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Best Drill Bit Set Reviews

Last Updated: 09.12.21


What are the best drill press sets in 2021?


If you’d rather not go through the buying guide prepared by our researchers but want to find the best quality drill bit set, this paragraph should give you the information you want quickly. We have compared actual owner feedback with the ratings and reviews in expert DIY product review sites and found that the best product in this category is the DEWALT DW1361. Thanks to the bits having a titanium pilot point, you can enjoy longer bit life and greater durability when used with a high quality drill press. The bits start drilling on contact to ensure cleaner boring of holes. The tapered web also ensures durability. If the DEWALT DW1361 runs out of stock, we recommend the second best option, the Maxtech 53385MX.



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Buying guide


A drill bit set should come with all the most frequently used bits along with the less used ones so you will always have the perfect one for your specific application or material. In order to make a sensible buy, there are several elements to consider in a drill bit set. These are what distinguish the high raters in the best drill bit set reviews from those with fewer stars.



Quality materials in manufacture

The life and performance of every piece in the best drill bit set is directly proportional to the material they are made of along with the finishes applied to them. Steel bits do fine when boring into soft woods but tend to dull quickly in hard woods. Harder than steel bits, standard high speed steel (HSS) bits are able to resist heat better as well, staying sharp longer. HSS bits can bore holes through PVC, wood, fiberglass and soft metals including aluminum.

Very hard and capable of quickly dissipating heat, cobalt bits are typically used for drilling aluminum and tough metals including stainless steel. The finish of black oxide coated HSS bits helps them resist corrosion while ensuring greater durability. Black oxide-coated bits have a longer life compared to standard HSS ones. They also work fine on different materials such as hard and soft wood, metal, fiberglass and PVC. Producing less friction, titanium-coated HSS types don’t produce a lot of friction. Tougher than basic HSS bits, titanium coated bits also hold their sharpness longer and are usable for wood, metal, PVC and fiberglass. Carbide-tipped bits also hold their sharpness much longer compared to basic HSS, steel, or titanium ones, and can be used for drilling masonry and tile.



Good drill bit design

The angle of the bit’s point determines what material the piece can drill. Bits with flatter points including those with 135-degree angles are designed to drill into harder workpieces. A pilot hole may be needed to prevent bit walking. Steeper point bits including those with 118-degree angles are made for softer materials. They are able to stay on center while ensuring cleaner hole drilling and exit holes. Split-tip point bits provide better drilling accuracy by ensuring no bit walking when you start drilling.

You want the set to include the most common sizes including 1/16, ⅛ and ¼ inch, which are frequently used for general purpose home drilling. The larger size bits can be used as needed. You want the bit shank size not to exceed your drill’s chuck size. The smaller shank of a large bit enables use with smaller chuck sizes.

For accurate centering of the bit in the chuck, a round shank is best. The flat surfaces of a hex shank enables the tool to have secure grip on the bit for higher torque transmission while allowing use with quick-change chucks that are common in cordless drills. Slotted drive system (SDS) shanks are used with hammer drills thanks to their ability to move forward and backward with the drill’s hammering motion.



Reliable performance

Small bits tend to break when they are caught or get snagged in the material. Start with a low setting and work your way up should the chuck slip while drilling. Light and steady pressure should be applied, just enough for the chips to start spiraling away from the material. When breaking through the other side, the bit may snag and catch the material at the bottom of the hole, so you want the drill bit to be able to stay sharp to prevent overheating and burning out. A parabolic flute design ensures faster spiral thanks to more room in the flute to handle a greater amount of chips.


3 Best Drill Bit Sets (Updated Reviews) in 2021



There is a number of choices on the market when it comes to drill bit sets. This may complicate the shopping process but hopefully, the buying guide above can help you enjoy a smoother shopping experience. We have also showcased the best products below for more shopping assistance.



1. DEWALT DW1361


1-dewalt-dw1361With each piece in the set equipped with a titanium pilot point, the DEWALT DW1361 ensures smoother starting every time. The bits also have longer life compared to standard HSS bits. They stay sharp longer because less friction is generated during entry into the material.

The bits can be used on plastic or PVC, wood, metal and fiberglass. The titanium coated points also start on contact, which ensures that the drill does most of the work so you won’t need to apply too much pressure but only use a steady pressure that is directly parallel to your drill bit. There is continuous contact once the bit enters the material, ensuring a clean and accurate hole. Chip flow won’t be hampered so your tool can deliver longer use.

The no-spin shanks on the bits ensure secure locking to the drill’s chuck. The shanks also provide better centering as well as high torque capacity while protecting from bit damage. The bits are designed for wood, plastic, non-ferrous materials and a range of commercial and residential applications.

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2. Maxtech 53385MX


2-maxtech-53385mxGiving you real value for money, the Maxtech 53385MX comes with multiple pieces of each bit size so you can easily replace lost ones. The set comprises 10 pcs 1/16″; 6 of 5/64″; 9 of 3/32″; 6 pcs 7/64″; 16 pcs 1/8″; 6 of 9/64″; 6 pcs 5/32″; 3 pcs 11/64″; 7 of 3/16″; 2 pcs 7/32″; 2 of 15/64″; 2 pcs 1/4″.

This ensures you have the exact drill bit for the material you’re working on or the application you need to handle. The titanium-coated HSS bits can drill a line of clean, accurate holes thanks to their cutting-edge metal formulation of titanium nitride applied as coating to HSS drill bits, which ensures fantastic high surface hardness while staying resistant to rust.

There is reduced friction between the drill bit and the material so the bits can handle metal and can last 6 times longer than basic HSS bits.

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3. Makita T-01725


3-makita-t-01725-70The Makita T-01725 is a professional quality drill bit set comprising 70 pieces in all so you always have the right bit at your disposal to complete any drilling project.

Perfect as replacement or backup drill bits for an existing set, the pieces in the set are equipped with black oxide coating that not only resists corrosion but also ensures smoother entry into the material because of the higher level of heat resistance plus better lubrication.

The coating also contributes to durability, enabling the bits to work well on a variety of materials such as light metal, fiberglass, plastic and soft and hard wood. The drill bits are designed to fit impact drivers, quick-change connector systems and battery or electric-powered drills and drivers.

Providing you versatility in use, the bits in the set also come equipped with heat treatment that ensures they can retain their sharp tips longer while ensuring overall durability. The 135-degree split tip points provide better drilling accuracy and prevent the bit from slipping from the surface of the material. (check our article on best drill bits for glass)

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