.

There are also certain models, such as the Milwaukee electric caulk gun, that can accept different cartridge configurations. For buyers who favor versatility, such a feature can prove very useful.


Thrusting force

The thrusting force is the pressure that the motor of the gun can generate to push the caulk and adhesives out of the tube. The force that an electric caulk gun Dewalt can deliver is measured in pounds.

Dense or very viscous sealants and adhesives require a higher force, while less viscous materials will be dispensed easily even by low-powered products. For slightly viscous materials, a gun that delivers around 400 lbs. of pushing force is more than enough.

Moderately viscous materials will require a Dewalt electric caulk gun that can deliver at least 500 lbs. of pushing force. Lastly, for highly viscous adhesives and sealants, customers should switch to a premium electric caulk gun Milwaukee or other reputable brands produce since for these tasks you’ll need at least 1,000 lbs. of pushing force.



The best electric caulk guns are those that can lay a straight bead of the same diameter, and for this to be achievable, a constant flow of material is needed. Even cheap electric caulk guns have the upper hand over a manual model in this department since the motor allows for a continuous output that facilitates a constant flow of caulk materials.

However, if you want to enjoy increased precision, you’ll need to invest in a product that comes equipped with a speed control feature. This is an essential feature since it lets the operator regulate the amount of caulk that comes out of the cartridge.

Different jobs require different outputs of sealant since, for example, when performing a precision joint, you only need a small amount of material. Having control over the caulk flow rate makes it possible to achieve accuracy and clean beads. Furthermore, it can also help prevent under and overconsumption of caulk materials.

This is a feature that often can’t be found on a cheap electric caulk gun, but most models from reputable brands such as Dewalt, Milwaukee, and Ryobi have it.


Sturdiness and durability

A cordless caulking gun should be constructed of high-quality materials so that it can still serve you for years to come without breaking. However, it can be difficult to judge the quality of a product just by looking at it, especially when purchasing online where your first contact with the product happens well after you’ve made the purchase.

Pay close attention to the product page to see what materials the unit is made of. The tool should ideally be made of light steel or aluminum since these materials offer increased strength and durability without adding too much extra weight.

It is possible to find affordable electric caulk guns made of plastic that can still deliver excellent durability, but if possible, it is always advisable to stick with a product that’s made of metal.

If the manufacturer doesn’t mention what types of materials its tool is made of, a good way to get an idea of the sturdiness and durability that the unit offers is to read an expert electric caulk gun review. You may also gain more information by taking a quick look at the customer feedback section.

Comfort and weight

A cordless caulking gun is perfect for prolonged use, but for a product to deliver improved comfort, it needs to come with a soft grip. Other features that can help improve comfort and make using the unit more convenient include having a trigger lock, a loading indicator, and an anti-drip guard.

The weight of the unit is important as well since compared to manual caulking guns, a Ryobi electric caulk gun will feel much heavier in the hand since the tool needs to accommodate a battery and a motor. Both of these components can be quite heavy.

This is why it is important to invest in a product from some of the reputable brands we’ve mentioned earlier since they have done a lot of research and experimentation to keep the weight of their products as low as possible.

If a tool is too heavy, it can become burdensome and slow you down. Weight shouldn’t be a disqualifying factor, but if you plan to do jobs that require you to operate the gun for long periods and in difficult positions, then you’ll need to take weight very seriously.



Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Can a person with arthritis use electric caulk guns?

The main appeal that electric caulk guns have is the superior comfort and ease of use that they offer. This means that everyone can use them, including people with arthritis or users who find it difficult to grip a manual caulk gun. However, not all electric caulk guns offer the same level of comfort.

For starters, you need to consider the weight of the unit, and we recommend going with a product that boasts a compact and lightweight construction. To achieve optimum comfort for people with arthritis, the caulk gun should not weigh more than 4 lbs. with the batteries and all the other accessories attached.

The quality of the grip handle is important as well since it is the part of the unit that your hands will interact with the most. Look for models that feature a handle made of very soft materials. The gun also needs to be balanced properly so that its weight doesn’t cause your hand to shift from one direction to another.

Q: How do you stop caulking from coming out of a gun?

The easiest way to stop the caulking material from coming out of the gun once you release the trigger is to purchase a dripless option. Most electric caulking guns on the market have what’s usually referred to as a drip-free feature. This feature is designed to reduce the pressure on the cartridge once the user releases the trigger.

A drip-free tool can make the job easier for both professional and casual handypeople since it reduces excessive and messy dripping. If you have a Dewalt caulking gun, you probably already have this feature. However, if you’ve purchased a product that lacks this feature, you should make sure to press the release trigger quickly after applying the caulk.

For any excess caulking material, you can use a wet rag or a paper towel to clean and smooth out the caulk lines. Furthermore, the more that you use the tool, the easier it will become for you to develop a feel for the flow and achieve consistent and steady beads.


Q: Should you tape before caulking?

If you want to achieve professional results, then it is certainly advisable to prepare the area for caulking before you apply the material. This is even more important for indoor jobs, such as in the bathroom, where it is easier to notice imperfections. Start by purchasing painters or masking tape, both of them work for this purpose.

The next step is to take the time to look at the line that you want to caulk and apply a piece of tape on both below and above the line so that you have around one-eighth of an inch of space on both sides of the crack. This will help make your caulk lines more aesthetically pleasing, and it makes it easier to clean the workplace once you are done.

However, you shouldn’t remove the tapes immediately once you are done caulking, but rather you should wait until the caulking material has dried to the touch.