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Best Drill Press Worklight Reviews

Last Updated: 06.07.20


What are the best drill press worklights in 2020?


If you don’t have the time to go through our buying guide and you just want to find the best drill press worklight, this short paragraph is all you need to read. After extensive product research and comparison, we have found what we believe is the number one product on the market, the FAJ Multipurpose.  This model stands out because of its ability to brighten your work surface for less stressful completion of your project. This cost-efficient model just needs the magnet to be placed on a metal surface to ensure it won’t slide nor move out of place for a secure positioning and illumination. The light can be adjusted exactly as you need it to be thanks to the flexibility of the 12-inch neck.  The ultra-strong magnetic base ensures easy but secure attachment and equally effortless removal. If the FAJ is unavailable, you could get the second best option, the Rockler Snake Arm.



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Let’s face it. No matter how well we plan them, garages almost always have poor lighting. It could be due to the variety of clutter around the workshop that makes it impossible to place lighting optimally. That said, with the availability of various work lights for drill presses out there, how do you know you have the perfect one for your needs?



Look for the models in the best drill press work light reviews that feature LED technology

Extremely energy-efficient, LED work lights can consume up to 90 percent less power compared to standard incandescent bulbs. Using just a fraction of the energy of an incandescent light bulb, LED work lights can give dramatically reduced power costs.

Energy and money get saved in replacement and maintenance costs because LED lighting offers a long lifespan. In fact, thanks to the low power consumption of LED lights, they have become exceptionally popular as light sources in faraway areas where solar panel energy is utilized.

Despite the higher acquisition costs, LED lights pay for themselves in usage because of the decreased electricity costs. As solid-state lighting devices, LED work lights don’t employ neon gas or filament but basic semiconductor material, which makes for a sturdier design.

.LED work lights also ensure safety in use because they generate virtually no heat even after hours of being left on. Compare this to incandescent light bulbs that give off 90 percent of the energy in the form of heat.



Get the best work light for garage use that provides flexibility

Fixed worklights on a drill press tend to cast ugly shadows right onto the work surface, which means your useful area won’t get illuminated enough especially if the built-in worklight is behind the quill.

Get a garage work light with a flexible neck so you can illuminate the exact spot that needs brightness to reduce errors in drilling. Some models come with a magnetic attachment system on their base so you can stick the worklight onto a suitable surface to keep your hands free to do work, for optimal placement every time.



The best automotive work light provides versatility

You want your work light to be useful for a variety of applications and garage tools. The best ones not only accommodate lighting requirements for a drill press but also for a sewing machine, lathe and other devices with metal surfaces onto which you can attach an ultra-strong magnet.

The worklight should attach securely to the metal surface without sliding down or falling off.

Some models allow you to choose the type of light to replace the existing one in them. This way, you can go for the type of light you are comfortable working with.

Although it is easier to find corded work lights, you may still be able to find the best cordless LED work light if you don’t want the clutter of cables.


3 Best Drill Press Worklights (Updated Reviews) in 2020



There are plenty of work lights for garage and home tools. Do consult the above buying guide to facilitate your decision-making process. Take note of the products described below for even more shopping assistance



1. FAJ Multipurpose


Highly adaptable and versatile, the 20 LED FAJ can serve as a task light for a variety of purposes, including DIY projects around the house as well as commercial construction work. What recommends it the best for heavy-duty applications around a machine shop and building site is the exceptional holding power of its magnetic base.

This is reported to keep it put on any metallic surface, even under heavy vibrations, or even when positioned vertically! This gives you a lot of freedom in placing the lamp, which will be further supplemented by the object’s small overall size and the long metallic gooseneck that allows for virtually unlimited articulation.

This is designed to offer directional light without dazzling the user, which exceptionally bright LEDs are prone to do. That’s why it doesn’t generate significantly more lumens than your average 10 W incandescent light bulb, with great care going into making this as economical as possible.

With 20 LEDs, it will consume something like ten times less the amount of electricity compared to a regular lightbulb, while staying cool enough for constant operation. Another advantage of using LEDs is that the light provided is especially cool and crisp, with a slight tint towards blue. This might not make the coziest reading lamp, but it’s clearly preferred for workshop projects, where the operator should be as alert as possible.

Something that might be considered both a minus and a plus, the FAJ doesn’t use batteries, but a sizeable electric cord. Some people might see this as an impediment since it somewhat reduces portability, but given how this is intended to be used around a shop, finding an outlet shouldn’t prove an impediment.



