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Best Drill Bit Set for Metal Reviews

Last Updated: 31.05.20


What are the best drill bit sets for metal in 2020?


If you’re here just to find the best drill bit set for metal and really don’t have time to read all the information prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph should tell you what you want to know quickly. According to the product comparison and research we have done, the Mastercraft 054-3692-6 is the number one product in this category because it comes with all the bit sizes you will use for any project, from 1/16 inch to ½ inch. You will never need any other bill drill set again for drilling wood, metal, fiberglass and plastic, as the bits in the set are geared to handle more than one type of material except masonry or concrete. The handy tray simplifies storage and organization of all the titanium-coated HSS bits. If the Mastercraft 054-3692-6 runs out of stock, we recommend the second best option, the Craftsman 9-64085.



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Having a drill bit set enables you to work on different applications in the workshop using one of the most versatile pieces of equipment you have: your hand drill or drill press. In fact, with a drill bit set, you can do pretty much anything with an impact drill, battery- or electric-powered drill or driver and quick-change connector system. Now what separates the top rated products in the best drill bit set reviews from the ordinary ones?




Expert drill bit design

The type of material that can be drilled is determined by the bit point angle. A 135-degree angle and similar flatter points are suitable for boring holes into harder material, despite the need to make a pilot hole first to prevent bit wandering. Drilling into softer workpieces requires the use of steeper point bits, such as those with 118-degree angles. Steeper point bits can drill centeredly and also deliver a cleaner drilled and exit hole. Bits with split-tip points ensure good drilling accuracy thanks to how they do not wander off the drilling point during starts.

The best drill bit set for stainless steel comes with all the frequently used sizes for general purpose drilling that include ¼ inch, ⅛ inch and 1/16 inch. The size of the bit shank should not be larger than that of the chuck. A round shank ensures accurate centering of the bit in the chuck. A hex shank has characteristic flat surfaces that ensure a secure grip with the chuck to handle even higher torque transmission drilling. It also enables use with a quick-change chuck that is common in a cordless drill. For hammer drills that do their job with a distinct hammering motion, the ability of a slotted drive system (SDS) shank to move forward and backward is an advantage.



Reliable bit construction

The drill bits in the set should be made of material and finish that will ensure long life and dependable performance under stress. Softwoods can be drilled using steel bits, which can dull quickly when used on hardwoods. Basic high speed steel (HSS) bits are tougher than steel ones and have higher heat resistance too. They are also able to hold their sharpness longer. Wood, PVC, fiberglass and soft metals like aluminum can be drilled using HSS bits.

Cobalt bits have extreme hardness and can dissipate heat quickly, making them suitable for aluminum and tough metals such as stainless steel. Black-oxide coated HSS bits are resistant to rust and offer a good level of durability. They come with a longer life than basic HSS bits and can handle various types of material including metal, hard and soft woods, fiberglass and PVC. Titanium-coated bits are more durable than standard HSS ones and can also stay sharp longer. They can be used to drill fiberglass, PVC, wood and metal.



Dependable performance

When using small bits, always start at a low transmission setting to prevent the bit from catching or snagging the workpiece. Apply steady, light pressure that should be sufficient enough to allow the chips to begin spiraling away from the workpiece. The drill bit should stay sharp to prevent burn out or overheating as it breaks through the other side of the hole. Faster spiral is produced with bits that feature a parabolic flute design, which provides more room to accommodate more chips.


3 Best Drill Bit Sets for Metal (Updated Reviews) in 2020



There are plenty of choices on drill bit sets for metal. Hopefully, the buying guide above can help you make an easier buying decision. The best products on the market are also showcased below for even more help.



1. Mastercraft 054-3692-6


1-titanium-drill-bit-set-for-metalWith 18 bit sizes in all, this drill bit set for metal enables you to complete any project with all the necessary bits within easy access, including the most widely used one, the ⅛-inch size. The bits that are ⅛ inch and larger feature 135-degree split-tip points, which enables them to accommodate hard material drilling needs while improving drilling accuracy.

The bits do not walk from the center point of drilling especially when starting. The bits in the set are made tougher than standard high speed steel (HSS) types, thanks to the titanium coating that ensures reduced friction during the task and also boasts high heat resistance.

