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Best Drill Bit Sharpener Reviews

Last Updated: 06.07.20


What are the best drill bit sharpeners in 2020?


This short paragraph contains compiled information on the best drill sharpener for sale so you won’t need to go through our detailed buying guide and helpful product descriptions below if you just don’t have the time. To collect as much information as possible on the various products in this category, we consulted consumer surveys and ratings and reviews in a variety of owner feedback. Based on the preferences of consumers, the Drill Doctor DD750X is a definitely good choice because of its ability to create and remove split points, aside from sharpening 3/32 to ¾-inch standard twist bits. It offers adjustable point angles ranging between 115 degrees and 140 degrees to give you the exact level needed for the drill bit. Get superior pointed drill bits after sharpening whether they are high-speed steel, cobalt, carbide, masonry, or tin-coated ones. To give you a good second best option should the Drill Doctor DD750X run out of stock, look for the Drill Doctor DD350X.



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Sharpening drill bits by hand properly does not guarantee that the dull item you work on will get to be as good as new and able to handle the work you intend to do with it. When you use a quality drill bit sharpener, your handheld drill or drill press will be singing your praises as the power tool goes through the stock with precision and slicing power. How do you know you have a terrific drill bit sharpener among the ones for sale on the market?


Choose a product among those featured in the best drill bit sharpener reviews that is easy to operate

Throwing away dull drill bits might be easier, but it can get rather expensive in the long term. It can also drive you crazy to have to drive to the store to get a replacement. Having your own drill bit sharpener provides the ultimate solution to maintaining shop equipment and to preventing the use of bad tools.

Now that we have set that aside, you will have to remember that the sharpening tool should offer ease of use and convenience. If the unit takes too much time to set up and use, why bother having it at all? It should not take too long to save the life of a 10 to 15-dollar bit.

The entire sharpening process should take no more than a mere minute or so to do. Typically, it starts with the insertion of the bit into the sharpener holder or jig, much like when you’re sharpening a pencil on a pencil sharpener. After a simple alignment procedure, you just have to select how much material is to be removed, and then make sure the bit is positioned correctly against the grinding wheel.

After that, you just run the machine for 10 to 15 seconds, and then remove the holder, turn it upside down. After reinsertion, you have to wait for just another 10 to 15 seconds to sharpen the bit on the other end, and it is now ready for use again.

The actual sharpening procedure is not much more complex as described, but a good sharpening machine gives you great results every time.



The best drill bit sharpener tool should accommodate different kinds of bits

You won’t get a lot of mileage from a sharpening tool that can only work on certain kinds of drill bits and not much else. In the same manner, as a good drill press, the bit sharpener should offer versatility. Fortunately, you can get great bang for the buck from units that can sharpen standard twist bits as well as tin-coated, carbide, masonry, and high-speed steel (HSS) bits.

Look for sharpening tools that can handle a variety of bit sizes, with the best ones suitable for 3/32 to ¾ or ½ -inch bit sizes. Some can even create split points for good measure, aside from accommodating wood, spade, and light metal drill bits.



The best sharpener for drill bits should provide dependable results

Quick, robust, and easy to use, a good bit sharpener provides longer tool life every time you save a bit. There will be a need to replace the diamond grinding wheel on a regular basis, but think about how much you will be saving on costlier, high-quality bits.

The sharpening device should reproduce the grinding procedures used at the factory for honing drill bits. At the end of the whetting operation, you should get a tip that is the same on the day you got it from the store.



4 Best Drill Bit Sharpeners (Updated Reviews) in 2020



The market is not short on sharpening tool choices, and this could make the buying process more complicated than it really is for the average consumer. We hope the above buying guide provides the enlightenment you need to be more informed. A number of great products are also featured below for more shopping guidance.



1. Drill Doctor DD750X


Engineered to be versatile and flexible to use, the Drill Doctor DD750X works with metric, English, and letter gauge bits. It handles cobalt, carbide, masonry, high-speed steel, and tin-coated drill bits. You can sharpen 3/32-inch to ¾-inch standard twist bits with it and also remove or create split points when needed.

This machine is easy to use and will not eat up much space in your workshop. It helps you save time and money by sharpening broken and dull drill bits, making your tools perform better and more safely during use. It enables you to have high-quality work output while preventing damage to work materials and shortened tool life.

This model employs an industrial-strength diamond sharpening wheel to do its job effectively. It offers intuitive use so you only follow a short and easy sharpening process. It puts an edge back to broken bits so you can enjoy real value for the money out of your workshop equipment. This device is designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA, which serves as your assurance of great quality and service.

Buy from for ($134.99)




2. Drill Doctor DD350X


The Drill Doctor 350X is designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA so you are assured of dependable service and functionality. It is suitable for high-speed steel, tin-coated, cobalt, carbide, and masonry drill bits varying from 3/32 inch to ½ inch in size. Use it for standard twist bits with a set point angle of 118 degrees.

Saving you time and money, this bit sharpener eliminates the need to purchase new bits every time your old ones get dull or broken. It gets the job done faster and more efficiently and is the ideal choice for avid DIYers and first-time workshop craftsmen.

This device offers smooth operations and is a compact device. It will not take up a lot of space in any modern workshop. The ergonomic, low-profile design enables you to work it comfortably.

The machine is suitable for various types of bits used in light metal and wood work. It comes with reliable stability not to wobble or ‘walk’ away with the vibration when you are sharpening large, difficult-to-sharpen bits.

Buy from for ($49.26)





3. Drill Doctor DRDDD750X


Helping extend the life of your workshop tools, the Drill Doctor DRDDD750X provides the flexibility you need to sharpen a wide range of drill bits when they get broken or dull. Use it to work on high-speed steel, split points, cobalt-coated, titanium-coated, carbide, and masonry bits.

With its easy, front-loading chuck, this sharpening tool offers quick and easy results while saving money on having to get replacement bits every time the old ones get dull or broken. It features an Adjustable Material Take-Off (MTO) that performs deep grinding of damaged bits and also touches up dull ones.

This tool comes with an E-Z Align System that assures a correct sharpening alignment for precise points in the sharpened drill bits that can contribute to longer tool life. In addition, the variable alignment allows you to adjust the relief and chisel angles, so your bits get the needed edge fast.

You won’t have to toss out your dull, old bits and obtain replacements since you can simply sharpen them to work like new.

Buy from





4. Drill Doctor 500x


The Drill Doctor 500x is a drill sharpening device that comes with a professional design and a robust body. Made of high-quality materials and with an industrial-grade diamond sharpening wheel, this device can help you sharpen dull bits or restore to life broken bits you were thinking of throwing away.

You get to save money as well as improve the performance of your bits as long as they fall within the 3/32 to ½-inch size. You get a machine that provides cutting edges that are perfectly angled so the original geometry of the bit is maintained.

You can sharpen all sorts of bits such as cobalt, steel, carbide, masonry, and even split-point variants. This device is simple to use, you need to place the bit inside the provided chuck, place the chuck in the right position in the machine, and then turn the chuck at the right angle to obtain a finely sharpened edge.

Buy from for ($99.95)