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Best Drill Press Drum Sander Reviews

Last Updated: 05.06.20


What are the best drill press drum sanders in 2020?


If you need to get the best drill press drum sander without having to do a lot of reading and research, this paragraph should help you find what you need easily. We have gathered adequate information about the best products on the market to enable us to do effective comparisons that you can rely on. The Big Horn 19535 merits our highest approval because of its premium craftsmanship and quality assured by its US manufacture. The kit comes with four extra-long drums supplemented by one coarse and one fine grit each, so you’ll always have the right tool for any application. The Woodstock D3292 also makes a great choice when the Big Horn 19535 is not available from your favorite seller.



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Using a drum sander with your drill press

A staple tool in any typical woodworking shop or garage, a drill press can be turned into a spindle sander by integrating it with the elements in a drum sander kit. Drum sander kits are quite cheap but can be really messy and difficult to use because of the amount of sawdust they generate. However, cleanliness issues can be handled using a vacuum cleaner. You can also make a wood box for your drill press with various sizes of holes to accommodate each bit on the drum sander. Using your drill press with a drum sander kit allows you to hold the workpiece with both hands.

A sanding drum attaches to the drill press chuck and enables you to sand irregular patterns or edges. Various sizes of sanding drums are available on the market. There are also sanding sleeves for metal coated with aluminum oxide as well as garnet-coated ones for wood. The sanding sleeves come in a variety of sizes and grits for use with different sanding drums.

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What to look for in a drill press drum sander kit


You want to be able to use the drum sander kit on a bench grinder, lathe, hand drill or a drill press. Designed for woodworking and light metalworking jobs, the sanding drum kit makes you ready to tackle every sanding job. The set should come with premium quality sleeves and drums. It should include self-expanding rubber-cushioned drums in different sizes.

The self expanding, balanced rubber drums allow easy sliding of the abrasive sleeves over them and will just need a turn of the nut to tighten the sleeves. Geared for easy on and off of spiral bands, the rubber expanding drums should be held in place by centrifugal force alone and should not need spindle nuts or tools to attach to your drill press.

Bands with aluminum oxide coating ensure smooth spiral joints. Resin-coated sanding drums are resilient against humidity and heat. Some products come with one fine and one coarse grit for use with each of the supplied drums, while others go a bit further by including more coarse and fine sets or sanding sleeves.

Some makers throw in a carrying case to keep the components of the kit nicely organized for easy storage. The shaft of the sanding drum mandrel should fit snugly into the rubber drum arbor. To ensure this, some kits include adapters.


3 Best Drill Press Drum Sanders (Updated Reviews) in 2020



1. Big Horn 19535

3.Big Horn 19535

The main difference between the Big Horn 19535 and most of its competitors is the fact that the set is composed both of four extra-long two-inch wide drums, as well as one fine and coarse grit sleeve per every drum size. The fact of the matter is that, regardless of the internet retailer you will choose for your purchase, you might reach the conclusion that it is usually more expensive to buy the sleeves and the drums separately. What’s more, the fact that these two are being offered by the manufacturer means that you won’t run into any problems regarding compatibility.

Convenience is another feature you may want to consider if you’re looking for a sanding kit that’s worth every penny. In this case, you’ll find that using the Big Horn 19535 is very convenient, as it can be utilized for a wide variety of tasks, from sanding contours, edges, and holes, to sanding irregular shapes. Whether you intend to complete any of the formerly mentioned actions, you’re likely to be impressed with the performance of the model.

While the instructions are not necessarily very straightforward when it comes to offering data about the RPM you might want to use the drums with your drill press, most of the individuals who’ve bought the set seem to think that the course sleeves work with an RPM between 550 and 800.



The Big Horn 19535 makes for an affordable option considering that it is a kit containing both the drums and the sleeves.

Based on the customer reviews we’ve come across, the model seems to offer the best value for the price.

