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Best Drill Holster Reviews

Last Updated: 09.08.20


What are the best drill holsters in 2020?


For those whose time is limited, this short paragraph should help them find the best drill holster on the market. To find the best of the lot, we considered genuine value and quality in some of the popular products available. Thanks to our patient research, we have found the ideal product to get, the Occidental Leather 8567. Handmade in Sonoma County, CA, this is a fine-quality product designed to go the distance. It boasts a heavy-duty construction and is rated to be construction-grade for dependable durability. Designed under high-quality standards, this device holds your drill safely and effectively for fuss-free transport and carrying. You’ll love the handy exterior pocket that holds your drill bits within easy reach. The drill holder attaches to your belt so your handheld drill always stays by your side. To give you a second best option when stocks of the Occidental Leather 8567 run out, we suggest getting the TR Industrial 88020 instead.


Buying guide


Keeping a cordless drill in a convenient holster while working takes away the hassle of having to leave your power tool on a bench or work desk when you have to move around. To find the best holster for drill use, these are the factors to consider in your purchase.




A contractor-grade drill holster offers a heavy-duty construction that ensures it won’t suddenly come apart at the seams at the most inopportune moment. You could be climbing a ladder or moving in a small workspace in the website but the tool holder should stay in one piece while keeping your power tool safely stored by your side.

Look for a unit for sale with a heavy-duty construction. Any seams should be smooth and clean so the whole tool holding system looks neat and capable of doing its job. Make sure the material is of high quality and the construction is not flimsy or hastily executed. It should be lightweight yet strong.

The attachment system to your belt should be strong to ensure safety and protect the tool from impacts or drops.




An angled design provides a good balance for holding the drill securely and safely in place so your hands are kept free when working.

Some models come with convenient pockets to hold drill bits and miscellaneous accessories. Quality products are able to support a large variety of cordless drills.

The holster should be designed to provide a better balance for easy carrying of the power tool by your side. You should be able to optimize strength and durability in the holder system. Reaching for your drill should be easy and quick, with no straps too difficult to undo or snaps that are hard to unlatch.



Ease of use

The holster should easily attach to your belt with the barest effort on your part.

Some models feature a tightening system to keep the drill securely in place. A buckle-type closure system keeps the drill from falling out of the holster easily.

Taking the drill out and putting it back in should be easy. There should be no complicated mechanisms to work loose or figure out just to have a fast deployment of the holstered device.

The holster system should accommodate most cordless drills. An adjustable strap enables you to get a customized fit for holding the drill in place when not in use.

The pockets should enable the easy retrieval of stored objects.

A lightweight yet durable construction does not add weight to your tool belt.



3 Best Drill Holsters (Updated Reviews) in 2020



Some of the market’s popular products are featured in the following paragraphs. They have been noted by consumers to be dependable, functional, and worth the money you spend to buy them. They have also earned some of the best drill holster reviews on Amazon.



1. Occidental Leather 8567


Designed with a right-handed orientation, the Occidental Leather 8567 is a USA-made product so it assures you of dependable quality and craftsmanship. It boasts a simple belt-worn design that keeps your portable drill press within easy reach on the job site. The heavy-duty construction assures you of lasting use.

Handmade in Sonoma County, California, this product also comes with a contractor-grade build that enables it to withstand the pressure of holding a power tool such as your drill. Built to high-quality standards, the holster is lightweight at just 8 ounces so it won’t weigh you down while you work.

The handy leather exterior pockets allow the storage of drill bits and other miscellaneous items you need to keep within easy reach all the time. The twist lock system keeps the drill in place in the holster to prevent it from falling out.

You will love the belt attachment system that provides a good balance to keep the power tool handy without weighing the user down or being awkwardly positioned on the side.

Buy from for ($43.57)




2. TR Industrial 88020


Hate going up and down the ladder just to fetch your cordless drill? The TR Industrial 88020 answers the need for more convenient tool carrying. It keeps your cordless drill handy and close on the side of your hip so the hands are kept free while working. It provides a safe yet effective means of storing your drill on your tool belt so there is no need to run to and fro or up and down every time you need the power tool.

Keeping your driver or drill at arm’s reach, this tool holder comes with a buckle and strap closure system that keeps the power tool securely in place so it will not fall out accidentally when you climb the ladder. It easily snaps closed for trouble-free functionality.

Miscellaneous accessories such as drill bits and similar small items can be kept in the 12 small elastic pocket sleeves. This enables you to carry the needed items for drilling in a single holder.

The angled design of the holster delivers a better balance for an effortless carrying of the power tool. The holster fits tool belts up to 3 inches wide.

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3. DEWALT DG5120


Adding great value to any DIY tool collection, the DEWALT DG5120 is superbly durable and easy to use. It is made by Custom LeatherCraft (CLC), which has product lines that include softside tool carriers, tool belts, gloves, knee pads, rain wear and climate gear, a variety of accessories and tool holders, and back belts.

The tool holster comes with an adjustable strap that works well with the quick-release buckle to hold the power tool in place so it does not fall out inadvertently while working. You are assured of a dependable performance from this belt loop holster made of ballistic poly material. The material boasts durability and strength to withstand the pressure and the elements of the construction job site.

Thanks to the hook and loop backing, the strap is kept back so as not to be bothersome when not in use. The angled holster design of the unit enables the storage of the drill in a balanced fashion. This tool holder fits belts up to 2 ¾ inches wide for versatility.

Any small miscellaneous items including a chuck key, drill bits, and drivers, among many others, are held in the pockets and elastic loops, for quick and easy access anytime.

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