Due to its small size, strong magnetic base and flexible 12-inch gooseneck, this working lamp can be placed virtually anywhere, and it’s reported to maintain a good hold even in unfavorable circumstances.

20 LED lights offer the optimum amount of light for workshop tasks, both in intensity, temperature and clarity.

Simple to use, it doesn’t offer any additional features such as intensity settings that might over-complicate its design.

Very economical, it consumes very little power, and it’s also significantly cheaper than other similar items.



The quality of its construction might not be the best, with some users accusing factory defects (that don’t, however, affect the functionality of the item.) This might be forgiven given the overall low cost and intended purpose of this lamp, as few are willing to expose a premium model to workshop conditions.

Buy from for ($16.12)




2. Rockler Snake Arm


Equipped with multiple mounting options, the Rockler Snake Arm comes with two bases. The magnetic base enables attachment to any metal surface for easy use with power tools, sewing machines, and other items with a suitable external aspect.

The clamping mount design enables attachment to a workbench or other non-metal surface while ensuring secure holding to shine a light on to your work area. This affordable unit is able to enhance shop lighting so you can work more easily and ensure nice and neat results in projects.

Perfect for use with drill presses, bandsaws, workbenches and other applications, this innovative work light comes with a 24-inch flexible arm that enables easy adjustment to the proper lighting angle to shine on the exact spot that needs illumination.

This work light utilizes a standard light bulb up to 100 watts or a compact fluorescent bulb, so you can save energy and also reduce heat for added safety. Put this work light anywhere that requires enhanced and focused lighting.

Because it’s corded, the light stays consistently bright, with no batteries that run out of juice and that need to be replaced regularly. It’s the perfect complement to any power tool that needs to operate with consistent accuracy.



In case you want some extra light for your work corner, this one is quite cool, as it manages to stay put in probably all positions that you are going to put it in, unlike so many other snake arm lamps.

The device comes with a clamp, but also with a very strong magnet base, both of which are interchangeable by using only four screws so you can be sure of the safety and position of the product at all times.

You have available two different fastening options, which is something that makes the lamp quite versatile, which is surprising, given the rather small price for it.

The toggle switch for on and off is also simple to use and placed so it’s always at arm’s reach.



The arm is meant to hold the bulb in various positions, but it’s going to encounter difficulties when it comes to lighting up horizontally.

Buy from for ($59.99)




3. Rex TD-33


If you’re after a compact working light with a lot of power, then this Rex model might pique your interest, as it features no less than 33 LEDs for a total wattage of 1.5, as specified by the manufacturer. This might not seem like a lot to those unfamiliar with such devices, but an LED can get A LOT of brightness out of 1.5 W, and working lights are only supposed to illuminate small areas, preferably without glaring into the eyes of the operator.

The light quality is what you would expect from LEDs, namely bright and cold, with a tint of blue-ish to keep details in high contrast and the user alert. Many specialists consider that these characteristics make for the best lighting to have in a workshop.

This is not the only thing that recommends it for such uses, of course. The strong magnetic base will keep it attached to lockers or metallic tools in any position, either horizontally, vertically or upside down, even under heavy vibrations.

If some piece of hardware happens to fly into the lamp at high speed, there’s no need to worry, as this item is affordable enough to be expendable and is usually bought in bulk. Since it uses LEDs, the operating costs will be equally negligible, and you can keep a few of these things running throughout the night without worrying about the electricity bill.

What might bother some people is that the fully flexible gooseneck it uses is significantly shorter than on other similar models. At only 7 inches of total length, this might force you to place the magnetic base too close for comfort to the machine you are working with.



With no less than 33 daylight LEDs, this is one of the more powerful items of its type on the market right now, providing an adequate degree of illumination for all workshop related tasks.

LED light is considered the best for assisting in the workshop, as it is crisp, bright and keeps the user alert thanks to its low temperature.

This item is both cheap to run and affordable, making it just right for the potentially hazardous environment of a studio or machine shop.

Its magnetic base is reported to work particularly well and can effectively hold this lightweight lamp in any position, attached to a vibrating steel tool.



At only 7” in length, the gooseneck on this device isn’t the longest you’ll find on the market, but it might be argued that this makes it a bit sturdier than models that can extend longer.

Buy from for ($14.91)