Ease of use is an innate characteristic of this set, as most users have reported that they have not run into any issues with changing the drums or using them whatsoever.

Considering that the Big Horn 19535 is a set manufactured in the United States of America, it goes without saying that it’s high-quality and raises up to par when it comes to the expectations of buyers.



The set does not come with a box that can be used for storing the drum sanders and sanding discs.

The kit contains no instructions regarding cleaning and maintenance.

Buy from for ($27.69)



2. Woodstock D3292

1.Woodstock D3292

If you dislike spending a lot of money on consumables, this set might be the best option you may have available. The kit is composed of four drums that each come with three medium-grit sanding sleeves. The sizes of the drums are ½-inch, ¾-inch, 1-inch, and 1-½-inch in diameter and a length of 2 inches. The spindles measure ¼ inches. These dimensions make the drums and sleeves the perfect choice for individuals wanting to make the most out of their power hand drills or drill presses.

Versatility is at the core of this product, as we’ve noticed that many of the people who took the time to review the unit say that they’ve used it for an extensive array of purposes. As such, one of the most common uses of the model seems to be sanding a concave curve, but some owners have reported that they’ve used the kit for shaping the riser of their bows.

As for durability, you don’t have to worry about anything in this case, considering that the drums are quite sturdy and will last for a long time as long as you take into account some basic measures of cleaning in maintenance. In spite of the fact that the drums have been manufactured to be disposable, they seem to be able to take quite a lot of abuse before breaking down.

Seeing how convenient and versatile both the drums and the sleeves seem to be, it goes without saying that the kit is worth every penny as it can be purchased at a more than reasonable cost regardless of the internet retailer you might prefer. On Amazon, this kit sells for less than twenty dollars.



The Woodstock D3292 is one of the most affordable drum sanding kits you’re likely to stumble upon during your research.

In spite of the fact that it costs less than twenty dollars, the kit is composed of sixteen pieces.

Nothing beats the performance of the Woodstock D3292 when it comes to smoothing both outside and inside curved edges.

This model has garnered the appreciation of dozens and dozens of users, which practically speaks for its capabilities and convenience.



The set does not come with a case.

The drums are compatible with Woodstock sleeves and as such don’t allow owners to use any other type of sandpaper.

Buy from for ($18.36)



3. DELTA 17-940

1.DELTA 17-940

Considering that the Delta 17-940 is composed of twenty-five pieces, it’s easy to see that it is among the most complex alternatives that are available in today’s market. What’s more, given that the model costs less than forty dollars, it might be worth noting that it’s difficult to get as many pieces for the same money if you were to choose one of the unit’s competitors.

The neat thing about these drums is that they range from half an inch to two inches so that sanding various contour sizes is not an impossible task. In other words, the drums are rather versatile as they can be utilized for an immense multitude of activities.

The set also comes with two sets of 80 and 120 grit sanding sleeves, which basically means that you’ll be able to start sanding as soon as you have the set delivered at your house. There’s nothing stopping you from taking advantage of all the characteristics of this sanding drum kit, as it is both capable of tremendous performance and can be used right out of the box.

In addition, the kit also contains a carrying case. After doing our share of research, we’ve reached the conclusion that few sets come with a case as well, and that’s probably due to the fact that it is less cost-effective for the manufacturing brand to include one in the deal. With less than forty dollars, you can have your cake and eat it, with the Delta 17-940, as it has pretty much anything you might have wished for in a sanding drum kit.



One of the core advantages of checking out the Delta 17-940 is that it is composed of 25 pieces, thus making it possible for users to avoid additional costs which would be spent on getting extra sleeves or drums.

The model is compatible with a broad array of drill presses and hand drills, so it seems to have been tailored to the needs of the modern user.

It’s one of the few kits that come with case.

Most reviewers say that the Delta 17-940 offers a more than decent value for the price.



This kit is not a precision grinder, which means that it might be intended for home hobbyists instead of professionals.

Buy from for ($45)