This ensures longer bit life and supports faster drilling speeds. The higher surface hardness of the titanium-coated bits helps them hold their sharp tip longer than basic HSS ones. Housed in an equally tough carrying case, the bits can be used for drilling fiberglass, plastic or PVC, wood and metal. They start drilling on contact for cleaner holes. Bit walking is also prevented effectively.



The item has titanium coating which not only makes the surface have a hard feel to it, but it also gives it resistance when it comes to corrosion. The titanium also reduces friction between the workpiece and the bits.

The titanium used to make these bits also makes them helpful when you are planning to work on various types of surfaces, ranging from steel to PVC, fiberglass, softwood, and even hardwood.

The drill set has pieces with sizes between 1/16 and ½ inch, meaning you can find the one that fits your needs the best, regardless of the type of work you plan on doing.

Organizing the bits is really simple, as, even if you take all of them out of the case, there is an index noted on the tray so you know where all of them fit.



You are going to have a harder time using the bits on alloy or stainless steel.

Buy from for ($39.99)




2. Craftsman 9-64085 Professional


2-craftsman-9-64085The Craftsman 9-64085 Professional drill bit set comprises cobalt bits in a wide variety of sizes from 1/16 inch to ⅜ inch.

You have the exact drill bit you need to handle any application and material, including hard metal. The bit sizes are nicely printed on the compartment that holds the bits so you can simply pick out what you need for the task. The cobalt drill bits have a distinct dull gold color and boast the ability to successfully cut through hard metals including cast iron and stainless steel, although softer materials can be drilled as well.

The cobalt element promotes greater strength of the steel material to make the bits more resistant to heat, which is extremely vital when cutting hard materials because of the high temperatures produced during surface contact. Cobalt drill bits also sharpen easily with cutting fluid while staying durable and strong. The handy carrying case facilitates hassle-free storage, organization and portability.



This drill bit set comes with a big range between them, from 1/16 to ⅜ inches, so you can use them for various tasks that require different sizes.

The set is placed in a case that is made of plastic, so it’s not going to get affected by external factors such as sun or rain.

It’s recommended that you use the bits for drill presses, but also for stationary machines.

You can use the product for heavy-duty work on all types of metals, even when we talk about hard metals, as the cobalt used for these bits will make them more resistant when dealing with such materials.



You can use the product with no problems on drill presses and hand-held drills, with the condition that you don’t bend them, as you would do with bits created from other materials that are more flexible. Keep that in mind if you don’t want them to break.

Buy from for ($49.86)




3. DEWALT DW1177


The set comprises 20 pieces of black oxide coated bits. The most inexpensive coating aside from being the most basic, black oxide imbues the high speed steel material of the bits with a higher level of heat resistance along with enhanced lubrication and better wear protection. The coating also protects each drill bit from corrosion and water damage for lasting use.

Your drill bits have greater strength due to the parabolic flute design, which makes them ideal for general purpose drilling in plastic, wood and light metal. What makes the parabolic flute design revolutionary is due to how it can produce faster spiral. This means for a given number of turns, the flute will have moved the chips further up to the helix because of the faster spiral. There is also more room in the flute to accommodate a greater amount of chips along with a good enough web on the tip that ensures more durability. You get a bright smooth surface that promotes effortless ejection of chips.

The 135-degree split point design offers improved starting and drilling accuracy, so the bits start drilling on contact. You can also control the straightness of the hole being drilled especially when boring deep holes in soft material. The design effectively prevents the tip from wandering away or slipping from the drill point, which is essential for repeatability of hole drilling.

The tough case container keeps the bits organized. The case has a sliding soft-grip lock that ensures it is closed securely so you won’t lose any piece in the set. The carrying case also provides a convenient way of transporting and storing all the pieces in one go, preventing misplaced bits while protecting each piece from damage. (DeWalt DW1361 -> my latest review)



The 20 bits in this best drill bit set for metal from Dewalt are coated with black oxide to ensure toughness.

You can expect greater bit strength thanks to the parabolic flute design of the bits.

The drill bits also boast a 135-degree split point design that provides drilling accuracy.

The tough case container ensures easy organization and storage of the pieces in the set.




One user acknowledges that the drill bits are quite thinner through the web, which refers to the twisted portion of the bits. Because of this, there tends to be quicker build up of heat at the cutting edge due to less mass that the heat can dissipate into. That being said, the consumer is assured that each bit is sharp and designed for drilling into plastic and wood along with metal.

Buy from for ($21.98)